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  1. 10 seconds is about the time of my quickest death. In the old days, 2 of us spawned near the shotgun. He got to it first, and then gave it to me...in the face.
  2. As per the legally binding contract I am in complete agreement with this. ?
  3. That's not cool. Considering how many people seem to be struggling as Jason (myself included) this is a good time to go for a few Jason kills.
  4. Is this an Xbox issue? We killed Jason the other night (after patch) with no issues. PS4. I was Deb and had the sweater and had no problem activating it. Hope it's fixed soon!
  5. Both of my PS4 updates were less than 1GB. I don't remember the exact size though. Sorry.
  6. I give it a 5. Positives I like the changes to Tommy even if it means he's only going to get slashed. The point system for him is a nice addition for those who play him properly. Fox is a fantastic addition to the game. I really hope to see more characters come straight from the movies if it's possible. New kills are also great even if they're only available for one Jason. I have no issue with their price either. Can't wait to see more! Halloween costumes are a welcome addition as well. I'm a sucker for cosmetics, so i always enjoy this type of content. New environmental kills. You can never have enough kills. I haven't seen them or used them yet, but I'm looking forward to them. Kills now registering when a player dc's mid kill is another great move! Negatives (Which unfortunately outweigh the positives) Jason's grab range always felt fair to me. Needless to say I don't think this was a positive change. I've played tonight in several different lobbies and have only seen 1 player (Not including Jasons on random) who didn't have a running Jason selected. 1 person out of over 30 people I've encountered tonight chose a non running Jason. That doesn't seem healthy for the game if that trend continues. The nerf, not only was too harsh, but unnecessary to begin with. Just my opinion. Parts showing on the map was unnecessary for me as well. Im a quickplay guy where there is very little communication and i still dont like it. Finding parts is a core element of the game. Part of that core element has been removed. The traps I'm not too fond of either. I get that it's frustrating when part 2 spams them at the phone. Personally its never bothered me though. I either shift my focus, or deal with them if I'm properly equipped (which keeps Jason occupied while others can focus on other repairs). I would maybe be more ok with it, if once my single trap is sprung, I could lay another trap in its exact same spot. The way it's been forever is that you can't lay a new trap over a used one. Change that and I'd be ok with the new trap layout nerf. These changes have made playing as Jason a frustrating experience for me. I feel like I should look forward to my rare chances at playing my favorite slasher. I don't look forward to it anymore. I have changed my preference to counselor. TL;DR New content: great Jason nerfs: I'm not mad at the devs, I'm just really really disappointed!
  7. This is true. But trolls can just as easily pick up an item and never use it or put it down. Now they know exactly where to find key items, as opposed to having to search for them on their own.
  8. This mechanic more than any others present in the game feels like a video game mechanic. I like the chaos of realizing all the cabins have been searched and the gas is still nowhere to be found. I enjoyed the tension of knowing it was near a corpse and now I've gotta find it by searching dead bodies and the clock is ticking. I enjoyed the rush of stumbling across a dead body that had the fuse. It takes some of the joy and dread out of the game by just clicking the map and seeing exactly where it is. It completely changes the decisions I make in the game. People make dumb decisions in the game. Like dying in the woods with the phone fuse. That still feels like a real movie scenario though. An unfortunate one, but a real one all the same. People do dumb things in horror movies to the detriment of other survivors. As long as it's not done with the intentions of trolling, I welcome these scenarios. It feels real. At least to me. I love this game because it feels like I'm in a movie. This mechanic just reminds me that its only a video game. Thats very unfortunate to me. This is just my perspective.
  9. I understand what you're saying, but I'm ok with counselors being very similar to existing ones. For example: i would like to see a snobby, rich bitch, mean girl character in the game. If she had basically the same stats as Chad, that would be cool with me. It basically gives you a 2nd skin option for that particular play style. You get a gender choice. As you stated counselors will start to feel just like other counselors. Just look at it as having skin options for each specific play style. They could make Shelly have essentially the same stats as Fox. Or take Megan (or someone based on her) from part 6 and give her the same stats as Adam. Another male character to play like A.J. A female that plays like Kenny etc. Just my thoughts.
  10. I think weapon swapping would be a great feature to add to a prestige system. If you prestige after level 101 you get to pick the weapon for your Jason. It would certainly give people something to look forward to unlocking.
  11. Revert. I only play in public lobbies where people rarely communicate and I still don't like it.
  12. I'm totally ok paying $4 for the new kills. Especially considering they go with a DLC Jason that we got for free. I wonder if people would feel different about this if J4 cost $4 but came with 3 additional weapon specific kills on top of the 3 standard.
  13. I agree it could have been something better. A Lydia costume based on Beetlejuice would have been cool. I still like it though.
  14. These are cool. Was Mitch not invited to the Halloween party? He didn't get to go swimming with the gang either. ?
  15. I could see them dropping Fox and maybe some new kills for Halloween. Maybe a counselor clothing pack...
  16. Just trying to be a glass half full guy. By all means, continue being irritated.
  17. Special editions take longer. That's what makes them special. They'll be worth the wait.
  18. When team killing was still a thing in public lobbies, I was about to kill someone, who at the last minute asked me to let him live. He explained he had been hunting down someone who had been team killing for no reason the match before. I gave him my blessing and morphed away. He successfully completed his mission, and thanked me later while I killed him. Any situation where I see someone hindered due to an issue with the game, and not a poor decision, I'll give them a second chance.
  19. I can't say I'm excited about this, because it could be months before we get any kind of resolution to it. On the other hand, it is kind of exciting that something may be coming that isn't on the roadmap.
  20. Agreed. I'm not very knowledgeable about the technical side of online games. I watched a stream of someone playing on pc. As the host of the lobby he said he has no lag whatsoever, so the car handles perfectly for him. Not sure if this applies to consoles as well, or if dedicated servers would make a difference.
  21. I've heard that if you're the host (no lag) that the car is actually very easy to drive. I never host matches so I have never experienced this myself. If true, will dedicated servers cut down the lag to make the car easier to control for everyone? If yes, then I'd be ok with the car being able to be destroyed from taking too much damage (it can be destroyed by flipping already anyway). If the dedicated servers won't help with lag then I think it's probably best as is. I'm not opposed to it regardless though. It would certainly ramp up the tension.
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