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  1. I have epic tinker and it doesnt effect qte bubble size or amountat all....just speeds up the bar. Imo tinker makes it harder to repair on mid to low repair characters.
  2. I'd love to see a competitive ladder system, just don't see it working though due to how the game works and rng.
  3. You do know you can change songs holding x right...(in ps4)
  4. I get away just fine cabin hopping from even good Jasons as AJ. Her stealth is beneficial to get early objectives done quick unnoticed. 99% of Jasons go after the Vanessas, Buggzys, Adams ect first because they are easy to sense. AJs goal is to fix car or call cops while Jason is busy with everyone else. You can get away just fine as AJ unless your in the middle of the woods, in which case your just playing her wrong.
  5. For the people who arent lvl 101? To unlock things like Jasons and clothes faster? Very few on ps4 above lvl 50 atm.
  6. Accident or not, if a counselor kills another counselor, its punishment. It's well deserved punishment. You negatively effected the game, cost that player exp, and cost the Jason player exp. Well deserved.
  7. I kill however I feel like. If I want to chop them down I will. I dont care if they like it or not, bothers me none. Doesn't ruin my experience. If I think you got a knife, im not grabbing. Seen all kills hundreds of times, doesn't matter.
  8. To each his own. I sometimes rp Jason as a insurance salesman who doesn't take no for an answer, has made me a lot of new friends lol....I also like to play as the devil and make people make deals with the devil. If 2 counselors are in the house, I make them fight to the death. Winner lives.
  9. On ps4, 9 out of ten games it's only 4 to 6 people in lobby and in game. 1v4 makes the game almost pointless, but that's all I've been getting. It's really bad when it's 1v4 or 5 and nobody will answer walkies....sigh. Does seem player base has dropped a lot.
  10. It's hard enough to live past Jason let alone two killers at once. Besides it would make zero sense to have Jason kill fake Jason or them duking it out as Roy would probably be scared shitless by real Jason. He is better off as a skin only.
  11. There is no reason to die at beginning as he don't have shift. Run to cabin, go out back, free.
  12. I like finding stuff as Jason ppl dropped and trapping it.
  13. I always trap the Shack first thing. If it pops I'm there instantly, and retrap door....no escape for whoever it is unless they packing 3 med sprays, a gun ect I saved a 4 seat car full of players one with a well timed flare gun shot to the back of Jason's head at the time road split on crystal lake. They got away and as AJ I was last alive....he couldn't find me stealthily around till the ones I helped escape....messaged Jason the area I was in....and I died. Never again will I play hero.
  14. I main AJ and it's saved my ass several times. What sucks is when it's your the last person and nothing got found, so you hide and pray and the other spectators message Jason telling him where you are because they died and don't want to wait. Something needs done about spectator mode, maybe only be able to spectators Jason.
  15. They really need to get rid of one of his random lines when he shows up the "I got to get out of here" one lmao.
  16. Nobody lost it or had it refunded. Probably not gonna happen either.
  17. Hardmode mode. Counselors can't see Jason on map, and his music doesn't play when near nor vhs distortion on morph and shift. Tommy can see Jason on map but Jason can see Tommy to.
  18. I backed Kickstarter for $20 and virtual cabin that was incomplete and buggy. I backed. Where's my skin?
  19. The way I see it, I paid $20 last year for a virtual cabin that's worthless now, with very little content. I backed with that. So your saying because I didn't spend my backer money, and less money at that, for a skin at a certain time I'm shut outta luck? Damn right I saw it on the store and bought it since I didn't even know about it in March due to no Internet for two months.
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