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  1. Title pretty much says it all, I've seen many people saying NES Jason isn't gonna be a separate Jason like Savini Jason but just a skin for part 3, however I can't find any official statements from developers confirming that. So is there any? Or are these just wild guesses? And also, is there any info on NES Jason availability. Will it be available to those who purchase a game after 20.06?
  2. I agree the game itself is more enjoyable with mic, but then again, I see no reason for text that not to exist AT LEAST for spectators.
  3. How is this an issue for spectators? But even in-game, I don't see any reason not to make text/chatwheel messages be visible or hearable only by nearby people.
  4. This whole topic is ridiculous, especially the replies #2-6. They're all made from new accounts, have few minutes delay between them, all express the same opinion, this is suspicious.
  5. Right now people can only communicate with microphones. Before the game starts (in lobby), however, there is a text chatbox available. So why isn't it also a thing in game itself? If not for alive councellors, then at least for those who are already dead. Alive councellors without a microphone could use a chat wheel, for example, using which they would be able to make their characters say certain things ('follow me', 'Jason is here', 'I've got car keys', 'we need gas' etc).
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