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  1. I remember seeing a girl in an orange sport's bra and long hair in one of the concept art images. The one where Chad is getting his head crushed by Jason Part 2. She had a pickaxe in her shoulder. She could be a good candidate.
  2. So you want a refund from them even if this wasn't their fault. What a mature and rational decision. That's like blaming McDonalds for making you fat.
  3. So far mainly the guys have the strength to knock out Jason more easily. Why not have a girl with at least 5 strength since currently Vanessa has the most at a mere 4. Could be a tomboy type or a gym rat. Doesn't need to be She-Hulk, but someone with average to above-average strength. Perhaps a Male counselor with extremely high composure to even it out since currently the guy with the highest composure rating is at 7/10.
  4. I came here to report on this very issue, but saw this topic, so I am here to contribute. Packanack has been the most obvious place to abuse this for me, but I have yet to try it on other maps. Basically, on Packanack, you can swim to a rock in the northern lake and a counselor will barely climb upon the edge of it, unable to climb any more. It's truly "just enough" for them to get on. However, Jason can't climb on at all. All he can do is let the counselor live, or attempt to snipe them with Knives from the shoreline, which is very difficult given the distance. It's possible as I tested this with a friend, but you'd need a lot of knives just to line up the shot right and then hope the counselor doesn't move around or has first aid on hand. I'll be happy to provide screenshots if necessary.
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