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  1. One benefit of single player is memorizing character patterns. In this case I expect those patterns to be randomized to better fit with how multiplayer is like, but even then their actions won't be as unpredictable and some playstyles could be possible that normally won't be in multiplayer. Multiplayer may not be my cup of tea, but I have faith that it can be appreciated even by those of us who prefer single player.
  2. While we are on the topic of game modes, are there gonna be different game modes, or the same basic formula (try to escape Camp Crystal Lake before we all get killed) with slight variations?
  3. Or even better, play as a counselor when another counselor is on toilet, and get close enough to here him/her singing to himself/herself.
  4. Before seeing the movies, I watched all the trailers. That gave me an idea how they were (could tell part 7 would be awesome, and it's always been my favorite. The Jason X trailer really made me double take, although I accept the movie as fun) .
  5. How about a simple environmental kill where Jason throws someone against a tree and it snaps their back in half. Like in this fanmade video. https://youtu.be/a5SH4eM3Acc?t=2567
  6. Hello there. And now a greeting in Hebrew: Shalom. Don't know much else in Hebrew.
  7. Ah yes, AMC. That's how I got started with horror as well.
  8. An obligatory introduction requires an obligatory welcome. We look forward to finishing you off ingame. Muhahaha!
  9. You need to think more creatively. Who's to say there won't be hot tubs scattered around the whole place.
  10. So now just getting weapons is interesting. I'm glad this game is ambitious in so many ways, instead of going Call of Duty.
  11. Do we know how weapons are obtained? Since it's online multiplayer, most likely earned or bought from points, unless they're gonna go the route of scavenging them.
  12. I understand how you guys feel, but to me it's more of a preservation than a gimmick or rehash. At first I though the Retro Retaliation stretch goal was just that, but after rereading it sounds like a different game mode.
  13. Concerning the Slasher Backer campaign. Questions: For those who already pledged, can they add to the pledge or will they have to start over? Will there be any new stretch goals or pledges? Will any of the limited pledges be given a higher limit? Also if anyone has ideas for pledge rewards or stretch goals. I think people are more likely to pledge if they can get exclusive content for not too much (around $35-$45). Something similar to the clothing pack or unique weapon reward, but cheaper. How about an even cooler weapon like a chainsaw or the weed cutter from part 7 for pledging around $150. If pre-ordering is going to be an option, add the money from that to to campaign. Only problem I can see with pre-order is since it's a funded game, there are no guarantees. A stretch goal for having the original NES game added in (I'm being serious by the way). Similar to "Jason's Victims", a pledge that allows you to put a phrase of graffiti in the game.
  14. As Jason I would have taken my time sneaking around, but with a time limit it's not going to be easy. As a counselor I'll take advantage of hiding spots when stranded and won't complain when found since it will be accompanied by an environmental kill.
  15. In the Game Questions topic, JPops has provided the answer.
  16. I must be stuck in the 80's, back when movie companies ripped each other off with no regrets. Never realized references were enough to land a lawsuit, sorry guys.
  17. Well then we have a legitimate reason to play as the hottie.
  18. For the music, maybe. But just a simple prop from those movies shouldn't cause copyright disputes, I hope.
  19. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys. I consider myself a fan of Friday the 13th, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Leprechaun, Wishmaster, and some others I can't recall. Haven't seen much of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Chucky or Scream, so I couldn't call myself a fan of those yet.
  20. It would also be fun if they had stuff from other slashers/horrors hidden. For example in a basement a furnace with a clawed glove inside that plays the Nightmare on Elm Street theme, or a piano playing the Halloween theme with Micheal Myer's mask nearby.
  21. bad teenagers must die - unlocked after killing counselors doing every one of the "bad teen" actions (smoking, drinking, making out, night swimming).
  22. How the environmental kills might work is by being in a general area instead of right next to an exact place. So for example you get attacked by Jason in the forest and at the beginning of the kill either you appear in a sleeping bag or Jason pulls the sleeping bag from nowhere. If that's how it works the game might move you both to a nearby tree, unless the kill consists of Jason throwing the sleeping bag at the tree.
  23. As the rules say, "Introductions: All members who intend to post on these forums are required to post an introduction. Think of it as a way to get to know people here within the site. It's a chance for you to get out there and be a part of this community." First got interested in horror when some Halloween movies were playing on AMC in October 2009, so you can say I'm a bit late in the game. My love for the best horror series ever, Friday the 13th, has enabled me to make my own short fan film and a game demo using RPGMaker of what I would like a Friday the 13th game to look like (you can see these videos on my Youtube channel, aurllcooljay). Looking forward to discussions. This game is going to be awesome no matter what.
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