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  1. I'd want to see vehicles already repaired and Jason either starting in rage mode or with a high ability charge rate. Throw in no health sprays/pocket knives and you've got a match intense from the beginning. It's "new content" without actually being "new content", if that makes any sense. Can you link whatever post that was? I remember they couldn't add Part 5 Jason to the virtual cabin basement, but new text was added in a loading screen warning players about Jason in rage mode. The custom match menu might just be an extension of an existing menu or something. Or maybe someone just bribed the lawsuit judge, who knows.
  2. I have the game on ps4 and can confirm all progression is saved online. How I know is because a few weeks ago the ps4 wasn't turned off properly and I had to wipe the memory just to be able to go on. Everything was saved after re-installing the game: badges, tapes, achievements, dlc. Only things not saved were what clothing/perks/kills/bloody skins/emotes I had equipped.
  3. Tommy Jarvis wasn't quite fearless in Part 6, still reeling from childhood trauma, so I wouldn't call it out of character for him to get scared. But as it turns out, the Tommy character used to have lines of dialogue for spotting dead bodies, which got taken away shortly after the game came out because it wouldn't make sense for the hero not to expect to run into dead bodies after getting called for exactly that reason. As to whether Gun Media would consider it worthwhile to remove some of those lines, who knows.
  4. I remember somewhere it was stated that kills from SPC will remain exclusive and not be implemented in regular matches, even offline.
  5. I know there were increased tape drops for the Christmas XP event, but this is ridiculous:
  6. It's even more annoying when the person starting the vehicle decides to take off before anyone can get inside, or worse yet, start running over people. 😡
  7. Sometimes it's easy to mistaken techniques and luck as hacking. As an example there was one time I ran into a Vanessa who somehow managed to have three pocket knives and a medspray while on the run. At first I considered it could be a hack until I went back and watched the recording I'd saved. You can hear a drawer being searched as I was chopping down the door. Talk about dumb luck. Here's the video by the way if you want to see what I mean:
  8. What I've seen some drivers do is drive really slow and never come to a complete stop. When they see on the minimap that Jason is shifting around the car, they just start driving the other way, making him waste his shift. And if you somehow manage to circle around the car again a second time in the same shift, you guessed it, they start moving the other way. Another issue is counselors crying out whenever Jason is near, even in stalk mode. It's a dead giveaway that ruins many surprise attacks. Here's to hoping that gets fixed. Also if we could change spawn preference in the game lobby. This just in. A game breaking glitch has been discovered: Needs fixing ASAP; I'm declaring a state of emergency! @The Tommy please stay indoors until further notice. We currently have our best agents at Gun Media and Black Tower convincing Victor Miller and Horror Inc to settle the lawsuit once and for all, as well as compensate you half a million dollars in emotional damages, that is all for now.
  9. 1. Trust me, Jason still gets hit and "sweatered" coming out of stuns. 2. It's not much of a problem until you run into players with medic, thick skin and hypochondriac. Then you'll find you wish you had more knives to pick up. 3. It's a problem when players know exactly where you are and can easily avoid shift car stops. They see you shifting directly towards the car and steer to the side or stop and back up.
  10. Once environmental kills get fixed, the game will be in a playable state despite other minor bugs. The next biggest issues in my opinion: 1. As has been stated before, Jason needs a few seconds of invincibility coming out of stun. 2. To fix the lack of throwing knives problem, I propose they respawn every few minutes or several minutes. 3. Players being able to see Jason on the minimap while in a vehicle, even when he's in stalk. Hard enough as it is to stop a car that's gone off road, and a good driver can outmaneuver any Jason. A quick fix to that would simply be if the map and minimap were disabled while in a vehicle.
  11. Yeah, at 1:53 that was a morph, which explains why he was able to did it so quickly in between shifts.
  12. Supposedly Gun Media was working on an offline sandbox mode, which we can't expect to see the light of day.😥 I neither deny or affirm to have seen any Youtube leaks of that.
  13. If there was a way to make it harder for Jason hunters without decreasing the chances of Tommy appearing. For example, in addition to two players dying/escaping, a certain amount of time would also have to have passed. Lets say for now the match would have to be half over for Tommy to appear.
  14. I'm afraid an AI Jason was too advanced for them to make.
  15. It's also been suggested you should have to repair the Tommy radio. I think a good portion of people are against the idea of there being less Tommy calls, seeing how the chances of playing as him can be as low as 1 in 7.
  16. I agree Medic is the more overpowered perk. It might be going too far to nerf Thick Skinned as well, but I was just being precautious. The thing about adjusting stuff for the Jason kill is it could really throw off balance. On one hand you have super experienced Jason hunters who do it second nature. On the other you also have players who just started and pulling off a kill is as hard as it should be. So if you make it harder, although the experienced hunters finally won't get a kill a few matches in a row, it will be much harder than intended for starters. My proposal for that is simply if the option to defeat Jason wasn't there every match. Have it so there was a chance the sweater didn't spawn. Personally I think it should be based on the level of the Jason player. Below 150 a 25% chance the sweater won't spawn. At 150 a 50% the sweater won't spawn. I'm surprised you took that seriously, unless you were also being sarcastic.😆
  17. Two awesome moments that were literally recorded right after each other: Those players seemed inexperienced, except for that annoying Adam, which made the shift grab that much the more awesome.
  18. I was guessing. Chances are you've all come across groups armed with Thick Skin and Medic, which usually isn't that much of a problem unless they also specialize in repairs and/or Jason hunting. This is going to be more and more of a common occurance as time goes on. That's why I propose Thick Skinned be nerfed a little so it's only useful for tanking one trap. Might not seem necessary now, but just wait till it gets to the point where half the matches are organized teams.
  19. Yeah, I know. Thought it would be easier to define the perk as giving more health.😋 The reason I want this perk nerfed, guys, is because of how powerful it is in combination with other health perks. One player equipped with Thick Skinned, Medic and Hypochondriac can tank five traps at the beginning of a match and still be running. Now just imagine a group of well coordinated Jason hunters.
  20. Similarly I would propose the effects of thick skinned not to be permanent. Once you get damaged below 100% of regular health you should revert back to normal. I've seen it happen more and more lately with (groups of) players utilizing a combination of thick skinned and medic, and it sucks as Jason. If Gun Media is able to go through with their planned perk rework, I do hope they can nerf some of the more powerful perks.
  21. Jason -zero damage taken while blocking. - take only half damage from attacks when currently grabbing someone. - immunity to pocket knife stuns either when the police have arrived or when in close proximity to the police exit. Say goodbye to exit dancing trolls. Traps Make counselor traps equal to Jason's. Either make it so the counselor traps cannot be reused or make it so Jason's traps can. No double standards.
  22. Looks like you found where they keep the Tommy npc for the Tommy intro scene. Do you remember the exact part of the map he was on?
  23. Thick skinned for all the reasons mentioned. After that I'd choose medic. Third in line is the firecracker perk, which I have on most of my counselors in case Jason shows up right away and I haven't found anything to defend myself with.
  24. I can confirm it works. Just be sure you are at least at level 113 for weapon swap.
  25. Well I've finally done it. Got on yesterday to find the final tape I needed, Tommy tape #12, and in the very first match...
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