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  1. People think Savini is OP cause of his "Destruction" perk which also Part 8 Jason has.
  2. Yeah there is a perk but I don't think no one can have %90 - %100 avoid chance on these perks.
  3. Last round I was jason and one of counselors never caught my vision, never. Is it possible or is this hack?
  4. As I said, every counselor will have only one chance about breaking jason's kill animation.
  5. They just need to be banned. This is not about being jason or counselor. If they not gonna be jason then they gonna be jerk as counselor. Don't you see anyone who shot their teammate with a shotgun? These jerks will never give up with being troll.
  6. It's hard to see people dying and can't help them when these all happening in front of you =/
  7. I want to improve this idea with the player who's gonna be jason should kill his own character too! I mean If you have part 8 jason and your counselor prefer is Vanessa Jones, when you become the jason you should come as Part 8 Jason and kill Vanessa.
  8. This people must get banned from PSN too! I really hate these people!
  9. I really hate jason grabs counselors by one by in less than 25 sec plus you can't hit jason while he's on killing someone which doesn't make an sense like HE'S THERE DUDE AND HE'S KILLING YOUR FRIEND!!! DO SOMETHING JUST DON'T WATCH!!! So I came out with this idea, jason must have cooldown on grabs or we should be able to hit jason on he's grab kill for once. If jason catch that person again and do some grab kill, counselors will not be able to stop him this time.I mean counselors only prevent grab kill for once on their teammates. 7 counselors means 7 grab kill preventing.
  10. We all know there is a scene which starting with jason killing some DUDE. It should be change. I mean the person who is the jason should kill his own counselor character. That would be better, I don't want to see same dude even we can't play with that character!
  11. One day I was playing on one of the game maps and there was a home. Jason was in front of door and breaking down. I tried to escape from window but there was a wardrobe which really, really close to windows then my character just accidentally get inside that wardrobe. However jason didn't notice me while getting inside wardrobe and he left house but after a while I noticed that my character just stuck in wardrobe and couldn't get outside. Then jason came again and kill me inside the wardrobe and everyone laughed so hard. Wardrobes shouldn't be close to windows, please.
  12. Gosh, throwing jason?! Love that In my opinion Tommy must spawn with a single pocket knife. He's way too weak when he has a shotgun which has only 1 shell.
  13. Is there any button on controller which doesn't given any command? I mean on controller all buttons have a simple job and there is not much button on controller when we imagine keyboard.
  14. I didn't say this is a player problem. I'm trying to say that there is a lot of problems there must be fixed and players makes it harder. They must know that there is bunch of people ruining this game.
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