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  1. that is why i keep trying until i am host. When i am host the whole lobby has a great ping. most under 100 unless the person is from another country. i pay about 50 bucks a month for my internet
  2. Havent played for over a week. Used to play every day since launch. Gun/illfonic most retarded people in the gaming world. Until you start listening to the players, patch the fucking game, and actually having some worthwhile DLC's, you can take this game and shove it where the sun dont shine.
  3. Gun/illfonic takes the money and runs, trys to make more games, fails miserably, out of business...
  4. pretty sure he cant detect anyone in hiding until rage
  5. The jpops one got me ? waiting on a kodiak one ??
  6. Well they dont have to show anyones actual penis, although it would be pretty cool, but at least chad, kenny, or bugzy with a girl on top riding them with breasts bouncing up and down would be pretty cool
  7. Also if a kid hasnt seen a f13 movie, he has no business playing the game
  8. i think so. jenny's breasts. chads dong. if you wanna stay true to the movie's then yes. why is it such a big deal for video games?
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