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  1. Team killers who have Jason let them run over other people who have apparently payed for the beta version even though I did too so they think its okay. see teaming is one thing idc but when he says he has been trolling since the beginning of the game and allowing his friends to kill others so might want to get rid of those 3 doing your job for you so all you have to do is click on their steam cause there are literally people known for trolling all among the community and click bann from I.P. so they cant just have access from another steam account thank you. All three of them should be immediately banned for their actions in your game and there is the evidence right in front of you for their banns thank you have a wonderful day and lets working on making this community less toxic.
  2. You are telling me you made the car able to be destroyed boat too but you still haven't fixed his magnetic grab that pulls you from miles away like ? really? I don't know what else to say also your game has been crashing for my friends none stop every second come on like. You want to keep Jason more then broken? fine but at the least at the very least fix his grab range that's it I swear to god he grows another arm when he goes to grab you or you too busy making more clothes? I am just curious cause they are just recolors I don't know if you noticed lol. *shrugs* I just cant right I really cant. I don't even have fun playing anymore cause everyone knows stalk shift grab is the easiest way to kill. With no effort.
  3. I hate dead by daylight..... ?????? I can not deal with people TBH it is just a balancing thing nothing more people are taking this way out of proportion.
  4. Well your an admin of the forum so which argument do you agree with? we are entitled to our own opinions but I feel getting some kind of Nerf for his grab is just what gamer's call balancing a game there are opinions yes but there are also facts for instant he can shift and instantly grab out of shift, the person who is grabbed will only be saved with a pocket knife because he will be animation locked while his friends try to save him. Factually it would make sense to say well okay lets tweak a few things stop the animation lock or give Jason a cool down on his right click. For instance his pull is magnetic there are videos everywhere on YouTube of people getting pulled from 2 maybe 3 arm lengths away , then does it become an opinion or a fact? It is in the game creators power to fix the game to better the community that will actually stay not the ones who say oh well if you change this I am going to leave ... let them leave when you improve the game and show people yea this is what we have planned yea this is future DLC yea this is what we are going to do about a magnetic grab yes this is what we are going to do about the shift grab, executions are simply too easy that is all I am saying make them work for it don't allow them to as they say .... slap their..... never mind you get the point it is not fair and it should not be allowed to be done it is a video game and it simply is not balanced.
  5. Okay first I want to see a video of your "professional play style" and I want to know its not your friends acting then I want to know after you use that pocket knife or hell if you even find one, since running is a bad idea what happens when your weapon breaks then what, also what if he shift grabs behind the chair? he can instantly grab out of shift his grab is a major issue that needs to be balanced that is literally the only thing in this game the drives me insane is his magnetic grab or shift instant grab.
  6. This is a video game not a movie it must reach certain standards and the grab is too easy to win currently especially with players bribing to kill another player by giving away a location so your facts are false and simply opinions of what should happen, not of what actually does his grab 100% needs a Nerf without a doubt and 7 or 8 players? ha do you play the game you realize he is animation locked during an execution and can not be hit right? lol..... Just making sure.....this video game needs patching and updates the biggest issue currently in the game is shift grab it must be changed do not try to defend it by saying oh but in the movie yea but oh in the movie Jason toyed around with the survivors then killed them he did not pick every single one of them up by the neck and execute he had some hack and slashes. Play smart doesn't matter in a system that allows betrayal play and hopefully find a group to play with that plays fair yea sure but his grab will not be defended it is a 100% animation lock kill unless the counselor has a knife, that is not acceptable in a video game I emphasize VIDEO GAME. Not trying to be rude it just people are mixing oh but in the movie with a video game I am like question mark no two different things.
  7. Like I said Jason fan girls lol.... I did not say he isn't a bad ass but he definitely did not grab execute every single one of them I know that for a fact and you can get hurt by it but this is a video game not a movie, video games reach a certain standard just like movies it was not men't to offend anyone's passionate love for Jason that is great but this is a video game and requires certain updates and patches his grab being one of them I have never missed a shift grab IDK how you miss it when his grab is literally magnetic right now. Get mad all you like but I am very factual and I will not argue with anyone because everyone always has something to say I am saying there is a right way to handle things and a wrong way especially in the gamer community. *shrugs* I did not try to get anyone mad but I know the littlest things get people mad now at days and for that I apologize but this is a video game not a movie remember that I cant emphasize that enough. You have a very negative attitude and I bet you made that account just to do so please escort your childish actions outside of my forum post thank you.
  8. Not true at all literally you should hear how Jason players legit cry when they cant grab you and I am like really boy? that is literally broken then after they attempt to grab you once with a pocket knife and you stab them it is like guess what does not matter going to shift grab you again like there is no defending it at all like none lol IMO it just makes the game end quicker and I can juke I swerve I hit him with the bat I stab him with a knife and he still just shift grab rinse and repeat it is terrible like I am pretty sure the real Jason would feel ashamed of himself if that is all he did in the movies he toyed around with them like this is shameful SHAMEFUL plus I want to cry cause I did all of what I just said and jumped through a window and medicated myself and he broke down the door by pressing E while in rage and came behind me I dodged it went in front of me grabbed me like there is only so much I can do you know before it becomes like unfair IMO.
  9. Well if it helps at all this is for the pc version in the pc version he can exit it by canceling the shift and spawning in front or grabbing either way I believe and I also ran into another glitch where I was unable to jump through a window like the E button just wasn't there but that was the first time that had ever happened to me so maybe I wont run into it again but I notice sometimes the E button just disappears and your left in a guessing game of which position to stand in to successfully open a door , lock it and such which I feel is a major issue along with his grab that should be fixed like that is a game no no I thought? but I know some people will be like well by my calculations your wrong but I have been playing games since I was 8 I am like 20 now by now I feel I have enough information about game to at least know what should be and shouldn't >.< I hope....or I am some kind of illogical creature this world has reformed LOL.
  10. >.< I know this has been said a million times but you have to do something now it is way too easy for Jason to win by animation locking with his grab. Literally the Jasons who do this piss me the heck off Q_Q its becoming so boring honestly when he teleport shift right clicks and goes on to the next person literally that is my main problem I have stated this before! The game is un-enjoyable when Jason swoops in picks you up executes you and moves on to the next target. Now I know a lot of people are Jason fan girls and will say there is nothing wrong with infinite grabs.... but hello there is the only hope for survival is a pocket knife also is it fair that Jason can get hit by a bat and get knocked out but stop a car and pull someone out a window with little to nothing phasing him these issues need to be fixed , I have noticed mostly jerks play Jason or trolls just to abuse the set you guys gave to him yes you still can survive , yes you still have a chance, but in reality he can shift right click animation ignore and execute and I believe this is a major issue I know Jason is a hulking monster but getting hit by a car should knock him down at least including if the car breaks down and his grab should have a cool down timer or counselors be wounded before he can use it. This is literally all I ask it is the most annoying thing in the game as proven by game play and facts Q_Q please do something please....
  11. The boat tipping is too easy it is not okay or fine. and please don't defend his grab like honestly every single game its grab instant killed like I am debating on if I should quit playing at this point because it is so stupid his teleport grab absolutely needs a Nerf it is the only thing the pisses me off and leaves me on the verge of tears it is too easy and it makes the game soooo boring.
  12. Hi ^^ I am just here to give some advice that might help improve the game you can choose to listen or not it is your game anyways. 1. During the boat escape it is almost too easy for Jason to tip the boat allow Jason to stop the boat then play a mini game in his attempt to push the boat sideways. 2. Jason's grab this is definitely a must his grab must have a longer cool down most people shift right click then laugh and it isn't cute well at least to me isn't it is an easy win for any Jason almost too easy. 3. When driving the car Jason can easily stop it from just standing in front in exchange for the stopping the car Jason should get injured and fall back the car will still be broken however the stun for Jason will allow players time to leave the car and not get instantly grabbed out of the window. 4. My main concern however is his grab it is far from fair even if he is the Jason and he is also able to hit people through doors and through windows if he hits his axe correctly through it! 5. Swim Speed - the only Jason should be able to swim like an athlete for the Olympics is the one who has the passive for it all the other Jason's are literally sharks in the water making the water passive one useless just nerve the speed just a little. 6. For future DLC maps I suggest not only putting in camps even in the movie's there are building areas. 7. Only Tommy can kill Jason this was based off the movie but 2 minor characters other then Tommy survive allow other survivors to finish the job only smart people will know how to swerve melee his mask off. I don't want to over burden anything in this post's so that is all I have to say for now ^^ I think these are pretty needed fixes for the most part.
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