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  1. On 8/1/2018 at 6:11 AM, JennyMyers1984 said:

    I feel the same why. I need to set my preference on Jason but it just isn’t fun to me, I dread being Jason. I play with friends normally and we all have our preference on counselor because that it is portion of the game that is the most fun, not playing Jason. Grinding in private matches is a much harder task said then done, it gets tedious and boring really quickly.

    Yea its pretty RNG

  2. On 6/15/2018 at 12:51 AM, LuckyDrunkTed said:

    Need dedicated servers to really grind in quick play.


    Too many people quit the game when they are hosting and are killed.  If you're playing Jason and are happy you'll get a game and some kills toward your achievement/trophy counts, and then the host quits, it's frustrating.  When it happens often, you almost want to give up.

    Yuh it is a bummer, that what makes the grind much more rewarding in going through the turmoil 

  3. 6 hours ago, Nickypoolicious said:

    Then why are you acting like it's just some useless thing someone did? If someone wants to post that they platinumed the game, why is it just as necessary for you to say that accomplishing said platinum is meaningless? I mean, yes I guess in the grand scheme of life and everything it is, but it's still something someone is happy about achieving nonetheless. I'm probably fairly close to platinuming the game, myself, and I don't feel like my life is sad and/or pathetic in the slightest. So maybe instead of taking a dump on someone, try and use that time to spread more positivity in the world because it certainly needs it.

    Thank you ? 

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  4. On 6/5/2018 at 5:51 AM, BenWallace.3.Pistons said:

    This is true. Judging by how many likes his original post has(none), nobody gives 2 shits about this anyway. Just like Methodicalize and all his bragging, It's not impressive, it's sad and embarrassing. 

    Must have given a crap since you are like commenting in the post and being involved with the post itself ?.

    On 6/5/2018 at 8:59 AM, jahzaveamanaie said:

    didnt mean a negative jealous with my last post btw, just meant to say i wish i had the time to get all these and level 150. im happy for you and you deserve it all. 676 hours is crazy lmfao i played since last year and only got to 200 recently cant imagine how much you mustve been playing this nonstop like iron patience
    oh BTW did you unlock any like hidden little rewards when you got all the badges and such? like a special counselor skin / clothing or something? that would be cool as shit

    Yeah i only wish.... 

  5. 52 minutes ago, Treymaker said:

    Can we be perfectly honest? You clearly did some 1v1 private match boosting to get The Sequel and The Final Chapter trophies. Which, to each their own. But, come on, I don’t even believe it’s physically possible to get The Final Chapter trophy solely through quick play selections in 4 months. I’m talking even if you are playing 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Your kidding right? Do you have the final chapter? If so then congratulations ? I wouldnt mind if you boosted or quick play it, a grind is a grind in anyway you look at it. However i was really lucky with the picks and with the last two updates has really broke the lucky streak i had. With the recent update 5.24.18 it totally destroyed back to back jasons! (GOOD JOB GUN MEDIA ?) HARD TALK RIGHT HERE: But if you envy about it, thats not right. I am proud of my achievements, and dont need a flaming bash from anyone that degrades me :)!  If you dont have it I AM ROOTING FOR YOU TO GET IT! ????

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  6. 31 minutes ago, Truth said:

    I'm level 150 with over 650 hours in the game (I think closer to 700). I only have about 180 matches as Jason...

    @GHUNTERthaFIRST damn you got that fast... Was your preference on Jason the whole time? Or were you being selected in private matches?

    Yes but the final chapter achievement i obtained it last year on 8/11/17 to be on the money! Close to 4 months after release! About 80% of it was Quick Play - I was EXTREMELY LUCKY ? on the JASON PICKS! Savini Jason ???! Still to this day "6/4/18" theres only 0.01% has the final chapter UNLOCKED!

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Truth said:

    But do you have all legendary perks?


    I'm joking, congratulations! I seriously doubt I'll ever get the achievement for 1000 matches as Jason. I'm fairly close to all the badges, and missing 6 Tommy tapes. Haven't messed with the challenges much yet because I didn't want to rush through them.

    Its IMPOSSIBLE obtain all Legendary Perks as there are over the limit of 30 Perks in the game that you can obtain! So yeah not sweating that LOL!

  8. 38 minutes ago, Nickypoolicious said:

    Don't be a Debbie Downer, it's pretty cool that someone's played enough to get all the achievements. Congrats, sir!

    Haters gonna hate lol, but i dont think it was pointless but rather a challenge, unfortunately i wish there was something in the game you get on getting all maxed badges but i know i am one of a tiny few at this point that got everything done! Just showing the world that i am one of them, if you want to add me on xbox its GHUNTERTHAFIRST.  

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  9. On 4/22/2018 at 2:01 PM, Treymaker said:

    Just curious as to who has completed what I am referring to as the Grand Slam of achievements on this game. Completing the Grand Slam means you have accomplished the following 4 tasks:

    1. Have achieved every trophy on the game (including The Sequel, The Final Chapter, Ph. D in Murder, and Killer Franchise Trophies)

    2. Have completed every single badge (all badges fully 3 star completed for both Counselor and Jason)

    3. Have collected all 20 Pamela tapes

    4. Have collected all 13 Tommy tapes


    If you haven’t, but you are close, what do you still need to get to finish the Grand Slam? This is where I stand:

    1. I have every trophy except for The Sequel, The Final Chapter, Ph. D in Murder, Killer Franchise

    2. I have every badge 3 star completed except for Counselor Boat Escapes (I’m at 83/113) and Jason Flipping the Boat (23/31)

    3. I do have all 20 Pamela tapes

    4. I currently have 8 of the 13 Tommy tapes




  10. I just today did a FULL 100% in this game and what a GRIND it was! All Badges MAXED! ALL TAPES! All Challenges COMPLETED (All 3 Skulls and Objectives Done). COMPLETED Virtual Cabin 2.0! EVERY SINGLE ACHIEVEMENT! EVERY DLC! MAX RANK 150 (As of this post 150 is Max can change). I was wondering who else has made it to this point! This was on Xbox!


    Link below with pics of PROOF!


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