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  1. What about The Duke? You better not be giving The Duke "the cold shoulder".
  2. How about rather than outright daytime, but rather sunrise and sunset as the "daytime" variants? You still get a spooky atmosphere where there's some daylight coming in (and leaving in sunset's case), but still capable of having dark places in the camp sites.
  3. I could see Chad extorting Eric some dough "for the lulz" over a horseshit "promise" of him having a half hour with Tiffany at some point to hone in the fact that "Chad is a dick".
  4. Jenny's single, AJ and Adam are dating (obviously), Tiffany and Chad are a "sorta" couple that's more into fucking than intimacy, Vanessa and Buggzy are close friends (but not dating), Kenny admires Jenny but not enough to hook up with her, Eric gets frequently friendzoned by Deb, Mitch is married to his bong, Fox is an independent woman and Shelley is...well...Shelly.
  5. You can thank people abusing driving in reverse to keep Jason from stopping the car for this nerf. ...thank god. I'm so glad they fixed that.
  6. Still a bit too harsh of a punishment if you ask me. At a 10 minute penalty should be fine enough. You seem really salty just for the sake of being salty, me thinks. People still do stupid stuff all of the time and since we still got server problems, your suggestion could lead to eight people getting a 30 minute punishment all because the host's connection to the server crapped out.
  7. I've died so many times since this new patch, but I don't care. At least the game's fun again. You're supposed to fear Jason, not teabag and dance in front of him.
  8. But what if I want to quit the game because I decide i'm done playing for the night but for some reason started a session already?
  9. This thread is gold. I hope the team takes our suggestions and record some lines for the next update. Its really awkward hearing Tommy say "Fuck you Jason" when Roy's face is exposed.
  10. Maybe we'll get the mean girl in a halfway update similar to how we got Fox. Reggie, on the other hand, could show up around the same time as the REAL Retro Jason.
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