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  1. It's less a rage quit and more a lobby dodge just like when you get in a lobby full of names in chinese characters, you just leave, you're not mad about it, you're just anticipating a match where you won't understand anyone so no point, get a new lobby.
  2. Well you're turning it into that, but I'm arguing that changing the spawns to avoid those situations will go a long way, I mean the ass end of nowhere spawns don't result in early spectate mode at all but I still want them gone simply because they're not fun. I don't mind counselors "taking a mile" it's more fun to have a real fight/flight out of them where they juke you, stun you, and they take effort to finally get and kill. Those are more memorable plays and a lot more fun. Plus there's no "play better" aspect when someone just gets completely shafted by RNG. That's not on them, that's just bad luck.
  3. When I bust down the cabin door and put AJ on the coatrack or kill her trying to hide under a bed before I even have shift and she's got empty hands and obviously no pocket knife, I kind of feel bad for them because they had no chance and are now in forced spectator mode or getting at most 5 xp. It was a waste of their time to even join the lobby.
  4. Letting them get some supplies before you hunt them down is what makes them feel like they have a chance and lets them enjoy playing the game a bit. If they have empty pockets and felt like they never had a chance? Expect them to quit out of the game mid death animation. I don't blame em.
  5. I mean, when someone comes swinging at me when I'm Jason I go combat stance and block, it's what feels natural to do, is to block their attack and then hit them once or twice in payback, and watch them whiff as I circle strafe around them, hit them again, watch them cry out "please no!" and start holding their shoulder and limping... THEN grab.. but.. yeah I could probably just grab them when they try to melee (which is what usually happens to me if I try to melee) and ignore their attack.. it just doesn't feel right.
  6. yeah myself when people are like "Oh come on..." when I morph near the phone, I say "look, I have better things to do than tunnel you, I got objectives to take care of, if you make this place a memory quick, I won't feel any need to waste time chasing you that I could be going to the car instead" Sometimes they take the hint.. other times.. I hear them crawl into a hiding place, well, then they gotta die, because I can't just let them stay.
  7. Out of the 13k CP that we got that I rolled on perks I got 2 perks that I kept. I get a lot of really really really bad perks, aquanaut and such.
  8. It could be, and I point out that I do escape a lot of the time because people assume it's all a L2P issue. I know how to play, but because of where counselors pawns can end up, I can get some really bad luck that results in unfun matches. I'd like to eliminate that.
  9. Not quite. 33% of the time I'm put into conditions where I just leave match because I predict the game is just not going to be fun. Not all of them would be deaths, before I started just quitting them I've had spawns out in the ass end of nowhere where I grabbed my driftwood and ran, found all the cabins empty, but got a map, and saw a 4 seater with a few people around it and the battery and gas were being added, so I was able to sneak a ride out. I escaped, but was it a fun match? no (another time I didn't even get a map, I just came upon the 4 seater abandoned, all ready to go, Jason had chased off the people who fixed it and wrecked it. So I stole it, and because I had neither map, nor walkie talkie, I had no idea how to get people to join in so I just left on my own, "teammates" cussing me out and all... but like I said, no map, no walkie). You even said yourself not always will Jason tunnel the guy at the phone cabin, so not all of those would be deaths either. So I wouldn't use that estimate of how many matches I quit out of because of a bad spawn to figure into death ratios or whatever. I didn't play the match, I have no idea how it would have resulted, I just know it wasn't likely to be fun. I have about 210 games played as counselor and 71 deaths. So it's about 1/3 total.
  10. It's more like about 1/3 of the time I either spawn next to the phone cabin (and 90% of the time I start at the phone cabin the noob NES/part 3 Jason will just tunnel me all across the map ignoring other people objectives, etc until they finally catch me) or in the ass end of nowhere. What I'm saying is that if the spawn places were adjusted so that that was 0% of the time, the other 2/3 of the games I play, I feel are fair, I might die, but it's not going to be right at the start, I'm going to have a good chance at getting some things done. If I die later in the match, after having contributed, after having been able to defend myself for awhile with strategies that involved more than just "sprint and crash through windows and desperately try to barricade doors before he smashes through them and I have to sprint more with less stamina and now I'm cut by glass", that's fine. That's fair. Being completely shafted as a result of nothing but pure RNG at the spawn? Screw that. that shouldn't be a part of the game, there's enough random elements in the game already without having to have a "you're fucked" flag assigned to you at the start. You never design things around "well maybe a player won't behave like this" you always design assuming the player is going to play in the worst possible way for the scenario. You don't make a spot that can be glitched intentionally and then say "well not every player will abuse this glitch spot so it's fine" You assume everyone will glitch the spot and fix it so that it can't be glitched. It's kinda like saying "well, not every ISIS member will want to capture you and murder you in an over the top way on camera, so it's okay to go over and shake their hands". You kind of have to assume the worst, especially when it comes to random strangers. Given that I've seen part 9 and part 7 Jasons waste all 3 traps not even on the phone for the phone cabin, but on the windows to trap the one counselor they have cornered inside.. That's telling. These numbskulls just wasted their primary method of controlling objectives and monitoring the map to try and secure 1 kill. They deserve fo get quit on, because that's just awful play. Always assume you have a Jason that is willing to let every other counselor on the map escape, as long as they can get that one early kill for whatever reason, because there's a lot of them. Hell it doesn't always happen to me. I got a walkie talkie one match and the squeaker Jason chased around a Chad that was talking to him over the walkie talkie pretty much halfway through the entire match, while the cops got called, the 4 seater got fixed, and I left on the boat. He got 1 kill. You could hear the Chad on the walkie trying to give Jason advice that he should have went for the objectives first to prevent the cops from being called so soon, and to keep people off the 4 seater (thankfully he didn't give away the boat taking off), but this squeaker kept chasing him, till his tricks and stamina were finally exhausted. GG on that 1 kill squeaker. In my experience if politely telling someone some advice doesn't work the first time, insulting them might make the message more clear. Take a page from boot camp instructors. You think they'll ever get soldiers, sailors, and marines to square themselves away by being calm and polite and inoffensive all day? Nope. They hurl insults at you and use humiliation as a teaching tool. It's a blunt tool, but it gets the job done. Squeaky wheel gets the oil, etc. Calm, polite feedback just gets ignored, because if they're so calm and polite about it, it must not be a big deal. The community tearing itself apart and screaming bloody murder? Gets attention, and in some cases, like with glitches, things get done (though quite slowly and not always adequately)
  11. I have a lot of experience with spawning at the phone cabin and about 90% of the time it results in Jason tunneling me until he eventually gets me. There are a lot of bad/new Jasons out there that go right for a kill rather than securing the objectives, and it makes it worse for me knowing I might be the ONLY one who dies that round because while Jason is tunneling me from cabin to cabin, everyone else is working on objectives. Them completing objectives and escaping and Jason ending up with less than 3 kills in the match might seem like I contributed something but getting under 700xp? Yeah screw that. Not worth the effort. Eventually you're going to get cut up going through windows, eventually you'll eat a throwing knife, and eventually you run out of stamina. When you're tunneled early you don't have time to search drawers, you'll likely not find any decent weapons because at the start of the match the doors aren't barricaded meaning each building you go into hardly gives you a moment to regen stamina before he's come through the doors, trying to barricade them while he's attacking gets you meleed through the door. It's just not fun and I'd prefer search for another match, and frankly those scrublord Jasons should be thanking me missing out on 1 kill rather than them tunneling 1 person long enough to get the phones or cars fixed and lose out on a lot more. The issue with the middle of nowhere spawns is not Jason coming after you, it's that by the time you reach cabins they're looted, and ultimately you have the same result.. running from Jason with empty pockets, just later in the game. Both of these situations aren't fun at all. When you start out next to a cabin that's NOT an objective, you get items, med sprays, firecrackers, pocket knives, parts needed for escapes, weapons. You actually feel like you get to play, rather than spending your entire time just running, and when I start out in spawns like that, I often contribute to escapes, even playing dumb characters I'm at least ferrying parts and since I've been able to pick up things like shotguns, flare guns, and baseball bats, I can stun Jason reliably and get away, but when you start out in the ass end of nowhere you can't do anything but run and hope you reach a cabin that hasn't been emptied already. Very boring way to play. As for bashing the devs, some devs outright just need it. Especially these ones. These ones have been extremely stubborn, don't listen to feedback and think they know better as their game's community is tearing itself apart and active playerbase keeps dropping. When people give them feedback, they just defend their design choices, even though some of those design choices are driving people away from the game, making the community toxic, and making people hesitate at even buying the game. They absolutely need their hubris smashed to pieces and they need all the criticism they can get. Brown nosing devs who make awful design choices doesn't result in anything good, changes that need to be made never get made because "our fans like us!"
  12. I mean in game his vacuum hands suck them into the ground and back up into his grasp completely ignoring the weapon.. but if you want to be authentic to the movies... Jason tried to grab Trish while she was swinging a Machete at him and this happened.
  13. You don't get progression based on anything your "team" does you don't get any progression for saving team members from grabs or for getting other people out alive, you only get credit for you escaping yourself, you stunning Jason even if nobody's grabbed. and a token amount of xp for fixing things. It's most certainly not a team game. Cooperation may be necessary for you to save your own skin, but that's it. Sacrifice means nothing in game, helping others selflessly means nothing. You get the same credit for taking the 4 seater that you fixed by yourself and leaving everyone else to die, as if you escaped with a full carload.
  14. Shooting Jason in the back with flares shouldn't stun and I think he should be able to block flares because they're so common practically 1 in every cabin with more than 1 room (if he can't block them that's a lot of near guaranteed free stuns). Since the dev announced that it's a "glitch" that Jason can block flares, traps, and firecrackers I find myself not being able to really use combat stance unless I see NO flare guns in the pack of counselors I'm fighting cause god forbid I block a flare and get permabanned for exploiting. When I do see at least 1 flare gun user I just sigh and chalk up that I will have to eat every stun they throw at me, melee too. Makes Jason kind of frustrating to play when you have to play like a noob who doesn't ever use combat stance and gets stunned on every hit. about the only strategy I have in that situation is to stand in front of the driver's seat door while you eat stuns.
  15. There's a couple ways to improve QOL in the game just from adjusting counselor spawns: #1 Counselors don't spawn at the phone cabin Jason almost always goes here first, and being tunneled at the beginning of the match just isn't fun. Yes maybe your "teammates" get all kinds of objectives done while you're running for your life with empty pockets and empty hands, but this isn't a team game. If a full 4 seater escapes while you're distracting Jason what does it matter to you? You're not getting rewarded for it. #2. Middle of fucking nowhere spawns I just quit when I get these spawns because I know by the time I find a cabin people will have already looted it and at least 2 more cabins on top of it. You end up not having anything to work with but driftwood. I know the devs are stubborn and have their head so far up you know where they can taste breakfast a second time, and they think it makes it more "real" that some counselors just get fucked over by RNG, but it's just plain not fun to be in either of those spawns. Why don't you just spawn one in Jason's shack for good measure? Oh, or here's a good one. Instead of the NPC Rob Dier getting killed in the intro video, how about just have one of the players getting killed in the intro video, so they can just spectate the whole round without getting to play.
  16. ... "for the first 45s you don't need to barricade" IE, you pretty much need to barricade at the first cabin you're in unless you're a real daredevil and sprint everywhere at the start of the match.
  17. All Jasons get sense at 45s, shift at 2:15, and stalk at 4:15 (this one I'm unsure of, but between 4-5 min) The "Jason doesn't have sense yet" meme is a trap, you can't rely on it because he gets it pretty much as his morph cooldown is coming up the first time, meaning it's always worthwhile to pop it before morphing away. Open doors don't fool anyone and later in the game you'll be regretting having to barricade the doors NOW when Jason is on you, you don't get to regen stam if you're sprinting to each door to barricade them (and probably being meleed through the door in your attempt)
  18. This was an OLD glitch too, glitching a hiding place so you can't interact with it. How has this not been fixed yet? Oh wait, I know, completely out of their element "developers"
  19. It isn't about just handing out free stuff, it's about making up for their own mistake that blocked people from getting their EANRED xp through the entire weekend.
  20. must be nice to have perfect perks already if you're in the "I don't care about xp" camp, but it is Gun's mistake and those of us who do want to actually get progression from playing shouldn't get fucked over out of it just because you're okay with it or you're at 101 or whatever.
  21. feels like I'm wasting time trying games every once in awhile hoping they fixed the 0xp bug but nope, not yet. Just had a Jason kill too, but no 1500xp for me, and I know they won't retroactively reward people for lost xp this weekend, will they make it up with a double xp weekend next weekend?
  22. I got CP but my bar for xp progress isn't moving, PC.
  23. The problem with streamers is they highlight exploits and glitches in their videos in order to get "likes and subscribes", They're some of the most prevalent cheaters I've ever encountered in any online games.
  24. Nope, same problem, Jason's VHS effect makes the game unplayable while recording.
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