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  1. My map is still blank after the patch. I'm also game sharing with someone.
  2. I saw in the patch notes that Jason can have a cursor now and it's still not working for me. I haven't been able to do this since the game came out. I can't talk in game, I can't see names above heads, and my perks and clothes won't save either. Does anyone know a fix to this? I have the game instead on my hard drive. Should I move it?
  3. On Xbox there is no red dot to morph properly, I'm just sorta taking guesses at this point and failing hard. Also when the game first released I was able to talk in game chat but now I can't. I've tried everything. Uninstall, hard reset. All that good stuff. It's upsetting to the point where I can't communicate with anyone and I kicked from private matches because I died with keys on me lol and I can't have fun playing with Jason because I hear someone messing up the phone but I can't morph to crush their dreams. Please fix this. It's ruining my game experience.
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