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  1. On 7/6/2021 at 5:34 PM, Strigoi said:

    How do you know anything about Gun media's budget or funding restrictions.

    Too much effort and work for Gun media to add extra purchasable items in an online store.

    It would be very interesting to see you explain how you have so much company insight into Gun media's budget and design limitations.

    I'm simply taking an educated guess. That's why I said "chances are". Nothing I said is set in stone.

  2. On 5/30/2021 at 11:33 PM, Jason Todd Voorhees said:

    Two Videos of me at Carolina Fearfest (1st time/Last Con), didn't realize I was recorded until Facebook tags happened!

    Is the chainsaw clown dude supposed to be from a movie or it's own original design?

  3. 11 hours ago, gettodachappa said:

    First guy today was jason killed everyone except me no cops called, no cars fixed. Great its looping time. I find a nearby table and run jason around it and he starts raging and being toxic saying shit like "give up and die already" like im gonna give him a kill on a silver platter? hell no! Especially if he is toxic he didn't DC but he surely was saying toxic shit.

    Second guy rage quits as soon as the cops are called messages me saying cops should be removed from the game and that he won and at the end he sent me a nice "gg ez" message like he won.

    Third guy rage quits as soon as the car escapes usually i dont like shaming other players for rage quitting but fuck him he literally admitted that he quit so we dont get xps.

    Fourth guy rage quits as soon as he gets on his knees for the kill then i obviously send him a message he replied saying jason should never be killed and that counselors should die.

    Last three Jasons are definitely sore losers. I sympathize with the first a little simply because it's not fun to chase a looper (although even he didn't have much cause to be salty, having already killed everyone else. Would have been a different story if he'd gotten a few to no kills and had to play ring-around-the-table while the other players started fixing objectives). Normally I'd consider looping a cheap tactic, but since you were the last player left it was justified.

    4 hours ago, Marc Lemieux said:

    Just had an annoying Vanessa host ragequit then call me a tryhard after we "reunited" in the next lobby.

    With which you respond "I'd rather be a tryhard than a ragequiter".;)

  4. On 2/26/2021 at 6:09 AM, Laotian Lam said:

    I disagree with your statement that, in your scenario, the only way to survive is to loop.

    What would I do in your scenario?  Hop from cabin to cabin, scavenge for whatever items are left by dead bodies, campfires etc and see if I can survive.  In some cases if there is still a lot of time on the clock, I will probably just go find Jason myself and have a 1 on 1 showdown.  Ya he will kill me but whatevs.  Start a new match and game-on again, my friends.

    And couldn't cabin hopping (or juking in general) be seen as a form of looping? Although the 1 on 1 showdown sounds more noble than constant juking, I will give you that. 

    On 2/26/2021 at 6:12 AM, GeneiJin said:

    Jason, Learn to shift!  Problem solved.

    Some players can be quite skilled at avoiding shift simply by moving around erratically. It would be a matter of luck if you can catch them, and that's if they aren't carrying around a pocket knife and/or health sprays, which for the expert loopers you can expect them to.

  5. On 2/23/2021 at 5:54 AM, Laotian Lam said:

    I don't know what is more annoying:  Loopers in the game or Loopers who create multiple threads on this forum looking for validation for their looping in the game.

    I certainly don't like to loop a lot, but if we're going to debate whether looping itself can be justified, consider this scenario:

    I am in a match trying to find a way to escape, but the lobby is full of jerks who refuse to help. Now Jason has killed everyone else and found me, with just a few minutes left on the clock. Since the only way to survive the match is to loop, am I justified for doing so, or am I obligated to let Jason kill me since I failed to find another way to win?

  6. On 2/1/2021 at 2:35 PM, Laotian Lam said:

    I have no idea why people would think running Jason around a coffee table is an "exploit".

    Pretty much any tactic not intended by the game devs to be used could be defined as a exploit, but there's a fine line between exploiting an oversight in game design and downright cheating.


  7. Yes you heard that right, currently F13 The Game is 80% off and DLCs are 50% off on Steam.

    I've been waiting for something like this, having cancelled my PS+ this summer and now won't ever have to pay a single cent for multiplayer ever again (very good investment in my eyes). In contrast to my Playstation account where I had all the preorders and exclusives/DLCs except for physical disk, I might not get any DLCs for PC, but at least my online multiplayer adventures can live on.

    Just too bad for my PS4. I could have gotten all trophies if a few of them weren't so grindy (still haven't gotten 500 matches as Jason somehow, and I've been on and off playing since the game came out). *shrugs*


  8. On 1/14/2019 at 8:35 AM, ProPlaya10 said:

    Rank every Jason in the game,including Roy and Savini,by strength.

    Well if we are going purely by strength I'd put Part 4 and Savini at the top simply because of the +weapon strength and +destruction combo. After that I'd put +weapon strength Jasons in any order, and after that +destruction and +grip strength Jasons in any order.

    For a while there I was maining Part 4, but had to change it to Part 2 after Jason hunters became more prevalent (gotta be able to trap the shack and objectives with traps to spare).

  9. So with this last patch things are the same offline, most Jasons and kills behind a level lock. Some of you are paranoid about the servers eventually going down, which would take away that progress (and lets be honest, it's a possibility). So here is the current best solution.

    Turns out the game remembers what kills you had equipped on each Jason. In a match you'll still be able to use whatever four kills were assigned. Now you're thinking, but what good is that when I can only play as Part 3 and 5 (and Savini if you have it)? Well the game also remembers what Jason you have selected. In offline matches that doesn't matter because the game requires you to choose which Jason to play, in which case the level lock applies. But in Challenges, you can choose to start the challenge, bypassing the Jason select screen and playing as the currently selected Jason.

    Knowing that, here's what you can do to keep every Jason/kill unlocked offline. These instructions are for PS4 users, not sure how it works on Xbox One. Make a copy of the save file for every selected Jason you want. On the PS4 you go to Settings, then Application Saved Data Management, then Saved Data in System Storage, then Copy to USB Storage Device (you'll need a usb storage device connected of course). It will then show what games you have saved data for. Choose Friday the 13th The Game and select the only file there is, User Settings.

    Now connect the usb to your computer. Double click on the folder named PS4, then SAVEDATA, then 45401d4a40f209fa, then CUSA07878. There are two files in there,  UserSettings and UserSettings.bin. These files contain your save data. Put the files on your computer and copy them back onto the usb when you need them (you'll need to put them back in the folder CUSA07878, or the PS4 won't recognize them as save files).

    To make things easier, create folders on the computer to let you know what each save file contains. For example if you copy a save with Part 6 Jason holding the machete, name the folder Part 6 Machete and put the files in there (never change the name of the files themselves because then the PS4 won't be able to use them).

    And that's how you'll still have access to every Jason and kill if the servers ever get shut down. 

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