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  1. Thats funny, because @f13gamesupport told me last night they are leaving TK on in quick play. They said it added to the level of horror in the game and if I didn't like it I would have to play private matches. I was NOT happy with that response.
  2. Add me to your friends list on PS4: C-Rabbit11. Looking for no team killing/ no glitching.
  3. Never mind, they just responded and apparently are hell bent on leaving this option on. Guess I'm moving on to something different, this game just lost a player.
  4. Yes, it seems to be getting worse as time goes on. I keep trying to get a solid answer from the F13 twitter account about whether friendly fire will ever be removed and they don't want to give an answer.
  5. So your answer is, there are things in this game that suck so lets not make it better by taking one of those thing away, because the others will remain? I just don't get the point. TK is the number one thing I run into, far more than anything else. These other instances are rare, I mean getting blocked in a doorway? There are literally only a few places in a map this can happen, mainly the restrooms. And yes, people can still tell Jason where you are but at least they can't beat you to within one hit of death and tell him where you are, which happens all the time. As far as trusting people it doesn't matter if you do or don't. I play a stealth character and usually go lone wolf, but it doesn't change anything. When someone comes into my cabin or runs up to me I'm not going to kill them without knowing their intentions, and by the time I find out they are going for the TK it's too late. Again, my stats don't fair well in that type of game.
  6. That's the kind of arguments people in favor of TK make. Hypotheticals, or situations that occur every great once in a while is a reason to keep a mechanic that ruins games on a constant basis for them. It's not that they care about these scenarios, it's just the excuse they can cling to so they can keep TK in the game.
  7. Well, I don't think I ( or anyone else in this thread) would consider what you are doing arguing. Arguing would consist or making points, rebuttals, sense. All things your posts lack. I have to agree with BloodyNights that you are just trolling at this point and that by responding to you I've already given you what you want. I'll save my posts for people who actually have a point to make.
  8. Undead hockey mask wearing killers are not real. Mini maps showing position in real time are not real. Health sprays are not real. Dying and resurrecting as Tommy Jarvis is not real. The game is not based in reality. As for teammates, the point is they were not designed to fight each other, which if you read and comprehended the post I originally wrote on the subject you would understand. I hate to dumb it down and go over it again so please just take the time to read it again.
  9. In real life an undead killer wearing a hockey mask from a movie franchise isn't hunting you down, so what's your point? Why do you think this is based in reality? And where do you get that video games represent reality? And what does tracking by sight and sound have to do with a map showing the location of every player in the game?
  10. Thank you. I was going to respond to him but whats the point.
  11. I don't get people who think team killing was a designed part of the game. I don't see how that was ever the intent of the devs. One indication of this is the imbalance between Jason and the councilors. With Jason, he doesn't know your location on the map to track you consistently. He also isn't as fast as the councilors giving them the ability to try and escape. Even with his morph and shift you can try and dodge those attacks. Now with councilors it is a totally different story. First, you don't know if a councilor is going to go rouge so they will almost always get one free hit on an unsuspecting player. Secondly, the character builds don't make team killing an even sport. If someone uses a stealth build character they are at a severe disadvantage. There high stealth is undone in this situation as the other councilors can simply follow them on the mini map. Factor that in with most of the stealth characters having lower stamina/speed/strength and they really don't stand a chance against the characters that do.
  12. I've played games with the kick ability and it was rarely abused. For one it can only happen in the lobby between games, then it takes 50% or better to vote a player out. The only times I've seen this abused is when a group of friends wants to kick you so another friend can join, and I guarantee you this would happen far, far less than the TK crap that goes on almost every match. As for keeping TK on, there is no good argument for it. I have been TK a lot, and never for any of the reasons people argue it should be left on for. I get killed because some kid thinks it's "funny" or because they are a friend of the guy helping Jason at the moment. Never for an item, never for stealing a ride, never for giving away someones location. I would wager these excuses only happen about ten percent of the time.
  13. Oh, I totally agree. It's happened to me on many, many occasions. What I'm saying is once they start a system of banning these fools they will adapt. I mean, if I really wanted to I could give away everyones locations with it being vague enough that there would be no way to prove it was intentional, and this is what would start to become the norm. People running by you or messaging their friends giving away your location. These A-holes won't just give up and go away, they will adapt and keep ruining the game for those of us that play it straight.
  14. The problem with this is you have to prove intent. If players are running around you drawing attention to you, there is no way to prove if they are helping Jason or just bad players so how could they ban them? Same thing with players telling Jason your location on the map, thats not going to show up on video. Video proof is easily avoided if your not a complete moron, and these guys would just continue to skirt around the system ruining other peoples games.
  15. Looking for a game with no friendly fire or cheating, so giving private match a try PS4: C-Rabbit11
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