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  1. For sure. Makes the game less fun and unplayable. Im gonna buy my time and wait till they fix all the glitches and patches. Hopefully it works guys, i hated the feeling of being unable to morph or game chat.
  2. Has playing with a wired cable worked? Im still not sold on rebuying the game. With the wired controller are u able to use morph and game chat?
  3. Im the same buddy. Uninstall it and reinstall it 5 times. It takes the fun out of jason. Councelors escape because i cant morph. In the meantime i got super annoyed and frustrated i just gave up on the game. Called microsoft to see if i can get a refund on the game. I told them i will wait on the game to be fully fixed. So if they cant get it to work i wont purchase it nomore. So i dont own it nomore. Hopefully they can get it to work properly because on the meantime im done with the game. Crashes, freezes, glitches, quitter host, unable to use abililty, too many problems that made me say its not worth it. It basically felt like a beta. Ps another reason that made me say F the game and gun media was when they posted on social media saying patch has been updated they fix this and that when they clearly didnt.
  4. i was having the same problem too. Couldnt communicate in game chat and my perks and kills would reset too. I also had my jason unable to use the morph ability
  5. hey can u guys look into the game about jason's morph ability i cant use. i been playing for a while. everyone i came in contact with has been able to use morph. i can not use morph, map appears but can't use my ability, i just hear a weird click no red circle appears on my map also. another thing i am unable to speak or hear anyone on game chat only party chat. its not my mic in case u wanna say its my mic. i understand u cant hear the councelors till u get near them. but i cant hear them at all nor can they hear me in the lobby. xbox one gamertag is TRICKSTR666
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