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  1. I agree. I have noticed though that Chad and Tiffany have a better jogging camera that zooms out further than others and I think it's a good looking camera that should be used on everyone.
  2. Hi! So I noticed while playing that my favourite characters Jenny, Adam and Brandon all have a worse camera than that of Chad, Tiffany and Tommy. (Just a few examples) In the following I am talking about jogging not sprinting. While playing as Chad the jogging camera is positioned so that you can see his shoes on the screen and he is a little more positioned in the center and when stopped the camera will zoom in. While playing as Jenny the jogging camera is positioned so that you cannot see her shoes and she is positioned more to the left and when stopped the camera zooms in only a little because it's already so zoomed while jogging. I don't know if this is intentional but if it is it's pointless and it bugs me even though it may seem nitpicky I'd like for this to be changed with an update. Thanks for reading!!!
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