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  1. In case that doesn't happen, the best thing you can do (unless you play on Xbox) is follow the instructions in the topic The Current Solution to Offline Play.
  2. I wish I could say yes, but I STILL haven't got 500 matches as Jason, and I've been on and off playing since release, with my preference usually set to Jason.🙁
  3. Last three Jasons are definitely sore losers. I sympathize with the first a little simply because it's not fun to chase a looper (although even he didn't have much cause to be salty, having already killed everyone else. Would have been a different story if he'd gotten a few to no kills and had to play ring-around-the-table while the other players started fixing objectives). Normally I'd consider looping a cheap tactic, but since you were the last player left it was justified. With which you respond "I'd rather be a tryhard than a ragequiter".
  4. aurllcooljay

    Any news?

    I play on PC every once in a while, and haven't yet come across a hacked lobby. Make of that what you will.
  5. And couldn't cabin hopping (or juking in general) be seen as a form of looping? Although the 1 on 1 showdown sounds more noble than constant juking, I will give you that. Some players can be quite skilled at avoiding shift simply by moving around erratically. It would be a matter of luck if you can catch them, and that's if they aren't carrying around a pocket knife and/or health sprays, which for the expert loopers you can expect them to.
  6. I certainly don't like to loop a lot, but if we're going to debate whether looping itself can be justified, consider this scenario: I am in a match trying to find a way to escape, but the lobby is full of jerks who refuse to help. Now Jason has killed everyone else and found me, with just a few minutes left on the clock. Since the only way to survive the match is to loop, am I justified for doing so, or am I obligated to let Jason kill me since I failed to find another way to win?
  7. The way I see it looping is fair game, just a lazy strategy if you'd rather do that than try to escape or defeat Jason.
  8. Pretty much any tactic not intended by the game devs to be used could be defined as a exploit, but there's a fine line between exploiting an oversight in game design and downright cheating.
  9. The game uses licensed property, so adding anything new automatically becomes a copyright issue. The developers have stated more than enough times there will be no more new content.
  10. I've had a dozen or so matches, and so far no hacking or glitching seen. It's the same experience for me as it was on console.
  11. What the last two posts said. It sounds like the guy was salty because first he failed to protect the phone then failed to prevent an escape, all while streaming the whole thing. Go figure.
  12. Yes you heard that right, currently F13 The Game is 80% off and DLCs are 50% off on Steam. I've been waiting for something like this, having cancelled my PS+ this summer and now won't ever have to pay a single cent for multiplayer ever again (very good investment in my eyes). In contrast to my Playstation account where I had all the preorders and exclusives/DLCs except for physical disk, I might not get any DLCs for PC, but at least my online multiplayer adventures can live on. Just too bad for my PS4. I could have gotten all trophies if a few of them weren't so grindy (still haven't gotten 500 matches as Jason somehow, and I've been on and off playing since the game came out). *shrugs*
  13. Since no one's bothering to check, I took the liberty of checking myself. Counselor Database on the Virtual Cabin computer: from the top scroll down a bit until you get to Adam N. Gentile. Nickname is Palomino, that confirms it.
  14. You can see him in the counselor database on the computer in the virtual cabin. Think his name was Adam Gentile.
  15. Well if we are going purely by strength I'd put Part 4 and Savini at the top simply because of the +weapon strength and +destruction combo. After that I'd put +weapon strength Jasons in any order, and after that +destruction and +grip strength Jasons in any order. For a while there I was maining Part 4, but had to change it to Part 2 after Jason hunters became more prevalent (gotta be able to trap the shack and objectives with traps to spare).
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