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  1. I tried, and all my in game settings are on medium. But when Jason shifts it causes massive FPS drops so I crashed a driving straight past a T intersection because the game froze up from the effect while I was recording. It's just not going to be an option for me and all I can hope is that other people report those douchenozzles. One of the glitchers I ran into today was a famous streamer for this game. He did an exploit involving the sweater and the boat, I don't know exactly what it entailed but I know that Jason went after them while they were in the boat and then he instantly died in the water. I checked that streamer's twitch and youtube and they had no current videos so.. GG, the Jason was not thrilled about being exploited to death while they all laughed and thought it was great. Streamers are cancer, they use glitches to get more followers. Most of them should be banned honestly "HI twitch.com/douchenozzle here, and today I'm going to show you how to do the (current FOTM) glitch in Friday the 13th: The game! Please like and subscribe!" Yeah Gun should be going through all those and just handing out bans.. but they won't.
  2. I wish I could record without framerate drops but I've watched today alone: 3x Jason being punted off the map to death (twice was me on Jason that it happened to) 1x a glitch using the sweater and the boat to kill Jason somehow 1x A Jason turning around and walking away while on his knees to avoid being killed legitimately countless teamkills people who on Jason refuse to kill their party members People spouting the N word knowing that it gets reported and just daring people to do it while they spam it over and over. it's like the reporting system is backfiring and people are behaving worse to spite it.
  3. Yeah I've reported this weeks ago but Illfonic hasn't fixed this and I just had a group intentionally use this against me after I killed their sweater holder, they were going to go for a kill on stream so instead of doing it the legit way they exploited the glitch. Next match they were working with the Jason since it was one of them. I wish my PC could handle recording while playing without dropping frames so bad but hey, I can't, so.. these chucklefucks won't get banned. Second time in a row I've been Jason and this has been exploited. This needs hotfixed yesterday.
  4. The worst part.. most of them are axes.. even if that particular Jason never used an axe once in the film. Really weapon kills can be shared across the weapon regardless of which Jason uses that weapon (though I'd hope there'd be some more Machete kills) Part 2: Pitchfork, Spear, Pickaxe, Panga Machete (in other words a curved Machete, so it could get a few different kills) Part 3: Axe, Machete, Pitchfork, Meat Cleaver Part 4: Double Bit Axe, Machete, Meat Cleaver Part 6: Spear (fencepost), Machete Part 7: Tent Stake, Axe, Machete, Brush Hook Part 8: Fire Axe, Wrench, Electric Guitar Part 9: Spear (metal post), Machete
  5. and sometimes the person won't even realize it for hours. I'd still say it's most likely accidental.
  6. They are, but do realize an overwhelming majority of the time double posting is on accident and probably doesn't need disciplinary action.
  7. @Kodiak you do get a little bit mod-happy about the double posting. 90% of the time it's unintentional or even unnnoticed like you don't notice that your post was the last one in the thread until you've already posted, and hey, you might not even notice you double posted for hours later after you complain about it. In regards to some talk I heard about hidden stats most the time I consider that conspiracy level thinking but supposedly there is a hidden hearing stat on Jason and some Jasons can hear noise better than others, supposedly 7 has the best hearing. I've seen videos but I have to wonder about other factors like the surface the person is running on etc. People claim you can't see sound pings from AJ jogging but I've seen AJ's moving around in cabins and I doubt they're sprinting, I just think jogging inside on wooden floors makes more noise than jogging on dirt or grass. But that's the only hidden stat I've seen any actual evidence from. The other hidden stats are all people claiming Savini Jason's got a bunch of hidden weaknesses to try and justify his "balance" but let's not get into that again. @lHeartBreakerl, from what the devs have said they do not consider combat stancing a door to be a glitch or exploit. blocking a trap, I've heard yes that's an exploit, but not combat stancing a door.
  8. I've been trying to find it but one of the devs either on these forums or the steam forums said it was a glitch and was getting patched out (meaning that if you exploit it now it's just like exploiting the roof glitch = you can get banned). I guess all I can do is ask for clarification.
  9. Blocking can walk right over firecrackers however I've heard that's a glitch and so if osmeone records you doing it you might wind up permabanned... Since I heard that it kind of sucks because I don't walk through doorways or corners blocking anymore just in case I walk over a trap or they want to shoot me with a flare and I block it while they're recording... so I have to let them get free stuns on me. Pretty annoying.
  10. have a car with 2 people with shotguns. get stopped by Jason cause I thought I could swerve around him instead of the whole backwards forwards dance. Tell the two of them to get out there and stun him while I restart the car neither of them listen, Jason grabs me, they get out of the car, I say "wait don't shoot I have a poc..." betrayed. At least karma played out on them both the two idiots managed to get themselves killed too, the other guy shot the tommy and then got himself killed by Jason.
  11. Part 7 is the most frustrating to play, the combination of -shift and -traps makes it really hard to control all the objectives, and then extra hard to actually catch a car that's in motion, unless the driver is really really bad. your shift is slower than the car and on a really long cooldown, and counselors know it. One of those two weaknesses has to go.
  12. Key words more likely, most people never thank, not that that thanks is replacement for lost progression anyway. In quick play you're more likely to notice the names of someone who teamkills (so you can get revenge) over someone who drops off a battery for you to install, or fixes a car and lets you jump in, or breaks you out of Jason's grip. Maybe it's a good thing that the dick moves stand out more but the result is people are again, attributing their escapes to their own skill rather than realizing it probably involved multiple people to open that escape up, some people may have died to open that escape. You might not even know who did it. So in my experience sacrifice is thankless and is a good way to make like, barely 700xp for the match. and that's only if you stayed to spectate. It's about 200 xp otherwise.
  13. More likely nobody will even say thanks in the lobby. Most people in quick play attribute their success to their own personal skill never to any help that they may have had, barring someone else fixing and driving a vehicle and picking them up, They'll thank that person knowing full well they just got lucky someone picked them up. But if someone calls the cops? They just assume it was all their skill that got them out alive, not the person who actually made the call. Or if someone repairs a vehicle, was driving it out, and then gets stopped by Jason and everyone gets scared off the vehicle and some lone Chad comes by and steals it, oh they might "thank" you but it's going to be layered in sarcasm and "You mad? Stop being so salty" that it doesn't really count as gratitude. Again they attribute their escape to themselves, not to any outside help. Everyone needs to roll perks, xp will be of value pretty much the entire game. Not everyone is so lucky to roll all epic perks before level 30. Forcing someone to completely fuck themselves over just because the game assigned them as Tommy and you force them into a thankless job that doesn't benefit them in any way. This is NOT a team game. The fact that you can betray each other and it is intended that you can betray each other should clue you into that. While being nice and helping out others can be a good thing if you ALSO get out alive, sacrifice is 100% unrewarding and thankless. As I said, people attribute their escapes to their own skill, not anyone else helping them. I've never been thanked for stunning Jason as Tommy. I've only ever been laughed at when someone stole the car I fixed without me in it.. Hell one time when I escaped and came back as Tommy and fixed the 2 seater car and drove it to the last surviving Vanessa, then got out of the car and stunned Jason so she could escape while I stayed behind to die, didn't even get a "thanks" for that.
  14. Nobody is playing the game to be completely selfless and fuck themselves over because you think it fits the role better. Everyone wants to get xp, and you're saying that the person who gets selected as Tommy should only care about OTHER people's xp not their own. Yeah fuck off with that. The player on Tommy still needs cp to roll perks I'm sure, especially if they were probably the first person to die, their xp is going to be extremely low. Sacrifice and helping others in this game is completely unrewarding. How many of you play repair characters? Do you just love it when everyone begs you to fix the fuse and call the cops, only to get tunneled to death by Jason with your 3-4 speed and 2-4 stamina, none of them lift a finger to help get Jason off you, and you die and just have to spectate everyone escaping by the escape route you opened up. Yeah warm and fuzzy feeling totally replaces getting to escape yourself. Look if you want people to behave that way with Tommy you're going to have to make it worth their while, you're going to have to make it rewarding. Otherwise that escape xp is the biggest chunk they can get readily. You're going to have to do something like make it so that everyone who escapes while Tommy is on the scene gives the tommy player 100xp so that they're motivated to not escape until everyone else has escaped. Personally I think that should also apply to repair routes that you helped fix. If you did 1 part of the repair you get 50xp for every person who escaped on it, if you did both parts of the repair, you get 100xp for every person who escaped on it. This would also mean people wouldn't flee escaping in a 4 seater by themselves after they fix it, they'd want to make sure it's full, and yes people do that. More so with the boat or 2 seater but sometimes with the 4 seater too (sometimes when I pick other people up I wish I HAD just sped off on my own because the chumps didn't bring weapons or any means to stun Jason and considering the last thing I had in my hands was the battery I don't have any self defense, a Jason might let a 4 seater with 1 person in it while there are still 5 other counselors on the map go, heck I would, if it gets out almost empty that cuts off a massive amount of chance to escape for everyone else)
  15. Where you see most people leaving is in quickplay, so while your circle of friends may enjoy playing counselor in an organized group that works together, when people quick play they have a far different experience of people who don't talk, people who talk using languages you can't understand, people who expect you to fix all the repair routes for them and then ditch you and leave on their own, or won't help or protect you (even though repair characters are designed to need protection) So it's very rare to see a match where at least 1 person doesn't leave during the cutscene showing which Jason it is, knowing it won't possibly be them.
  16. Focusing on penalizing people rather than addressing why they leave in the first place will kill the game faster not preserve it. I for one think that counselor xp needs a revamp because right now playing counselor is harder and far less rewarding. I actually understand the people who leave if they don't get Jason. Getting Jason is more fun, easier, and more rewarding. Counselor is harder, not as fun, you might end up being stuck in spectate for a long ass time unless you want next to no xp, and is unrewarding. It's obvious that Illfonic focused on how fun the game would be to play as Jason and counselors are second class citizens.
  17. Adam looks like a bay scene thrash metal fan to me, well more his concept art before they jacked up his face and made it wider and shortened his hair.
  18. If that Tommy was someone who died rather than escaped, then it's valid for him to want to escape. This "Tommy HAS to save other people" meme is stupid, it only applies if Tommy is given to someone who's already gotten their escape xp. Otherwise it's just a second chance to escape. Sticking around and getting killed to help other people might sound noble to you, but they don't get rewarded for it, they get rewarded for escaping if they haven't already done so.
  19. The biggest thing to understand is that you can't get escape xp twice. After that, I think most people will play accordingly.
  20. like I said, the difference is in whether you come back after escapeing or come back after dying If you come back after dying, escape, maybe shoot Jason once but don't go out of your way to save other people and risk your own skin If you come back after escaping, fight fight fight, escape only matters to deny Jason xp at that point so you want to deny him as much xp as possible right? Help others escape, stun him as much as possible in as many different unique ways as possible (firecrackers, shotgun, flare gun, melee weapon, trap).. then if you're the last one.. escape yourself... But some people see it as not valid for Tommy to try to escape, period unless they're the last one. and I say.. why is YOUR experience more valid than the person who got Tommy? Don't they need xp too?
  21. But if you die and then come back as Tommy it's perfectly valid for you to save your own skin first, maybe shoot Jason if he's pursuing another person running to the cop exit for some quick hunter xp but after that no I wouldn't stick around. Sacrifice means nothing in this game. If you help everyone else escape and then you die..... you still die, you still don't get your 200xp for escaping.
  22. You can only get escape xp once. Just like most sources of xp in the game. So if you die and come back as Tommy and an escape is available, feel free to use it, your escape is just as valid as everyone else's then, but if you escape then come back as Tommy then fight Jason since your second escape won't get xp. Only try to escape yourself if you're the last one alive and just to deprive Jason of extra Xp then.
  23. It mostly depends on who gets Tommy and if they're knowledgeable about the fact that you can't get escape XP twice. If a person who DIES early gets Tommy and an escape is available, then hell yeah, you should fully expect that they'd want an escape bonus. Your verbal thanks is not a replacement for progression in this game. Sacrifice means nothing. As a player who prefers to play high repair skill characters because it feels like if I don't nobody can adequately repair the escape routes, it sucks, Jason tunnels you and you have no speed and no stamina surviving without anyone else helping you is incredibly hard if Jason locks onto you. You'd better hope you have multiple pocket knives and a spray and find a new weapon in every cabin you go to (because your luck is also low so they'll break easy). It's awful watching a full group of people survive off your work and you get shafted for it. So if you expect someone who died and they get Tommy to sacrifice themselves for you, you can shove it you know where, they want progression too, they want CP they want to be able to get perks. It's just as selfish for you to expect them to come in swooping to save you and sacrifice themselves for you, as it is for them to escape right away without risking death.. it's all thinking of your own progression afterall. Now if a person who ESCAPES early gets Tommy, and then they escape again, well that's just stupid because they don't get escape xp twice. The best way to get more xp after you've escaped is to fight Jason with multiple types of stuns or even try to coordinate a kill.
  24. Seems like it's still fast enough to outrun a Jason shift if you morph ahead of them and go backwards it's hard to shift behind them to stop the car, and well shifting in front of them and then hitting E is dicey at best because of latency.
  25. while I agree that the handling is too sensitive, I mean these are 1970's and 80's cars they didn't have power steering why do they lurch left or right so easily with just a tap at the controls? I've driven old cars without power steering, you really have to crank at the wheel to get them to do a 90 degree turn.. on the other hand... I HATE that the cars in this game can go in reverse as fast as they go forward. That doesn't make sense in any way. Reverse is 1 gear on a manual transmission vehicle. Being able to drive backwards through the exit should not be a valid escape strategy. So, compromise: Cars should have better steering handling, but only go half speed in reverse and be unable to escape in reverse. Instead of driving in reverse backwards and forwards burning Jason's cooldowns to escape him, you'd have to swerve around him forwards or flip a u turn.
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