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  1. No idea, but them patch notes were released on Steam, yet I don't see a difference in-game.
  2. The devs said in the latest patch notes the preferences have more effectiveness, but I still think it doesn't work well, Playing as Jason should be a regular thing, not like the lottery 0.00001 chance in 1000000.
  3. I know, I had his preference, no play with him, put it on none, gets three games with him, only once have I ever had a game with him when I had the preference on.
  4. In my experience of playing the game, I understand how to play Jason their is a 1/8 chance, and other people may have their preference as Jason, yet still, having had the game for 3 days, I have played so little of Jason than I think is needed for a gameplay experience that is varied and continuously fun, and I love the game and can't wait to see what comes later down the line, as it has to only get better than this, but I am mainly asking if other people feel that they haven't played or had enough experience/fun with Jason. Am I the only one who feels this way or that unlucky to almost never play Jason?
  5. This is the first post I have seen about this issue, and I was thinking the exact same, I have played so little of Jason that it feels like the game hates me for no particular reason, I always find that the people who join my public lobbies get Jason before I do, and I've been in that lobby for multiple games as a Counsellor, it seems unfair, just slightly, so I was thinking that if you click on someone's name, it shows their level and how many times they played Jason, that way I can understand WHY they're playing Jason if they haven't played a lot of him, like me for example, I have played so, SO little of him I wish they would implement some way that people who have played a lot of Counsellor for a few games, three or four? And now can play as Jason.
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