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  1. I didn't know about that perk. But yeah, even just letting them be deactivated and keeping a knife, but then if you get grabbed, the knife wouldn't be so effective but would still work. For example, you'd have to press x, a, space(whatever the PC key is), three times to escape. So it's still possible to die, but it's like the knife is dulled down
  2. This is what I'm talking about, I can literally feel your anger through your response. Yes, you do need to relax. Yes, I am relaxed myself. And finally, yes, I wouldn't have bought this game if I knew about the many flaws it contains. I believe it shouldn't have even been released yet until a lot of the stuff has been worked on. You're attacking me because I disagree with you, grow up, we're not all children who have to whine about other people's opinions. A GAME is meant to be FUN. Not only fun when you're one guy. Yes, I do have fun as the counselor, up until I am forced to kill myself due to lack of knives to disable traps that are clear as day sitting at the gas tank of a car. Or when I finally escape Jason after 5 mins of running away exhausting all of my supplies and defenses, which includes one of those scarce knifes, just for him to appear out of thin air right beside me, grab me and kill me. To me, that's pretty bullshit. I'm complaining because that's the only way to be heard, but I shouldn't have to explain myself to some random judgmental guy. for the record, none of what you said about me is true
  3. They would be fair if he could fix it again. But councilors should still get to deactivate them too. They're hidden in leaves, so they're hard to see anyway and meant to be hidden. But if you do spot one, you should deactivate it
  4. Okay, that makes sense. Because I swore I was able to deactivate one once, but then every other time I tried, it wouldn't let me. Yeah, that's definitely not worth it. Jason should also be able to step on his own traps just like councilors can. It's kinda sad
  5. I just want to say one thing. You argue about how you need shift grab with competitive players because they make it too hard for Jason to kill. I agree with that, but I could say the same that shift grab makes it too hard for average/pubs to do literally anything unless they have a knife. But if they have a knife, you just have to wait 5-10 seconds to just shift grab them again. On top of that, there's a faaaarr higher number of pub players than there is competitive players. Saying this negates/neutralizes basically half of what you typed, maybe more. I don't want to read the whole thing again to find out. All counselor supplies and defenses are limited, so really, all you have to do is chase them until they're out of stamina, attack them until they're out of health kits and weapons, grab them maybe once per councilor, probably less, until they don't have knives. I would take up your challenge but 1.im not a Jason player and 2. I'm not on PC Edit: I'd also like to add that the hit detection is complete garbage. I've been touching Jason's ass and hit him 2-3 times to save my grabbed teammate but nothing happens. This makes it so much more difficult to stop Jason from killing. That and all of the I-frames he has for everything he does
  6. Thanks for that info. I was wondering how to tell my characters fear level. All I knew was the facial expression
  7. That's my name because that's what I originally came into the forums for. Now that I cleared my name up for you, which has nothing to do with this post, yes I'm complaining because how can he sense someone crouched, out of his sight, with 0 fear (my character had a straight face). It seems like you're mad because I'm against Jason? I don't know, but I think you should relax and not take things so seriously. I said I liked that guys suggestion because of my own experiences. From what you're saying, you just want Jason to kill everyone, every match, with no one to escape and just have the game a Jason rape fest. I can literally say the opposite of what you said and try to pull it off as an "argument" or a tool to get you mad for some reason. But I'm generally just trying to make it a fair and fun experience for everyone; not just Jason, and I can only do that by sharing my thoughts. Don't be a baby and come back when you have a valid explanation of why I was spotted so I know what to do differently next time.
  8. So, most Jason players put their traps in important places, like infront of vehicles, doorways, any high flow area for councilors. Why can't they be deactivated? They're already hard enough to spot, so you should be able to deactivate them just like regular traps. Maybe make it so you have to be crouched for the option to appear. Seems like Jason gets all the fun. Just my opinion
  9. That's what I'm saying... How could he possibly have sensed or heard me? My character didn't scream and i was sitting still hiding behind something? This is in response to "a meter that shows if Jason is able to sense you". Because if I knew he could sense me, I would've done something different than just sitting there waiting for him to pass when I thought he couldn't sense me
  10. All Jason has to do is keep walking around the same way until councilor is out of stamina. It's not that hard
  11. Great idea. If you're unable to find a quick match, you could just choose host lobby and watch people flood in. The only problem is hosts with too much lag
  12. I second this. Great concept poorly done. Completely unfinished and for the price that it is, I wanted a refund. If I had known how broken and unbalanced (not balanced, just not dominating for one side) it was, I wouldn't have bought it
  13. I like this idea. I remember a time that I was crouched out of sight of Jason near the car, he was chasing another player down the street. He got all the way down the street so far away, so I started crouch walking to the car, then all the sudden I see him use shift down the street and I figured he was gonna get the other character, but all the sudden, he was in my face and grabbed me then killed me. I had no idea how he knew I was there as I was crouched, not moving, not scared, and no flashlight. Then started crouch walking. I was playing as Deborah who has 9/10 stealth
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