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  1. This trophy is also spelled incorrectly on PS4 and is bothering the hell out of me haha. This could kind of be insulting to the franchise, and I know you guys at Gun want the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of that! I don't know who they had in charge of the proofreading (if anybody) but man did they miss a lot of errors.
  2. On PS4, on a player's profile, the activity status listed does not have spaces. This includes "InMenus" but another I've seen was "CrystalLakeCounselor" or "HigginsCounselor" they should be spaced properly.
  3. On PS4, when you select your trophies, the game's title in the list has a typo. The title reads as "Friday the 13: The Game" instead of the proper "Friday the 13th: The Game." The title is missing the "th" after the date!
  4. On PS4, the badge that tracks the uses of first aid sprays on yourself is allocating the uses towards the Public Health badge (use a first aid spray on a fellow counselor) instead of the one used for healing yourself. Therefore the trophy to get 100 heals on yourself is impossible to obtain.
  5. I can confirm, also happening on my PS4, was going to make a topic but you covered it.
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