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  1. Enjoyed the games I got in on Tuesday night with @Deadlytaco88 @Tattooey. Hope I can get in on some more good ones with other members of the forums. Anyone who wants feel free to add me Slapnuts840.
  2. I would love to get in on this action for Xbox. GT is SLAPNUTS840
  3. Karma for me but I knocked Jason down with the bat earlier and decided just for shits and giggles I would Teabag him. Toss him a quick teabag, run out the cabin door straight into a trap and died.
  4. Weird. Personally I would love to know why using a wireless controller is causing an in game issue at all.
  5. In addition to the problems you listed i'm going to guess it also isn't saving counselor perk load outs and jason kill loadouts. I'm using the standard issue wireless controller that came with the X1. The workaround I have found to fix all these issues at once is to grab a cable and plug your wireless controller directly into the X1.
  6. Assuming a perfect world where bear traps and accidents are dealt with first I think this would work best. 1) TK kills X amount of people in Y time period 2)TK gets a different colored map marker for X amount of In game play time. Maybe even a specialized name plate. (Would only include time they were actually alive, spectating wouldn't count) 3) TK would also be placed in perpetual gimp mode for the duration. (No Stamina, Max injury level, unable to interact with hiding spots, unable to pick up weapons etc.) 4) TK is now also worth XP to all other counselors. (Counselor who kills TK would not experience any sort of negative effect) 5) Be a "Penalty Ladder" type system. You can go up rungs but not back down. In game penalty time increase each time you reach a new rung.
  7. Speaking for myself that was the first thing I tried. Tried delete-reinstall, tried delete-hard reset-reinstall problem stayed the same. Plug the came with the system wireless controller into the Xbox problem gone. I even experimented a bit. I picked load outs for one Jason with controller plugged in, hard reset, load outs saved. Started game with controller plugged in, unplugged controller, did load outs on another Jason, hard reset, changes didn't save. Honestly what baffles me @JPops is 1. Not all Xbox users are having these issues. 2. That plugging in the wireless controller fixes it. 3. Everyone I have seen that is complaining about just ONE of these problems ends up having ALL of them.
  8. Okay I'm also going to assume you're using a wireless controller. The workaround I have found for all those issues is to get a cable and plug your controller directly into the X1. As long as you leave the controller plugged in when starting/playing the game all that stuff will work. @GunMedia_Ben @JPops Any chance we can get something pinned at the top of the page with this workaround for those issues on Xbox One?
  9. Are you also having the following issues? Morph not giving the red targetting dot Name Plates not displaying above players Perk load outs not saving Jason kill load outs not saving
  10. You'll hear the sound of it going off. Also the red outline of the trap will have the center filled in.
  11. If you're using a wireless controller try using a cable to connect it directly to the Xbox. Fixed a whole host of issues I was having. No dot for morph, mic issues, nameplates, load outs not saving.
  12. Using the standard issue Xbox One wireless controller is causing multiple in game issues. 1) No targetting dot for Jason's Morph ability 2) No nameplates over other players heads 3) When using a headset with mic you can hear other people but your voice doesn't transmit 4) Perk loadouts for counselors and kill loadouts for Jason don't save 5) Rotate minimap with player setting doesn't save. In the meantime it appears that using a cable to plug the controller directly into the X1 resolves all these issues as long as you leave it plugged in. I've tried a few things and if you unplug the controller anything you do after WILL NOT SAVE. You also lose the ability to target morph again.
  13. Coming from an Xbox player I personally haven't been bothered by a lot of the issues other than crashing 8/10 games before the patch. But after spending 5 years playing Ultima Online and another 10+ playing World of Warcraft I've built up a higher tolerence for "launch issues."
  14. Okay so a quick update. I was having an issue with my mic today, (could hear others but they couldn't hear me) went searching on here for a fix to that issue and lo and behold found out a lot of info. So from this other thread I saw it appears that people with the morph problem are all also suffering from the mic issue, nameplates not displaying above counselor heads, load outs for counselors and Jason not saving. So I grabbed a cable and connected my wireless controller directly to the xbox and believe it or not I think it fixed all my issues. Everything that I set as far as Jason kills and perks saved. Anything I did AFTER i unplugged the cable didn't save. I haven't gotten into a game as Jason yet so I don't know if it will fix the lack of targetting dot for Morph but I have a feeling it will. TL:DR If your using a wireless controller connect it to your X1 via cable. Once you get the "controller pairing lost" error you'll be fine as long as you leave the controller wired.
  15. My personal experience with the X1 patch hasn't been bad. Before the patch I probably crashed 6 out of 10 games since the patch I've only crashed 2 times total. Quick Play is still kinda hit or miss as I get dumped into lobbies by myself that either don't fill or get maybe 1 or 2 other players and thats it.
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