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  1. My guess is they really aren't apart of the multi player aspect. I think they were going to go with that, (spawned 1 or 2 tapes of the group of them) but decided to add it to the single player game coming soon. I would hope that's the case at least seeing as how no one is finding them no matter how much they play.
  2. I'd imagine if it really was coming out soon, we'd have more details by now. Whether from purposely given out info or leaked. We'd probably have a better idea of how it will reply be of it was almost done. They'll probably will delay it just like they did the actual game release honestly.
  3. Regardless if it was the first time or not, that would be an epic idea man! And it's the first time I heard it on here. Although honestly I think something like that would have to be its own game. And a bigger and better studio with money and loyalty behind it.
  4. Yeah it sounds like a silly and fun concept, but it def goes in a wayyyyyyyy different direction as far as the main theme of F13 goes lol... Fun idea though not very plausible!
  5. I've noticed there's a lot of gamer tags but not much feedback lol, so I'll try and make up for that haha. (I got some good stuff, maybe too many) First off i like it... it won't be the easiest thing to pull off, especially in the beginning but once you have a set system it could be awesome which is what your trying to do here. I'm supposing this would be presented through twitch or some stream so people could watch and then place their votes. In reality their could be so many possibilities for earning points to the top tiers. You could even cycle some in and out... I think one thing you didn't mention was the TOMMY FACTOR!!!!!! How will he work into everything. Is he like a second chance at redemption for early dying player, or is he void of giving players points since he's the best and whoever got him either already died (so their officially out) or escaped ( so it'd be unfair for the escaped player to get more points) is calling Tommy even allowed? That's just one thing I'm thinking of. I think the xp screen would say a lot too in how well someone did, like u mentioned. If there is an easy way to screen shot them and a way to monitor the cheating of the screen shot. (Not someone using a previous high score for their xp) that would be great. I think a sub category for team playing games could be like a team leader. That might help with votes on top of a group working together. I know someone who knows what their doing can make a difference between a team being slaughtered and another escaping or even killing Jason. Which is another point... hope this isn't too long. You wanted feedfback lol What if like 2 or 3 people escape by car or police and there are 3 or 4 left. They don't have car parts or the fuse can't be found for the police. Someone is Tommy and the group decide they wanna go for the ULTIMATE tier points of killing Jason! And they succeed. Does that Count? Also which way of escape would determine more points? Or would it just be whoever got out first like u mentioned? With that idea I could see some confusion if like 3 people all run into the cops area at same time. Should getting the sweater go to some kind do of pointage? Knocking off the mask? Grabbing it? What if they're was betrayal at the car or boat? People wanna win and get the prize, so what if someone sets the boat up and two others get in boat before him. Is he or she at liberty to demand they get a spot and kill whoever tries to jump in? This is a competition after all at this point. Deception and desperation do play a part in it. Could betrayal be done tastefully? Idk, just a thought... what about the accidental betrayal? ( it does happen a lot lol) Wow didn't mean to write this much but let me know what you think on "ALL" the ideas... you might need a set group to decide some of these things. I'm loving the idea and I know this would create longevity to this game for real. I like this man awesome thoughts and job!
  6. I can see that being a problem. I know I was being asked to let myself be killed when I was jason once. And it did suck. I suppose if I do it once or twice I'd just stick to getting out, but I haven't yet so I'm craving it lol... I actually think after people have escaped so much and become bored of it, that it will become what people only try to do. Whether for achievement/ trophy or just For Pride And Taking Down Other players. At least I hope anyway... After all its what they do in the movies lol
  7. Yeah a lot of people will make fun of the 5yr old in the lobby or just seem annoyed. But in all honesty, the few I've played with have been pretty cool and cooperative. I've friended after a couple games because unlike a lot of the older players, they actually talk and like to team up to kill jason, as well as just have fun and really get into the experience. I've run into more obnoxious and uncooperative older players than young. They are the ones playing music in their mics, saying inappropriate things, not saying anything at all to help escape. So I gotta stick up for the kids I've played with so far haha!!
  8. Damn that's awesome. That's the stuff u record on whatever system your playing and upload to fb lol
  9. Actually it's very much possible. I've never killed Jason but it wasn't because of not aligning up these 2 things. In fact that's the easy part. Having the walky talkies makes for setting up the process easy, ad long as the other players are wanting to help. On many occasions I've got everything set up and a group together ready to confront Jason and with items. The hard part comes when trying to knock that fuckers mask off. We all always get massacred one by one. I blame most of it on bad hit detection and the other part being he's in rage mode lol
  10. That's great to hear you guys. I'm thinking of becoming a martyr myself on that game. But I want the survivors to kill Jason, with my sacrifice. Are any of you all into that? Just wondering. .. I'm starting to feel weird because I feel like I'm the only one playing that really wants to get his ass lol... Everyone's fixing the car or boat. Or calling the police with the fuse. Meanwhile I'm hunting down weapons and looking for pamela deep in the woods. I love team players and people who are competently speaking on the mic. i know personally when I come back as Tommy that I try to save the others at any cost.
  11. That's funny... now if I could only have someone like you on my team, so you could distract and damage Jason, so we could get what we need and kill him instead of escape!!
  12. Hello if anyone would like to add me to their party on a quest to kill a Jason player legit... let me know! I've survived many times but have not taken down the monster... Let me know on here and I will give my gamer tag. (Tried adding this topic elsewhere but it didn't seem to work)
  13. Hello if anyone would like to add me to their party on a quest to kill a Jason player legit... let me know! I've survived many times but have not taken down the monster... Let me know on here and I will give my gamer tag
  14. Hello if anyone would like to add me to their party on a quest to kill a Jason player legit... let me know! I've survived many times but have not taken down the monster... Let me know on here and I will give my gamer tag
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