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  1. Sometimes when a person dies or leaves the parts or healthy sprays and weapons merge into the cabin or ground it’s really annoying cause u can’t pick them up in you’re stuck sometime
  2. I think that parts should respawn back in the game if somebody Takes a vehicle in has a part with them say for instance you have two sets of keys u take the car (get off safely hopefully) but now the others can’t use the car cause you made it out and now there stuck to die lol cause the part doesn’t come back Or even if somebody lags out or just leaves with a part sad to say I’ve been on both sides of this lol
  3. Do parts re-spawn back if somebody leaves like say if for instance you leave and the car or boat or u lag out and u have another set of keys or u have the gas Etc..
  4. Hello I think that different there should be different clothes variety instead of just changing the color like different clothes from other counselor’s or just new ones and I also think There should be a leaderboard
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