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  1. I just watch early gamelay by the devs of Hide or Die. 8.30 minutes and the most suspense was the moment the lights turned red. Other than that the guy ran thru the forestthe whole time, did one generator, the generators doesnt even require skillchecks. The switches are marked with letters and you seemingly only have to push them on the keyboard (talk about skill). He walked by one corpse and the killer never showed up. After all it was really boring. The other thing is its an indygame, seemingly done by a small team and its their first game. No,thank you.
  2. Mourn paranoia? Why? They started talking and working about it when the very foundation of their coregame still had tons of bugs, glitches, balancingissues and the list goes on. The game still has all of this today, partwise more than before. All paranoia did was consuming ressources like time and money without ever delivering anything. We could have things like UberJason, more maps, perhaps less glitches if they never came up with paranoia in the first place. Working on paranoia was like building a house, finishing the basement and the foundation to the halfwaypoint, so that it works in some sort and then we pull out some ladders and a scaffold and start working on the roof. It just doesnt work that way.
  3. Pissy? I would call it an unsatified customer, and its ok to let peole know that. Seriously dont be mr.smartass himself and in person, you know that he means he wont buy, or support any of their products.
  4. Hey the question was "would you support gun/illfonic for a future game?" If a qusetion is asked all answers and opinionshave to be acceptet, not just the ones you would like to hear.
  5. Definitly no. I gave them much credit because they are a small team and I was patient. Take your time and make things right, but it got worse with everything they did and the solutions to some problem would have been really very simple. I was done with everything EA released once they ruined the Battlefieldfranchise. If I can turn my back on such a big company, I can do it with compaies like gun and illfonic as well.
  6. The trolls still think its funny to place traps indoors at the windows, so when a counselor gets chased by Jason and jumps thru a window he ends up in a trap. The solution is to make it impossible to place traps there. For what reason, other than trolling, would a counselor place a trap there anyway?
  7. The truth is the other way around, the community feels discouraged by the devs.
  8. If it represent the final chase it should be a maximum of four vs one, not eight vs one. eight is a bit too much for a final chase, thats the number you begin with when the movie starts. And there is a difference between inflicting damage because its your only chance tocatch a breathe and maybe still survive, ot just bash that fools head in antime possible. When it comes to part 6, youbrought him up,stating he was drowned/beaten up. No he wasnt, he was just layed to rest. Not much damage, just a stone and a chain to make him rest in crystal lake. In art Tina unknowingly destroyed the chain and freed him again.
  9. Wow *clap clap* so you pick a few moments of the FINAL chase of the movies ( Part 6 doesnt count by the way. Jason didnt drown, he cant,he was already dead, Tommy just put Jason at the place where he willrest. Thats why Tommy red the occult books.) In part 9 he got blown up,not by counselors, but by a whole special unit and I havent seen them ingame.
  10. Yes I know that I can make this argument for almost every single game and thats is exactly why I dont get it that some peoplepraise the killanimations as if they were a holy grail. There is a point where it doesnt matter anymore if you kill him your own hands, hook them, or jump atop their head threetimes, theresult is the same, you win and the other guy is dead, end of story. What you say about Freddy, Michael and Leatherface is true, however what you say about Friday staying true to its source material isnt.Friday has Jason and maps that look likeplaces in the emovies,but I have never seen Jason in any of the movies, beeing the punchingbag of the counselors.Friday completly lacks the frightening hide and seeke xpirience.
  11. Nice idea. So you wont chase that one Vanessa if you realise it will be too timeconsuming. So who do we chase instead?one of the thrre other Vanessas, or one of the two Chads? This is so pointless as long as any counselor can be used by multiple persons in the same match.
  12. A) I had that in Friday too, but that is somthing you have in DbD as well, so where is the point? b) Chases happen in both games, so again where is the point? And as far as the kills go, yeah they look really cool in Friday, but I have seehn them all god knows how many times. After a while its nothing special anymore. Its pushing a button and move on to the next counselors. c)Personal prefrences. I dont care if its 4 or 7/8. How the game plays matters.Friday has the better graphics and I love they are my favorite slashermovies. DbD on the other hand is far more thrilling. There are always these moment when the killer is near you, you hide,you can see him coming your way, he is a few inches beside you and then he passes by and moves on.You sit there, thinking "He didnt see me." Thats what I expect from such games, not the holy baseballbat-pinata-party.
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