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  1. Thanks! I appreciate the clarification. I’ve heard the same rumor murmurs. I’m really excited for this update, hopefully we’ll see something before month end.
  2. Is this just speculation or are there notes for an upcoming patch? I haven’t sent any news on Twitter and I don’t see any new posts on the forum categories.
  3. Lol. insightful answers coming from this forum? Obviously you haven't played a lot then. Talk to a Vanessa or Chad main and they'll claim that those are the "best" characters and speed-looting and claiming/wasting all of the finite resources is the "smart strategy"
  4. You should probably define this better. Meaning it should be someone who is playing to help the team, rather than just showing off and chain stunning a newbie Jason.
  5. That used to be my build. Now it’s swift foot, night owl and marathon . Swift foot let’s you run silently, and when paired with marathon it turns you into a ninja. Low profile, lone wolf, and night owl are good. I have an epic night owl and while the fear reduction doesn’t turn her into Jenny, it helps manage your stamina and keeping the recharge at a steady rate.
  6. If Jason stayed off the radar without the flare would be a big step in making him more of a threat. I wish I had been around in beta to see how that played out.
  7. So I normally main AJ with marathon, swift foot, and epic loan wolf so I keep composure and remain a silent ninja. This pretty much let's me stay off his radar. Normally, I can avoid detect, fix, and escape. Usually, I'm the final girl, and while I can get in a few stuns... but with her luck the weapons are only good for a few stuns and then you just run out of options and die.
  8. Yes Please!!! Personally I can’t stand the small maps, Higgins is probably the most unbalanced, the item locations are too close to the cars, you might as well just start the cars repaired, and all the driver had to do is drive down a straight line. Packanack is hilly so it becomes more difficult to offroad, and there are more choke points on the roads to help Jason, small Crystal Lake small is slightly more balanced because it has more locations for the key items and they are farther from the cars, but still has an easy escape due to the car being next to the main road by the lake. Jason “powerup” times need to be reduced because the counselors are almost immediately armed with knives and weapons. Everyone always bitches that Jarvis and PineHurst is too hard. Well not really, if people played more than you’d learn the item spawn points, and learn figure that it’s important to check the island cabins first and not leave the escape items on said islands. PineHurst is the “hardest” only because it completely favors Jason. Both Car and the Boat require you to pass through a choke point, the only change i would make is to the car spawn on the very north island where it requires you to cross the two bridges, unless Jason is busy you’re not getting the car across one of the bridges, this also reinforces the idea that the only way to win is to hunt and kill Jason. The only other gripe is that the items are too far from the goal, the map works if people are doing their job to ferry items around but, it’s too big for the fixers to travel across the map more than twice. You simply just run out of time to get everything done, or make more beach areas that allow counselors an option to risk swimming the canals. If item spawn range were slightly reduced it would make it more balanced, and the counselor mains wouldn’t cry so hard when the map comes more up. Needless to say seeing a farther item spawn for Higgins, Crystal Lake, and Packanack large would probably do wonders to make those maps challenging again. Neither of them are PineHurst sized and with items showing up on the map now the escapes are still manageable if the items are dropped in transport.
  9. I like that idea or at least come up with a way to randomize the escape items better, many of the older maps have new spawns, but it’s not random and after so many matches you memorize them. I would still want the current spawn rules where the fuse doesn’t spawn in the phone house and one item per cabin. But I would even be ok with items spawning farther from their goal similar to how PineHurst is setup. This would make many of the maps harder for the counselors again.
  10. Are we sure it's patched out? I had no idea that they did. Do we know around when? But around Halloween, I was the sweater girl using AJ and and we killed a part 3 Jason using the NES skin. I had the bat, Tommy used the axe. I started the stun, as soon as I could move I switched to combat stance and knocked him to his knees and Tommy finished him off. Afterwards we found out that this was A very new Jason so who admitted he didn't really know what to do, and I have no idea if he attempted to resist the stun.
  11. I'm so glad the laugh is back! Thanks for the patch!
  12. It also seems to be tied that if Jason has the weapon swapped and if someone joins during the mission it triggers the bug. It mixes up the Jason skins but assigns you to the Jason that the late comer had preselected
  13. There’s a ton of things in the woods, you can find places where it looks like people attempted to hook up, there’s a towel and a bra top. The area in where Jason’s Cabin spawn near Packanack Lodge the first time I ran through the broken fence I felt like I was Ginny in her the chase seen from part 2, and then sure enough there was the infamous cabin. I also love that from Higgins Havin you can see Camp Crystal Lake, for me it really felt like you tied in the world. I wish they had done something near where on the boarders to Packanack there was a fence and a “No Tresspassing” sign and in the distance you could see the tool shed or maybe a knocked over Camp Crystal Lake sign.
  14. Likes: The way each game plays out like one of the sequels. Team work and pulling off some daring escapes. Dislikes: griefers, teamers, exploiters, and 8bit Jason (it ruins the atmosphere) Favorites: AJ, Part 8 with PickAxe or Machete, Part 6 with FireAxe. Maps: Crystal Lake Small, Higgins Large, Jarvis House. PineHurst (with the right group of people).
  15. I gotta say that it was a blast playing with all of the new players. Most of the newbies seemed to enjoy It, I felt bad for the one guy who was Jason got killed during his first try. I hope this keeps the numbers up on PC.
  16. I wouldn't want this perk to be added, even with the balances mentioned above, you've basically negated Jason's trap. You're going to see repairs completed within the first 5 minutes. On smaller maps I've had the phone fixed on me pre-shift after i trapped the phone and morphed away to trap the car.
  17. I can confirm that this does work for AJ, because when I use her I go for fast repairs. Lightfoot+marathon let's me run from the tool shed to the main road on crystal lake (Cunningham Rd? The one that runs north and sound) with without emptying the stamina bar, paired with well rested and i have very little down time. The downside is that your only hard find pre-rage. I have no sucker punch, medic or any meta perks equipped so I don't tend to fight Jason unless he's after me or if I need to save someone. I'd rather not encounter him just to save the knife for a trap, tanking the trap almost always means it's not getting fixed or you're not getting out that way. If I have the part, I won't stop to loot cabins unless I need a map because we're on Jarvis or Pinehurst To me the perks should let you maximise the character, she's becomes hard to find and I'm usually "final girl" but if the repairs aren't completed or the cops called within 10 minutes and Jason kills the others he's going to find me, my chances are low for surviving the night. So this hardly makes her a Navy seal. I used to take all stealth avoidance perks but have found that no sound pings are more useful. Chad/Victoria/Vanessa sucker punch, thick skinned, medics are the op combos. And yes, Perks do carry over to Tommy. Stealth perks with Tommy are OP'd at first but negated with rage.
  18. In regards to Potent Ranger. Not sure if I want to see Tommy with two bullets, right now the maps already have two rifles. Usually you can find one sitting at a campsite or at a location not marked on the map (Packanack Archery range, non campsite lawn chairs on Crystal lake, Jarvis, or on randomly selected picnic tables. In the right hands Tommy is a challenge to take down, he already gets an extra life with a guranteed pocket knife, and most us recommend that an early good Jason strategy is to find the radio and make sure the power stays off. In regards to Tinker buffs, I just realized I may mistyped or wasn't clear. When I'm saying "they can repair faster" im not referring to speed of repairs i mean that the skill checks become larger, it's become easier and faster due to no mistakes. This is still creates the scenario where it makes then smarter characters less viable. So in the Tiffany example, let's say the checks become as large as AJ's but are at the Tiffany speed. Tiffany is better choice even though her repair is still slower, she's able to transport the item quicky and quietly and if the player smart will save knife to cut the trap almost guaranteeing an uncontested repair. The only time this falls is because she's under pressure because Jason is near and interiors her. In the end the perks should be geared around maxing out the stat the character is best at. In the example regarding Jenny "no fear" build the player has to sacrafice another perk to do that. I main AJ and I go for perfect stealth. So swiftfoot and marathon allows me to Sprint undetected with no sound rings and until the noisey players are killed off Jason isn't going to find me. He has to keep sense on and manage the toggle because he loses me once it's in recharge. With an epic night owl it raises her composure so I never lose the minimap and keep a decent stamina Regen. AJ's role is still the stealth repair ninja. Jenny's role is meant to fight Jason and without fear penalty. I just don't want the perks change dynamics where we were before where an epic thick skinned basically made you immortal.
  19. I like the list but Trasher and Tinker are going to have balance problems. 1. Trasher, nothing should Regen durability. Do you really want counselors to have unbreakable weapons? Unless balances are made buff Jason then every Chad and Vanessa main will select this and then will always have these and then can just bully Jason with minimal risk to player. When I'm Jason it's not a big deal to get stunned, in the end the weapon breaks and then they die. Tinker, similar issue. Right now the game game is balanced so the faster characters have harder skill checks. Giving Vanessa or Tiffany the option to repair faster changes this dymanic. Why play as AJ or Deborah when I can be Tiffant who's faster and can quickly manage repairs. I
  20. I would like to see some sort of buy system implemented. As someone else mentioned you could apply a level cap to each perk to each perk so the leveling system has more value once you reach anything past 140. 1. Get rid of the slot machine. 2. All perks are available at the start but have to be unlocked through CP. 3. Once unlocked you get perks that always have a base positive and negative traits. These should be the same for each player. Example sucker punch common, gives you 5% stun chance with -10% stamina. 4. Once unlocked you can invest CP into the perk to increase the positive modifier or decrease the negative modifier. The positives have a cap appropriate to the tier where the negatives could always be reduced to zero. 5. Each tier gives you a higher positive percentage to grow into. The negatives always reset back to a negative modifier. This way the player always has to grow and improve their skill. This the player always feels like he's progressing, but doesn't benefit from a having a perk with no penalty. 6. The cost to level up each perk increases with each tier rating. The cost to buy should be set so players can quickly unlock and level up. It should be easy to to level up all perks so they could potentially all be Powers up to common level around the mid level range when all councelors and Jason's are unlocked. This always all new payers to try out and get a feel or the perks 7. Once past mid level the cost to improve should increase where each decision is meaningful and when the player reaches the end of the tier cap only less than half of then perks should be fully upgraded. 8. When the player reaches EPIC they can pick the other positive trait to mix in. However not all perks can be mixed together, this is to avoid combinations where something is too OP'd. These secondary traits have a positive modifier of zero and limited growth potential (maybe not over 10%). They should also include the negative modifier that is always paired with that has to be reduced to zero. This way characters have to choose when to merge perks to avoid having too many negative modfiers equiped. 9. The perks should probably follow the current max percentage rules that we have today. Or: no leadfoot should have a car start time at 75% or thick skin being maxed out at 20%. 10. The buy system also gives the vets something to do, I'm sure many are sitting on 500k in CP points by now. That should be taken into consideration, we shouldn't be able to immediately max out everything. But also should be balanced so the game doesn't feel like a grind. I think by level 150 the player should have 4-5 rare perks that are ready for Epic modifcatons. Also existing perks need to be looked at and rethought. Others posted good suggestions regarding medical and swift attacker, I would love to see tinker perk get some rework. Although reducing or widening the skill checks are going to make for some OP combos if the faster characters equip them.
  21. I'e defiantly noticed the decline of the Savini's. It used to be 4 or people had it set and now you're lucky to see one. To be, not a big loss. The design is cool, however i find the music to be grating. I'm also not a fan of the trident either. I wish we had gotten the pitchfork, but it is what it is. Right now it seems to be back to lots of Part3, 5 and eights. There are more 7's since the rebalance and rarely 8's. This is on PC.
  22. 90% avoid/run and focus completing objectives. I main AJ and I've found that if I'm not doing the work it's not getting done. I'll fight if I need to, and if I think team members can pull of a kill I'll help. I do not agree with bullying tactics, as other posters have noted I'd rather not discourage new players from trying out the game. If I think the team is toxic I won't help them.
  23. Alt+F4, you bypass any prompts or anything that the game can throw at the player to block/delay the rage quit.
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