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  1. It's almost the 21st of june right now here in Amsterdam..................
  2. Dying Light. (Urban Dead's free running skill coming to life in a game!)
  3. Wow, this thread reads like a soap opera....so much drama and mixed emotions; it feels tense. ? I understand the backer's pov, still, I'm sorry I missed out because it happened overnight here in Holland.
  4. Geez, keep your shirt on, besides, Ash is way cooler than all the other folks you mentioned.
  5. Eventhough I have yet to find one, I am very excited the Dev's put these in the game. It is said the tapes " dive deeper into the mythology of the original film and shows just how insane Pamela really is".
  6. or maybe poor on intelligence, no stealth, but higher than average in others...?
  7. With the succes of the Ash vs Evil dead tv series on STARZ, could it be an idea to bring Ash into the game? Since the "shift"-ability appear to be derived from the Evil Dead, it was the first thing on my mind.
  8. Great ideas! I liked the power-struggle thingy and the corpse pick up, more environtment kills would also be appreciated Thank you for posting this.
  9. I'm sorry, but that sounds really unprofessional. I should think us tidal wave players (and therefor buyers) should get some sort of compensation for the loss of time, trying to spend it on connecting to the game. *EDIT* Yesterday the amount of time trying to connect to the game on the PS4, seemed to have been reduced considerably. Congrats on that, good job!
  10. Hey y'all, I find myself having so much fun with this game, at least for the times I actually get to play it on the PS. Personally, I think it would be only fair if we were to get some compensation on the dev's miscalculation on the server usage.. Let's say....a JS-skin?! (I'd rather go for the savini-skin, but sending Kane Hodder over to my house to maul my wife, could be a nice alternative)
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