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  1. So I unplugged all the USB stuff I had and turned it off. Game chat actually came back. All my setting were as I left them too. ?
  2. whatever....it's 2017....a game as simply designed as this should work perfectly. If it'd of been beta tested across all plats they've of known about all of these problems. Instead we got a unfinished game. Stop making excuse and fix the game. Or start giving refunds.
  3. So this is day 3 with no shift. This is my 2nd post. Respond please.
  4. The only responses in the bugs section are from other people having problems. Where are the answers? I'm sorry your game is so popular that it's causing you to work 24/7 but that's your job. Now do your job and respond in the forum you made about your game.
  5. The red dot that controls where Jason shifts doesn't show on my screen. I reinstalled the game,and I have the update released today for Xbox. Please contact me with solutions.
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