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  1. Shifty already confirmed they're still coming. Better be pretty soon considering there's nothing more they can add to it.
  2. Changes to bots mode of the game once servers go down. This is assuming we get a client side profile save post servers. -counselors wear the outfit you have selected for them. Otherwise its DLC we paid for that is useless without the multiplayer. This has been requested since bots were announced. -let each Jason choose his strengths and weaknesses. Balance is no longer a concern against bots, so let players play as their favorite Jason the way they want. You want part 9 with plus traps, can run, and plus morph....go for it. -let Jason choose the order in which his abilities unlock. Again balance is of no concern against bots. If I want to play sneaky the whole round and want stalk to unlock first, it should be an option. -let the Jason achievements/badges unlocked through multiplayer be unlocked in bot mode. -add boat escapes to the bot mode. It's not new content. It should have been in there this whole time. Just a couple ideas to add a bit of replayability to the game after the multiplayer component is done. You guys can't work on DLC right now, but you could implement these ideas for a final patch. None of it is new content.
  3. Do what you guys can within in your limits. Once the lawsuit settles, jump on getting the rights again and start development for a next gen Friday the 13th game. Maybe you can even use some of your existing assets to build off (not sure how that works). I'll back the project again. Probably at a higher tier.
  4. I'm guessing the devs have 100 questions they're waiting on answers for as well. Until they get some of their questions answered, they're don't have the answers to most of ours.
  5. I asked about this yesterday and shiftysamurai said the art book and sound track will not be affected by the lawsuit. We'll still be getting them. No idea when though.
  6. I've been absent around here for a month or so now (still playing though). I was wondering where Brig and Bears were. Bummer they got suspended.
  7. I agree with you. The game needs desperately to be fixed above all else. Paying a bit extra to guarantee future content is just my OCD getting the best of me. Knowing the game is incomplete and died before it's time...too frustrating!!
  8. I know people will call me crazy. I've been called much worse. If they charged a reasonable monthly subscription fee (until the case is settled) I would pay it to keep the game afloat until new content could be added again after the verdict.
  9. Considering they aren't allowed to sell any new dlc content the more appropriate question is: would you be willing to pay a monthly subscription fee to keep the servers on? I'm pretty sure the majority of people around here would say no.
  10. So this is all happening due to the F13 rights. Is this happening to other companies that carry the rights to sell F13 merchandise? Are F13 lunchboxes and action figures being taken out of other companies inventory? Can I no longer go order an F13 comic? Is Mezco taking down the preorder for their upcoming J3 figure? Is all current production of anything licensed by F13 dead until further notice?
  11. What happens to the physical art book I ordered as a backer? @ShiftySamuraiany updates on this would appreciated as they become available.
  12. I was looking forward to playing a few hours tonight after a hectic weekend. Got stuck to the car after filling the gas and then the match ended with 2 people still alive. Decided to watch part 6 instead. "The team has taken note and are working on it". I almost dread these words at this point. It just means we're going to fix maybe half the bugs being reported and throw in a whole bunch of new ones. This trend has to stop.
  13. $1 per kill. Seems reasonable to me. They're great kills as well!!
  14. I feel bad about a game I played earlier. Only myself and 1 other person alive. He was on the opposite side of the map and Jason was on me. I window looped and cabin hopped him for at least 5 or 6 minutes (something I rarely do) hoping the other individual would use the time I was buying him to accomplish something towards escaping. I knew I was dead but I thought the other person could still escape if I kept J busy. After I died I realized he was hiding under a bed the whole time. What a waste.
  15. I might be going crazy. To me it feels like Jason's grip strength has been reduced on every Jason. Counselors seem to be breaking out of grabs much quicker. Anyone else notice this. I'm not sure if it's an intentional change, a bug, or I've finally gone off the deep end.
  16. @Daneasaur That was the hardest challenge for me as well. It all comes down to timing on that one. You've got it figured out. Just haven't nailed the timing yet.
  17. @ShiftySamurai Not sure if the team is aware of the out of bounds glitch/exploit spot on Higgins Haven small. It's right around the corner from Jason's shack when it spawns on the East side of the map.
  18. I only play QP matches because I enjoy the randomness of them. It feels more like a horror movie when people aren't calmly laying out plans and strategies for escaping. Sometimes I carry the lobby and a bunch of people escape. Sometimes I get nothing productive done and the lobby carries me. Sometimes I just die. I like the uncertainty.
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