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  1. No option to play offline? Try disconnecting your internet so you won't be able to log in, and if it's the exact same as consoles you should have an offline option.
  2. The best course I'll recommend is to get into offline mode in the meanwhile. Practice in offline matches to git better (knife throwing, memorizing map layouts, trap placement, etc) or 100% Single Player Challenge objectives/skulls if you haven't already. For more motivation to play offline, check out my "Hidden Secrets in Single Player Challenges" topic. Maybe you'll find some secrets I missed.
  3. Probably for the best. Although the game would have better performance on next gen it would also come with its own set of problems.
  4. What I meant by that was with double XP you wouldn't have to worry about getting more chances to fix objectives. I was responding to the OP's "extra points" argument.
  5. The double XP neutralizes any reason to get even more points.
  6. As an honorable mention, I don't know if this was intended or not, but there are a few special kills that can be activated by both methods (a prompt or grabbing the counselor first) instead of just one. Off the top of my head I can recall two from the Strip Poker challenge, the Mirror Smash and butcher knife kill and one from the first challenge, the car hood kill. Can't help but note an easy method for getting the undetected skull in some of the matches. The devs didn't want to make it too easy to get that skull, so you won't earn it if the timer runs out. However in matches where the game ends by counselors escaping you'll retain the undetected status so long as you didn't have to lose that skull to make them run away. A few matches play out that way, Challenge 1, 2, 3, 8, and 9 (as long as you're not nearby when Deborah alerts everyone in challenge 9). In challenge 10 you can scare the counselors away by smashing the generator and still have the undetected skull. In the Snuggle by the Fire challenge, Adam discovering Tiffany's body in the sleeping bag won't blow your cover, and I've noticed a few other scripted cases where it took longer to get detected. That's actually how I finally got undetected in the Strip Poker Challenge, Kenny saw Bugzy's stabbed body and I grabbed and killed him more than a few seconds later with no detection. 😎 EDIT: Made another video with even more SPC glitches: Sleeping Bagged Tiffany - Grab Tiffany while she enters the tent and you can perform the sleeping bag kill later. Don't kill her before that or Jason gets stuck at the tent. Chad Double Kill - In the same way you can kill Chad if you interrupt him as he's going into the closet. If you do that while he's driving things get interesting. I moved him to the wheel barrel for the special kill, but it never showed up. Git Gud - Destroying the closet before Chad gets to it. Just amusing. Talkative Bugzy - Grab Bugzy while he's waiting for Deborah. He'll still carry on a conversation with her. Talkative Kenny - Scare Vanessa away and Kenny still has a conversation with her. Must be used to the silent treatment.
  7. Interesting; I'd like to hear those lines someday. The other two examples are more oversights/glitches than hidden secrets, but that gives this topic more to discuss. I took the liberty of recording some current glitches and included the Challenge #10 Tiffany glitch about halfway through the video. Interesting thing is you can kill Tiffany, then kill her twin with the octagon window (I guess the game considers the twin to be the same NPC) which teleports the dead Tiffany, then kill the twin again making for a total of three kills. Scene Loop: You can make interactions between counselors loop by interrupting a counselor that would otherwise progress the scene. In this case I scared AJ off with a throwing knife. It's possible to do this in other challenges but tricky because you scare off counselors who are too close. Blind Tiffany: No way Shelly can sneak up on someone like that. 😛 Invincible Radio: Or maybe Chad is a natural repairman. The Lives of Tiffany: Thanks for mentioning this glitch. EDIT: Here's another example of the Tiffany glitch: Invisible Adam: Grab Adam just as he's about to join Tiffany in the tent. You won't be able to perform the tent kill after that. Forgetful Adam: Attack Adam just as Tiffany is entering the tent. If all goes well his AI is reset and Adam forgets he ever saw you, limping throughout the rest of the match. You won't be able to perform the tent kill after that. What I originally wanted to do was list all the hidden details in the challenges, such as the times a counselor would choose between two lines of dialogue, but that's a lot of work.
  8. These are secrets most average players won't stumble across. What I've found so far: Challenge #1 - If you kill Bugzy, Adam will go looking for him after fixing the car. Funny thing is he won't spot Bugzy hanging from the tree branch if you choose to do that kill. Challenge#2 - Killing or scaring Mitch away will cause AJ to eventually look for him before attempting to fix the generator herself.If you take care care of Jenny before she can alert Chad then wait long enough, he'll step outside and smoke a cigarette. Challenge #4 - At the beginning you can hear Kenny and AJ supposedly having, um, securing political relations. Go upstairs and open the door to see them hugging. Not much of a secret, but some attention to detail. Challenge # 5 - when Chad is "seeing some wildlife" you can hear him talking to himself when you get close enough. Also after you drown Tiffany causing him to flee you might hear a unique line of dialogue. It also seems he's meant to warn everyone when that happens, at 1:57 in this video: You can make the challenge reenact a scene from the movie if you kill Adam and AJ in bed then kill Bugzy without alerting Deborah. What happens is Deborah will wait a little while for Bugzy to appear, then head upstairs. Challenge# 6 - This line of dialogue was probably scrapped. One time I killed Tiffany in the sleeping bag. Adam is supposed to freak out at her dead body, but it appears to have glitched because what happened instead is he says this then spends the rest of the match drinking beer at the 1:20 mark in this video: Challenge #7 - After killing Bugzy with the butcher knife (has to be that kill), when Kenny discovers his body you can hear a unique line of dialogue.
  9. Only hope is if Gun Media is able to put a free roam mode when the servers eventually go down, and that's if they are somehow able to do it without it being new content.
  10. Same thing happened to me morphing to the same spot: Edit: This was a while ago, so it's not linked to the recent patch.
  11. Didn't even notice that; good eye. Early in the game's life there were even more things with the grab that got changed. Like how Teamkilling worked during grab kills. At 1:29 in this video: And 0:15 in this video:
  12. Although I have the game for PS4, I would consider buying it for PC if there was a sale. But at least the DLCs are 50% off right now.
  13. Agreed. You really don't want to grab when a team of Jason Hunters gang up on you to knock your mask off. #SlashingGalore
  14. I'd say it's fair, but slashing only throughout the match is too boring for me. I don't think there was ever a match where I never grabbed.
  15. I have to agree. Running out the clock should be a last resort. As it is we have some (*cough* Vanessa *cough*) players making it their primary goal. Personally I think fixing objectives should be at the top of the list, unless you're going for a Jason kill. Because of that I usually don't play as a low repair counselor.
  16. I'm no expert here but I think all the content had to be certified before it could be released, and it seems the pickaxe kills were the only unreleased thing that was certified when the lawsuit changed. The emotes probably were being held for future sp challenges. If the lawsuit had been unresolved in a timely manner some of the completed and near completed content might have seen the light of day.😩
  17. Welcome to the forum. People still playing as far as I can tell. Easier to get in matches than it was before. People usually don't have mics, at least in my experience. Most players seem to do there own thing, so you don't want to rely in anyone to help fix objectives unless you know them to be cooperative. Some trolls, not many.
  18. Yes, there was a pre order clothing pack: So gameshare isn't the only way.😩 It would have helped if Savini Jason was somehow linked to your online profile to prevent things like that.
  19. Actually it was leaked onto the marketplace without Gun Media's permission; that's why it was taken down. And for the millionth time Savini Jason was promised as a Kickstarter exclusive and that's not changing. The disc clothing/bloody skins are a slightly different deal because they were never promised as exclusive.
  20. I think (not entirely sure though) the physical and digital versions are considered two separate games. You should be able to access Savini on the Physical version though, since DLCs are connected to your account.
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