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  1. I'm happy to hear about the difficulty levels for offline bots and being able to pick the counselors you go up against. Hopefully more custom features can be implemented in the future.
  2. Another potential slight buff to traps could be making Jason's morph grid more accurate. This could make it so Jason can morph closer to the actual trap, and give counselors a few less seconds to get out and spray.
  3. My guess is that everything before the pumpkin is stuff they aspired to release by Halloween, but stated the pumpkin represents fall in order to cover their ass in case of complications. Same with the snowflake. I think everything before it, is content they hope to release before Xmas, but are calling it winter in case they don't make the deadline. Just my thoughts on it.
  4. For me, the bottom line is, this game no longer feels like Friday the 13th. It feels like a cheap arcade version of what the game formerly was, due to everything that has been pointed out repeatedly for the past 6 weeks.
  5. You have perfectly described the reason I prefer to play qp over playing in private lobbies. And how that experience has been watered down with the new changes.
  6. For many of us that have been playing since day 1, the current state of the game is not the norm. However, since the last patch came at a time when there was a large influx of new players, to them, this is the norm. My concern is that, if Jason even partially gets reverted to his former strength, all the new players are going to lose their minds over not being able to dance over him. Escaping only 3 or 4 out of 10 rounds, is going to make the newer fan base scream that it's too hard now. I think the devs really misjudged the timing to make changes to Jason. If Jason had been left as he was, the newer players would see that version of Jason as the norm, for better or worse. If the changes from the last patch were implemted into the new patch coming up, at least the player base as whole would be on the same page as to where Jason is coming from, and adjustments to balance could be made accordingly. I just think the devs did themselves a major disservice, and made their job of balancing the game more difficult, by changing the game's balance when they did. They essentially split the fan base as to where Jason is coming from in regards to balance.
  7. Part 7. Assuming he gets the rework Illfonic said they were looking in to. Part 2 as well.
  8. I've always thought that a trap as far against the fuse box as possible, wouldn't go off because it was too close. I've avoided a ton of phone box traps simply because they're too close to the box, and the animation doesn't pull you in far enough to trigger it. Was this changed with the trap placement nerf?
  9. I'm hoping the delay in balance issues, and the reason they plan on posting about it, prior to implementing it, is because they're completely reworking how the grab mechanic works. Instead of just tweaking some numbers on the current grab mechanic, maybe they're starting from scratch and implementing new animations to make it look and feel more natural for both sides. To me, that would be a good reason for not making any adjustments in the next patch. Trying to stay optimistic (It's getting harder these days).
  10. Thank you. A bit disappointed to hear balance won't be addressed in the new patch. Hopefully the bug fixes will smooth out the way Jason plays a bit.
  11. Where/when did Courier discuss the lack of balance adjustments for the next patch? I missed that.
  12. I can see it now. "Could someone please hit me, my boobs are glitched" ?
  13. I found my name. They spelled it wrong, but whatever... Thanks for putting this up @Brigadius
  14. I have survived many times by searching the shoreline late in matches and finding key items that led to my escape. Which felt very rewarding. This was before parts showed up on the map. The current system caters to lazy players that don't want to put in the work to survive. Just my opinion.
  15. All items counselors escape with wash up on shore after they escape. That mechanic has been in the game from day 1 (They just weren't marked on the map). Trolls can still pick up items and do nothing with them, preventing others from using them. Now it's that much easier for them to find key items.
  16. I agree. Considering how even tempered @JPops has always remained it kinda makes me curious what he'd be like if he lost his cool for a minute. I bet he'd make Jason proud (the real Jason, not the current in-game Jason). Dismembered bodies everywhere that never saw it coming. On topic. Yes, the update is badly needed!!
  17. I wouldn't give up altogether. I quit playing after the last double xp weekend. I wasn't having fun playing as counselor or Jason. I didn't want to keep playing and just get more frustrated. I plan on coming back as soon as a new patch drops. Hopefully it will begin the process of getting things back on course. You know...being fun!
  18. I fully agree loot crates are not good for the industry. I was out of gaming for a while before Overwatch and didn't realize that was one of the games that helped start the trend. I guess I just assumed EA started it.
  19. I have the steelbook coming, which is what I was going to get signed. Otherwise I'd just buy a copy from retail and have them sign that. I'll get it signed next year I guess. Not gonna let it ruin my weekend.
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