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  1. I would keep getting stunned, but I'd still be stuck in the glitch. My friends were even somehow able to hit me through the house while I was outside, defenseless...
  2. It may have been reported before, but this is a glitch that ruins the match. As I was playing as Jason, I may have either hit a door, opened it, or got stunned, but after this occurred, I could no longer use my melee weapon, I couldn't throw knives, and I couldn't execute. I could only grab, but only for them to escape. Also, my friends were hitting me through the wall while I was sitting there trying to hit windows or the door. I lost the match due to this of course. If I had a more detailed cause and effect for how this happened, I would let you guys know. This all happened on Xbox One.
  3. Twice now I've played a match all the way until the very end, only for my game to freeze on a blank screen before Jason can go back to his mother's shrine. I exited out of the game to quit the application and restart it, only to restart it and see the same screen that the game froze on. I actually would have to restart my Xbox One for this to be fixed. The game still crashes every now and then, even in private matches. I'm really enjoying the game. It just needs work. Hopefully the developers can fix the crashing soon. Gamertag on Xbox One is FerociousWraith
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