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  1. Must be a latency thing for me then because If I'm not dead center it pushes me to the side of the car which wastes the shift.
  2. if you morph behind the car as a part 7 or part 2. They will simply go into forward and you won't be able to catch the car with your shift. That car is now gone.
  3. More likely Tommy will betray someone shooting them when you grab them because most people who get Tommy are fucking morons.. but w/e. I say workaround because you thought it bugged the entire match preventing it from ending, I told you how to make it end.
  4. but she's the bimbo trope.. I dunno, she's a stealthier somewhat slower vanessa , a parts ferry/parts fairy if you will. Just that then you gotta wait for someone else to fix for you, and because you didn't actually fix, people don't reserve a seat for you.
  5. Well at least on PC, lobbies break up after a few matches if you got into it via quickplay so any lobby camraderie is temporary at best. Progression is at least permanent.. although the cp might just be wasted because of RNG. or the perks being broken or the developer nerfs one of the few perks that did work and was useful.
  6. I think the speed should be lowered on reverse (slow enough that a part 2 Jason can keep up with it in shift, which is currently not the case) and you shouldn't actually be able to escape in reverse. Yes you can stop the car in reverse technically but that requires them to actually hit you, vs the front of the car you can hit E to slam it and stop it even if it's not moving or even if it's going to try moving backwards (though that's hard because when you reach and hit E it'll already be out of range again). Reverse should be for repositioning, not long distance driving/escaping.
  7. If you want the population to crash and burn sure, focus on penalties. I mean if you have people who ONLY want to play Jason, putting a penalty on leaving without addressing their wanting to play Jason either by giving them opportunities to do so (single player, adjusting it so that people who don't have Jason preferred don't get Jason if there's a Jason perferred in the lobby), or addressing problems with counselor play that make people find them unfun or unrewarding to play Then instead of them joining matches seeing if they're Jason, and quitting They'll say "this sucks I only want to play Jason and I never get to play, what a waste of $40" and stop playing the game entirely. How excited are you for 5 minute matchmaking queues and lobbies full of Russians and Chinese that don't speak English because there's only a few hundred people left playing the game?
  8. Eh, I'm really not bothered by it. I never try to use fear control to hide from Jason because once he gets rage he'll see me from across the map anyway. I'd consider it a minor negative effect Obviously some things should be looked at as far as to trying to make it so that people don't want to quit early match so much like the way Jason spawning is done it's possible to get Jason even if you have counselor preference apparently. That should be looked at. Since so many people want to play Jason it should select ONLY from preferred Jasons first, and only if it doesn't find one will it select no preference and counselor preference, and single player may also help.
  9. People like to be rewarded when they play a game, it's a pretty common psychological thing. That's why achievement and progression systems even exist. If they feel a game is unrewarding to play they get bored and stop playing. Look at MMO players, some of them think leveling up is basically the only gameplay for them. When they hit level cap, some players continue to raid and do group content, PVP, whatever they get cool gear for their characters, develop whatever horizontal advancement the game offers, etc, it's still rewarding for them. But for some players.. the only thing that feels rewarding for them is that xp bar moving up and gaining more levels. So they get bored and stop playing, and only come back for the next expansion/level cap increase so they can level more. The Raiders eventually lose interest too once they have all their gear from the raids maxed out and there's nowhere left for their character to grow. So they're ready for that expansion too, even if they're not thrilled for the leveling part. A more personal example, payday 2. I LOVE playing some Payday 2 with my friends it's a great co-op game.. but.. we all got to a point where we're level 100, and have gone infamous as many times as we care to do for extra masks. At first we were just like, okay we can go for challenge, Death wish and One Down loud heists here we go right? But.. since the money we were earning was not doing anything (after all it's not real money) and we were no longer gaining xp.. we all 1 by 1 got bored of playing, because we were no longer progressing at all. Even adding new heists has not resparked interest in playing again (though partly because each new Heist was $7 until it went on deep sales..), I fear the only way we'll be able to really dive back into that game is if we all decide to go infamous again and start from level 0 again. It's just nice to feel like you're progressing. I'm pretty sure he still gets the 500xp because when I've crashed as Jason before I even killed anyone (got a fatal error on my first morph.. wtf?) I still got a noticeable chunk of xp/cp. I could be wrong, I'd have to waste a match as Jason to test it properly. and because of that, that IS what's happening. For Jason it's base xp (because if he leaves the match is over, no matter how he leaves), for counselors they hold it hostage behind spectate. Also here's an important thing you never seem to get. You sticking to the gun of brown nosing the developers and defending the terrible design choice that that is, doesn't help with the situation at hand: that people rage quit out of not wanting to spectate. Calling people pussies or insulting them on the forum isn't going to change people's behavior if they find that situation unfun and punishing to them they'll continue to do it. I'm at least honest about exactly why I do it, in hopes that it'll change. Not to get political, but see how effective the Democrat strategy of calling people who wouldn't vote Hillary Clinton "bigot" "racist" "sexist" "misogynist" "homophobic" "xenophobic" "transphobic" "islamaphobic" or "white privileged" worked out. In fact it probably helped out Trump. Instead of trying to focus on what made people dislike Hillary from a policy angle, or distrust her out of a personal character angle, they focused on her gender and identity politics, and slung insults at anyone who didn't support her (even those who voted 3rd party), and it failed them. So just using that as an analogy, not to spark political debate... What ultimately needs to be done is, find ways to make people not WANT to rage quit or leave before they die. I've suggested a couple different angles to work at, under the assumption that the people quitting want their progression, they want to have a fun match and maybe feel their spawn has doomed them to an unfun match, and maybe there's some game mechanics that feel more janky than scary.and fun that could get polished up. (like listen to people when they get grabbed from a really long distance. They don't sound scared or like they're having fun, they sound like the game has glitched on them, or like it's jank "How was that a grab? I was 15 feet away?" If it visually does not look right, it looks like they're being cheated or cheesed rather than a legitimate play). Calling them "pussy bitches" and telling them to "just get over it" isn't going to fix the problem, unless you consider the game's population continually dwindling to be the solution. Oh and one other thing that should definitely be looked into.. the way Jason is selected. Currently yes selecting him as your preference means you're more likely to get him however... people who have no preference or have counselor preference can STILL get him even if most of the people in the lobby have Jason preferred. I've talked to people who just got done playing Jason in the next match and he was asking if ANYONE had Jason preferred because he had no spawn preference and didn't want to play Jason. Because the majority of people want to play as Jason, or at least a lot of the ragequitters do (and when someone who doesn't want to play Jason gets Jason... match ends in like 10s usually.. everyone is like "okay.... thanks for free xp but what happened?" "I guess they didn't want to be Jason"), maybe it should only pick someone with no preference if there's nobody preferring to be Jason in the lobby, and only pick someone who's preferred to be counselor if nobody has preference for Jason AND nobody has no preference.
  10. No, your point has changed, or at least it should have. Instead of "leaving early screws everyone over" because you think it bugs out the entire match, I've given you a workaround for the time being and the real bug that needs to be addressed is that Tommy needs to be given to a player who's still there when he would spawn, right? I mean if the counselors called Tommy it'd be unfair for the game not to spawn him because whoever was selected to be him left the match... it should pick someone else instead, they did earn the right to have A Tommy spawn. Well if you're assuming that the rage quitter quit while in the middle of a kill animation, their corpse would be there anyway.
  11. Yup, that's exactly it. When that happens, save them for last and go pick an environmental kill
  12. I think some QOL changes on counselor side could make the quits less frequent Giving the match xp as a base amount of xp and you only have to spectate until Tommy spawns to get it rather than the end of the match. Perhaps raising the amount of xp that counselors get for doing things might also help. A bad round on Jason nets about 1000 xp, which is roughly what a good round on a counselor nets. Some people quit as soon as they're not Jason in a match and maybe making counselor a bit more rewarding would help change that. Changing counselor spawn points so they don't spawn next to the phone cabin, or out in the middle of nowhere near a cabin can help make it less likely that people would get killed right at the start of the game and less likely to be frustrated that they didn't even get to play. Perhaps some adjustment to grab, whether it's reducing it's range to less than melee range (currently it feels like he has vacuum hands), or having an internal cooldown between grabs so it can't just be spammed until it works, or allowing you to ward away a grab and stagger Jason with a weapon attack like Trish Jarvis did in the Final Chapter, there's little things that might be done that might make it just not seem so janky and cheap, while still being effective.
  13. Jason gets the 500xp without spectating. Even if Jason rage quits he gets the 500xp. and no, you're not entitled to kill xp when people quit at the start of the match without you so much as seeing them, nor are you entitled to xp for people who crash, get disconnected, etc. No you're not entitled to kill xp if a counselor betrays another counselor either. You only get the xp you get for actions YOU do in game + 500 match base xp. When it comes down to it, I'm just asking that counselors always get that match xp just like Jason always gets it. Jason can rage quit if a 4 seater car is about to get away, depriving everyone in the car of escape xp and potentially the team escape 250xp on top. That's 450xp that Jason can deprive for everyone in the entire match, and you're crying about a lost 110-150xp. Why does only Jason's xp matter and not the counselors, and considering the way you come across, the xp only matters when YOU are playing Jason, fuck everyone else right? UNLIKE when a counselor rage quits and deprives Jason of a tiny amount of xp, when that counselor quits before dying they get ZERO xp or cp, no badge progress, nothing, it's like they were never in the match as far as the game is concerned. But if Jason rage quits to deny a full car of escape xp, Jason still gets base match XP and all the accumulated xp he's built up from other kills, trapping people, party crasher, etc. Jason still gets badge progress and everything if he rage quits. A rage quitting counselor gets NOTHING A rage quitting Jason gets probably about 1000xp still.
  14. Nope, you're not entitled to xp just because they joined the game. You didn't kill them, you don't get the xp. It's just like they never joined the lobby at all.
  15. I guarantee you, Tommy has spawned. the character is on the map just nobody is controlling him. I absolutely guarantee you on this. It will take some time to find him, morph to campfires and use sense, on Higgin's haven morph to the graveyard is another spot he likes to spawn.
  16. That's a pretty bad assumption because I'm usually the fixer and a decent driver.. Of course you'd make it go personal and of course moderators will let you go personal about it without recourse Hint: spectating doesn't make you a good teammate.
  17. You have no idea how xp breaks down in this game, common misconception. a good round as counselor only EARNS about 400-600 xp. The other 500 that makes their total between 900-1100xp comes from the match completion """""""""""""bonus""""""""""""" (even though it's never called a bonus in game, morons keep toting it around as a bonus) But for counselor the sources of xp are: Killing Jason: 500xp Match Complete: 500xp (mind you Jason ALWAYS gets this, even if he rage quits, it's just given to him, only counselors have to spectate. For Jason it's base XP for the match, for counselors it's a fucking """"""""""""""""""""""""bonus"""""""""""""""""""""""""") Team Escape: 250xp, this is an odd one. If you fix a vehicle all by yourself and escape in it you can't get this, even with a full vehicle. The way you get this is if 2 different people fix a vehicle and both of you are in it as it escapes, OR if you fix the phone box, and either you, or anyone else calls the cops and EVERYONE ON THE MAP ESCAPES (I've seen it once, a 0/8) you get this. Escape: 200xp Time bonus: 1-200xp depending on how long you were alive in the match. If you wait out the clock you get a max time bonus of 200xp (but not escape xp), escaping or dying early in the match results in a low time bonus. If you escape 3 minutes into the match on the boat you think "hey I did awesome" except your time bonus will only be 30. Fight back!: 100xp Doing DAMAGE to Jason with a weapon the first time, flare and firecrackers don't give this! (offensive) Stunner: 50xp stunning Jason the first time (offensive) Pyro: 50xp using firecrackers on Jason (defensive? not sure could also be offensive) Not the Face!: 50xp using a flare gun on Jason and stunning him with it (offensive). Show Yourself: 50xp unmasking Jason (offensive) Hunter: 50xp shooting Jason with a shotgun (offensive) Not sure what it's called but I think there's a bonus for the first hit with a melee weapon too? 50xp (although there might not actually be a special bonus for melee hits) (offensive) Trapper: 50xp for catching Jason in a bear trap (defensive) Fixer: 50xp for either putting in gas, a battery, propeller, or phone fuse, or repairing an electrical box. You can get this multiple times. If you pour gas into 2 vehicles, put on a propeller and install a battery, put in the fuse, and repair all 3 electrical boxes you'll get 505 fixer xp (400 from fixing those things, +50 for each vehicle repaired that you contributed to, plus 5 for finding a repair part the first time) Vehicle Repaired: 50xp for each vehicle that gets repaired that you installed a part on (fixer) Calling the cops: 50xp (reinforcements) Calling Tommy: 50xp (reinforcements) Escaping Unscathed (never taking damage) 20xp (defensive) Arm Yourself 10xp (offensive) Break Free 10xp for getting out of a grab the first time (defensive) Set a Trap: 5xp (defensive) Fortification: 5xp (defensive) Found a Part: 5xp (fixer) Marked: 5xp (defensive) (hitting Jason with a flare but not stunning him) Distracted: 5xp (defensive) turning on a radio or lighting firecrackers So a "good" round is like fixing a car by yourself (155xp), getting stopped by Jason and stunning him with a melee weapon or shotgun (200xp), escaping (200xp), and along the way you'll have set a trap, barricaded a door, and armed yourself (5+5+10xp), and took you about 10 minutes to do (100xp time bonus or more) So doing all that you'll have EARNED 675xp, if you quit the match without spectating, that's what you'll get. If you spectate until the match's end you'll get 1175xp instead. So if you grab someone and hit choke on them 2 minutes into the match (20 time bonus) and they don't want to spectate, they'll probably have gotten 35-40 total xp if they quit after they die. So basically a nothingburger. So.. they quit before, so that you lose 110-150xp because your loss is now more than what they would have gained making it a better "fuck you" than taking their 35-40xp and leaving after giving you xp. They gain 0xp for the match for doing it, but they weren't going to get much anyway. If they were going to get 540 xp for letting you kill them instead (because the match xp wasn't barricaded behind forced spectate).. uh, yeah, I gain more than you would have lost if I ragequit, the benefit is to my favor if I let you get your xp. Nothing is more cringeworthy than a person on Jason acting cocky and bragging. "hey mom I beat the game on easy mode!" that's what I hear when I hear Jasons bragging on mic.
  18. That is what happens its just that the "bonus" is larger than the xp you actually earn. That's a problem, and no they shouldn't be rewarding spectate in any way. It doesn't even hold lobbies together, people quit after they get their xp they don't stay for another round just for that xp that they already got, and even if that lobby wants to stay together after a few rounds it breaks up with everyone being dumped to the main menu screen. It serves no positive purpose and creates some bad negative gameplay.
  19. Tommy does spawn just not even other players know where he is. You just have to check the spots he spawns on the map and kill him use it to get credit for environmental kills you never got to try before.
  20. I've been playing tiffany lately on the off chance I can get the unlikely final girl achievement and man do I hate it. I hate being completely dependent on others in quick play to get escapes. That 1 repair really kills it... and every time I think I might pull it off.. I get out by boat and Jason's killed everyone but Tommy but Tommy jukes him so hard he just gives up and lets tommy do whatever for the remainder of the timer. Tommy was even chasing Jason down trying to get him back to fighting but the Jason just walked away back to his shack on foot. No sole survivor there. Then another time I was sure I had it, I mean, we had a scuffle at the car and i got the 4 seater started and while I thought I heard car doors open and close.. I uh.. took off by myself and didn't realize it until I was escaped., cause my UI was gone and my screen was all washed out from fear. I thought surely it was going to happen that time.. but the last AJ was host and quit when she was grabbed..... as the last person! I quit out at the beginning of matches sometimes sure but not at the end. Finally got it, and now to never play Tiffany again..
  21. I think it should stagger him, the way, a blocking someone's attack staggers them for a free hit. So you swing, he goes for the grab, gets staggered, you swing again, he gets stunned, or, you swing, he goes for the grab, gets staggered, and then moves out of the way of the next attack. Like he can't swing or grab while staggered but he can move.
  22. No, just like most games it has problems that need fixed. Just this particular one has more problems than most. Besides, why would you defend a "feature" like that? You just some blind fanboy?
  23. exactly what I said, the game kicks you to the main menu after a couple matches regardless of whether or not you want to keep the lobby together in quick play. It just boots you.
  24. Oh yes, the camraderie with the lobby, that falls apart even if you're the host and want to keep it together after a maximum of 2 rounds. No seriously, it kicks you right to the main menu to search for a new lobby after the second match was done, even as people were talking and laughing over mic at the last 2 games and you're host so you know it wasn't you.
  25. I'm okay with them being a PITA, with the exception of yesterday where I somehow played Jason like 10 times in a few hours (I'm still scratching my head about that), I rarely get to play Jason so I want to savor it. Long match, hard fought. Only things that really tweak me as Jason are glitchers/exploiters, the fact that to avoid bans for blocking flares/traps I have to be way more cautious about using combat stance than I used to be and eat a lot more stuns... and .. the backwards forwards car dance. I really think backwards driving cars should be a lot slower and be unable to escape in that manner so they'd HAVE to turn around to escape, since the only way to stop a backwards driving car is for them to run smack into you (there's no e prompt like on the front of the car). Ring around the Rosie is kind of inane too, but you do eventually catch them most the time, and considering the people who are most often doing it, I usually like to shout "Taiwan #1" while I dunk their head in the fireplace.
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