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  1. Yeah, the brilliant devs 'fixed' bugs that in my opiniĆ³n I've ever had instead of fixing major bugs that have been here since the lauch of the game... Only devs that put weapon swapping in lvl.113 can do this xd
  2. This patch is a crap, seriously. The game runs worse now than before. There are missing songs in Xbox, for when example closing a door, many of the textures doesn't load well, and of course, this bug has been SINCE LAUNCH: The counselours have missing voices, Womens have Tiffany screams when dying, and males have Chad voice when screaming or seeing Jason. However, It's so annoying to wait 6 months for a update and to get this patch that was ''supposed'' to fix many bugs of the game.
  3. I know that this topic has been opened before, but the devs seemed to ignore this problem, and of course I sent a message months ago explaining the bug to jasonkillsbug.com but guess what? No answer. That's the attention you give to your players. It is very annoying when, for example I'm playing as Jenny and when She sees Jason I hear an AJ scream or when she gets killed then her voice turns to Tiffany screams. Are the devs gonna fix this damn bug or are they gonna ignore it like they do with the 90% of the playerbase?
  4. Seriously, the devs DOESN'T listen to the players... This patch was meant to 'fix' the main bugs but it's more buggy now than earlier... So 5 months without an update to finally getting this crap patch? Lol
  5. Is useful going with Jenny and trying to stun Jason everywhere? I mean, picking perks to increase stun probability, etc.
  6. I need some tips and perks that will be good on him. Thanks!!
  7. I mean, the houses were is the dead body of Pamela, do anyone where are those in each map? Thanks. If you have pictures of the map or videos it will be better for me
  8. I've been so bad playing with her. Tips? Play modes? Run? Hide?
  9. Hey, I've been having a problem playing with Jason. When I use the ''shift' abilty i dont know which button of the pad I have to press on Xbox to stop the ability. Anyone cna help me or has a tutorial? Xd
  10. Leveling up in this game is so sloooow.... Including the times that game gets me out from the game Can you help me with some tips or something like that to level up faster? Thanks
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