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  1. here a idea too maybe jason can use the trees to hind as in part 6 he use the tree and jump down and kill the three print ball players i think that would be a good kill and would make me jump if it happen to me
  2. hello my name is brian ribbon big time fan of the friday the 13th movie and a great fan of the friday the 13th, i play the game on ps4 so anyone can add me on there for fun time and good games ( psn: briankilljoy) i hope to help with the game with some really cool ideas and look forward to playing and kill players
  3. here a idea for friday the 13th dlc for jason x map have the spaceship map and have it you got to find part for the escape pod or separating the ship is in the movie i think that would be cool and you can have some really cool kills from the movie for jason to like liquid nitrogen kill and the big nook kill and you can have a hologram room too. will come up with more ideas as planning to watch all the movies and get some really cool things for the game
  4. oh i just was thinking maybe have a power generator kill as like the door and windows so you could have jason so he can smash or use the councillor to destroy the power generator
  5. hello i want to start by saying well done on a great game big fan of friday the 13th movies and a big fan of the game, i was thinking of way to make the game better and here are some of my ideas: more way to kill jason you could do part 6 way to kill jason by using the boat with Tommy and finding a chain somewhere on the map and a rock could be near the boat and that could have it in a way of jason grab escape thing if jason wins he get a one hit kill but if Tommy wins then he put jason to the bottom on the lake, next can use the part 9 movie way to send jason back to hell could have it that only a female character can use the dagger that can be found somewhere on the map and have the same set up as using jason mother sweater where it stun jason then use the dagger on him. next could do part 8 way to kill jason if you do a map for Manhattan sewers could kill jason by first throwing toxic waste at jason and then like calling the police you use a control panel with a count down till the sewers get flooded with toxic waste. for the jason kills i would say use a random feature so you can't kill jason all the time. next here a idea some player use the psn party group to find player and kill them faster way not have it that if your using the psn party chat you only can do a private match as then if they try to cheat they can only do it to them self. i would like to see for dlc maybe jason skins i.e: jason x skins both human and his machine look, more maps would be nice maybe the manhattan sewer and more kills for jason to do, i hope you find this helpful and i am always happy to give any help and ideas your big fan brian ribbon
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