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  1. The game breaking ones should be patched out before release, and host migration should have been at release as well. It doesn't seem AS bad on PC as it is on consoles because there are dedicated servers but sure enough just this last match I was playing Jason, I was stalking in the phone cabin because 2 people were trying to fix the phones and suddenly a Kenny crawled in through the window right next to me, I grabbed him, dunked his head in the fireplace and.... connection to host lost.
  2. I keep bringing up specific examples, you keep fanboying it up and brown nosing and aren't able to come up with a single specific example, be honest, how old are you, 22? 23? You grew up when it was okay for Developers to push out beta tests as retail products.
  3. Yeah I can't remember a single NES game that legitimately crashed other than freezing up and needing the cartridge to be blown on (that's just a dirty cartridge, not an actual glitch). I mean there could be small glitches like your sprite turning invisible if there were too many things on the screen and you got hit, the game could completely slow down if there were too many sprites on the screen, or if the game had a password system you could develop passwords that put you into situations that made the game incompletable but that's on you for screwing with the password system (Mega Man 2 had a password like that that put you in Dr Wily's Castle but without the Item 1 and 2 powerups, so you couldn't actually get through Wily's castle, but you could not get that password through normal play, you had to mess with the password system, Castlevania III I think also had some wonky passwords you could hack and make the game unplayable, again though, you wouldn't get those passwords through normal play) Here we're talking about game breaking bugs that ARE triggered through normal play.
  4. Okay since you can't give a specific example please zip your lips, or tape your fingers together so you can't type or whatever, you have nothing to bring to this conversation except blind fanboy defense.
  5. Specific examples or shut up, you defend them way too much, they're not paying you.
  6. The Seal of Approval meant that the game would at least function, and wouldn't be in a state like this game currently is, which is a beta test for $40 They should have delayed launch until October, because frankly that's how much polish this game needs.
  7. Only ones I can think of are those that were unauthorized by Nintendo, the company Color Dreams comes to mind but because their games were so awful Nintendo wouldn't even license them, they had to bypass the lockout chip and people still didn't buy their games because they were so bad and glitchy and in cases uncompletable. They changed themselves to Wisdom Tree and made bible themed games to get some sales in Christian Book Stores to religious parents who didn't care if the games were good just that they promoted their religion (my next door neighbors being victims of some of those) The other "glitchy" game I mentioned, Mega Man 3, those seemed like intentional developer debug mode inputs, rather than glitches, they just weren't taken out. I gave a specific example, why can't you? That's another gamebreaking one I guess, though it's not as apparent because it doesn't end the match it just makes the match much harder to win, the worst I've seen is a vanessa wearing the sweater who apparently had the keys, fuse, and propeller and then went under a bed and Jason killed her. So that cut off literally every victory condition, Either a master troll or someone working with Jason but you can't really prove that.
  8. In fact I'm going to say that Jason being notified EXACTLY when the cops are called is basically game breaking. I basically cannot call the cops because it gives my location away to Jason even with a success. My only chance is to NOT have a tunneling fuckwad of a Jason who immediately hateboners you for the rest of the match for calling the cops on him. It's fucking broken. Your reward for SUCCESS, is to get tunneled Fuck off with that Gun, that's fucking awful design and you should fucking know it.
  9. I mean I get the OP, but at the same time, I still think there needs to be an escape option that doesn't involve driving skill, and can allow stragglers to get out actually the only change I really want made to the cop escape is for there to be a delay between calling the cops and Jason being notified that the cops have been called. Otherwise your reward for repairing the phone with no mistakes and using pocket knives on the traps is that Jason gets alerted RIGHT to where you are and given that if you successfully repaired with no mistakes, you're probably a slower character with low stamina, you're not getting very far before Jason morphs to you. Now he's specifically pissed at you for calling the cops and letting everyone else escape, but he'll make sure YOU don't escape if he can help it. It's especially bad if it's the shed on camp crystal lake, I know Wes tries to justify that they made the pacing and balancing be based on the stamina of slow counselors and the distance between buildings and this whole rubber band analogy.. but on CCL that whole design fails because the shed, and boathouse can't be secured and the cabin between them has doors that shatter in one hit even locked. If the phone is in the shed it is a LONG WAYS across OPEN GROUND to reach a cabin that can be fortified to regen stamina. You are DEAD if you're an AJ, Adam, Lechappa, or Deb who has to call from the phones there. You can hope nobody else picked up the shotgun either there or the archery range maybe but that won't buy you enough time to get to the camp with barricadable doors, especially not with Jasons who use macros to get up nearly instantly.
  10. Name a game with a reproducible bug, and no I don't mean dirt on the contacts, which is what I'm betting it is.
  11. I never remembered any game breaking bugs in NES cartridges. There were intentional secrets, like using the 2nd gamepad to let Mega Man jump ridiculously high or make the game play in slow motion in Mega Man III, but nothing that crashed the game or made it incompletable outside of dirt on the contacts that needed to be blown out.
  12. Games on cartridges that were broken didn't sell, because they weren't getting patched, they were forever broken and that publisher was considered trash and nobody bought their games and frankly, the console manufacturers inspected games for quality and Nintendo at least used lockout chips to prevent unauthorized games from being played on their console, so those devs that made truly crappy games that didn't work, had to piggyback onto actual games to be played. I'm not sorry, blatantly sucking up and brown nosing the developers deserves to get called out.
  13. I do think a lot of people would go ahead and let the kill happen first (letting Jason get xp) before leaving if they weren't going to get shafted out of 500xp if they didn't spectate, but we still need host migration to prevent connection to host lost crashes when they do leave after dying.
  14. since when is "brown nosing the crap out of developers and making excuses for them" "logic"?
  15. You say that, and back in the 80's and 90's Developers did NOT release games in this state. So you can fuck right off with your "millennial hate" bullshit, making excuses for developers who release broken games wasn't tolerated in Gen X either, when we bought games they weren't supposed to have glitches, because they didn't get patched, so they actually had to QA the shit out of them BEFORE release. Now the "millennial" developers think it's okay to push out a half ass mess as a retail product for full price and say "we'll patch it later" Don't make excuses for them. If this was the 80's Illfonic and Gun would be shitcanned, everyone would know not to buy their games, like LJN (coincidentally the last developers to get the F13 license)
  16. It feels like they just gave up and are taking the money and running , after the reporting fiasco and someone Doxxing them and making death threats.
  17. These bugs literally break the game, as in the game ends if they happen, can we focus on these first? 1. Jason being hit out of the map when grabbing a counselor who is interacting with something (either in the driver's seat of the car or fixing something), it really ruins the fucking game when the one time you might get to play Jason all fucking day gets ruined by someone smacking you out of the map. You can't just... not grab someone out of the driver's seat of the car, and you can't expect other counselors not to attack Jason when he's grabbed someone. This one needs fixed YESTERDAY. 2. Host Migration. Where the FUCK is the host migration? Having the counselor who's host quitting and crashing the game for everyone also needs to be fixed yesterday. Not 6 months from now, not whenever you get around to it, not "it's on the docket" it needs fixed now. Both of these are known issues, and have been plaguing the game for over a month now if not since launch.
  18. Let's be clear, some people think this doesn't happen on PC, it does. even with "dedicated servers" I've went after a guy shit talking on AJ and when I'd run him out of stamina he changed his tone "well this is a shame, I'm out of stamina" and the game just froze and everyone was kicked. last week I had driven the car out solo as Tiffany (I thought everyone got back in but apparently not, my whole UI was washed out from fear), I thought I was going to get "the Unlikely Final Girl" achievement finally.. and just as Jason was grabbing the last counselor... connection to host lost. Has this happened to anyone else on PC or is it really just me?
  19. No, we just think that driving in REVERSE the whole way out should not be a viable strategy. Think about when some people tried to reverse out against Jason in the movies.
  20. Counselor xp could use a boost. a GOOD round as a counselor makes less than a mediocre round as Jason. You have to have an exceptional round where you kill Jason to match mediocre Jason rounds.
  21. Here's a reason: If people are quitting because they're not getting Jason and they don't want to play counselor there is 0 way you can force them to play Counselor. If you put in debuffs or penalties they just won't play at all. There' like 3k people who still play this. How fast do you want it to be 300?
  22. Here's what I want clarification on from the devs: are you INTENDED to be able to drive backwards out the exit? (it bugs out when you do and the car blocks off the exit from the cops if they do so it seems wonky)
  23. Yup, so you just grab him and do one of the cemetary environmental kills.
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