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  1. I wouldn't hold your breath just yet, Gun has already stated they do not plan to go back to adding content to the game even after the lawsuit is ruled on, we can still hope that should the lawsuit come to a close in the not too distant future that Gun will change its mind and perhaps dedicate a small portion of its resources to adding more to the game, but even so the recent revelations about them knowing about the deadline in advance and not prioritising content over the engine upgrade has severely shaken consumer confidence in their name
  2. yea that is a bit far-fetched but weirder things have been known to happen... I wonder if there are any who play this game who have experience in the game design/production industry, if so maybe they could work on content on a voluntary basis?
  3. even after this lawsuit is resolved, gun has stipulated they are not adding any thing more to the game, which is a great shame, but if it is "bad business" as Wes stated, then I am sure we can all agree, lawsuit or not, they have burned bridges with several members of the community and destroyed consumer trust in their label
  4. I used to trade in games, but as I moved from ps3 to ps4 I started buying less physical copies of games and just buying them digitally, just my personal preference, that and the fact that my console started developing the issue of randomly spitting out discs (games/dvds/blurays), so it became much easier to just buy digital dunno what a physical copy of f13 would be worth in trade-in, but if the retailers are up on the situation the game finds itself in my guess is they will slash the trade-in value of the game
  5. assuming the lawsuit impacts the killer puzzle game in the same manner as this one, then the only way they will continue to acquire more money as a result of loot boxes is by people being dumb enough to continue buying them, which in itself won't last forever as the people who do continue to purchase loot box will eventually either get all the loot they specifically are aiming for, or they will run out of funds, or they will just tire of the game itself, whichever comes first
  6. Funny thing, I was just looking through another forum thread entitled "bad business" that seemed to have been created in response to the recent comments made by Wes, and just as I tried to post my response the site returned the "unable to find content" screen.
  7. What goes around, comes around Whether truly out of their control or not, a bad experience like this shatters consumer faith
  8. good question, but you can't really undo what has already happened/been made, my guess would be that he may become the person other creators have to approach should they wish to use any of the IP that he is currently attempting to reclaim, so as far as The Simpsons example goes, he probably is not entitled to do anything about what has already been made/broadcast, but he may be allowed to state that they cannot use it in any future episodes (though anything/everything he may/may not wish to do with the IP is all subject to the outcome of the lawsuit)
  9. I don't think he could actually demand that even should he win
  10. maybe once this lawsuit business has been resolved we the community can come together and make a little comedy skit where a writer and producer argue about something related to a movie they both were involved in, we move to a scene where the two; along with a few of their movie's cast members sit around a campfire singing Kumbaya as a way to put the dispute behind them, and then a masked psycho leaps out of the shrubbery and chases them all through the woods brandishing a rusty hatchet lol
  11. I don't have any issue with the darkness, (my TV is an ancient LCD thing, but its still working fine), I can appreciate the atmosphere the darkness attempts to bring to the game but as a few have already suggested, increasing the gamma/checking the settings on your TV/display screen can usually resolve concerns about in game lighting, something I've experienced, think it might come under the environment heading, when I have repaired the battery on a car, or put a part onto the boat, my counselor is unable to move away normally, though I have been able to free myself by crouching and trying to move, and if unable to move away while crouched, standing up again usually enables me to move away from the repair location
  12. glad they see the sense in adjusting the final VC screen to reflect the current situation, and glad they got back to us as swiftly as they did
  13. I have to agree with the OP and the suggestions about a disclaimer of some kind, I realise that they may not necessarily be able to attach a disclaimer to individual factory sealed physical copies of the game that are already on outlet shelves/in outlet stockrooms, and may not have any power to force retailers to post a flyer with a disclaimer. But as far as the digital versions of the game are concerned (such as on the game's page/description box on PSN/Xbox Live/Steam), they should be able to ask the respective content managers attach a disclaimer in the body of the descriptive text, if they are not able to modify the in-game advertisement
  14. not sure if this would apply to Jason being that he is.... shall we say a "unique" being, but maybe call it something like Endorphin Surge? don't know if we can classify Jason as "human" (whether we're talking about the living incarnations, or the back from the dead ones), but endorphins are referred to as the human body's natural pain relief having similar chemical pathways to pain relief provided by morphine/oxycodone edit: oops looks like someone beat me to suggesting a good name lol
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