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  1. Great Post, I've been playing for a couple of days but in lonnng binge sessions, and there is one thing i can't figure out. it's how to dodge in melee mode as Councilor, I've figured out how to block but for the life of me i can't dodge what do i press? i'm on ps4, please tell me.
  2. That balcony pisses me off, Everyone should be able to climb that specific Balcony. It feels like every game all we need left is the battery, and low and behold its in that house and the door is locked from the inside!
  3. Honestly, it feels like the Preferences are switched secretly, that would be evil. I have Jason preference and ill get him like twice a day. but tbh I really prefer Councilor.
  4. I haven't gotten any of the skins just the awkward dances! I want a few of these new skins a lot of good ones this event! I mostly want Tracers, Soldiers, Hanzo's and Symmetra's but i wouldn't mind getting Lucio's gotta love Lucio skins y'know ?
  5. What does everyone think of the new event going on in Overwatch? Whats your new favorite Skin? And Do you play some Overwatch after Binge session of F13? Because I sure DO!
  6. I'd rather it be delayed then come out being completely garbage *Cough Ubisoft cough* Rockstar is great they got it down they know what they're doin
  7. I've made plenty of friends playing this game too! its like side friend group now specifically for playing this game its great! I just wish i could get my irl friends that i play with normally on other games to buy into this one as well... they don't want to take the risk because of all the shitty reviews, bugs and they think "Jason is too op." even with all the problems this game is great, its fun as hell, and i'm willing to bet it'll get even better in due time! I keep telling them this but... They just don't get it.
  8. This^ not only would this be funny but it'd be gruesome as F*ck, Jason would pick the victim up to see if they're still alive after, and there face is just gone, just grinded done into the ice. "simply amazing!" Also blood in snow looks great so this whole idea would have that cool added effect of the blood and footprints kind of thing. good stuff!
  9. Keep up the great work looks awesome to me!
  10. It's pretty messed up but honestly my entire time of playing I've only Betrayed twice once i shot Jason and stunned him but the spread killed my buddy that was in his grasp was a funny as hell accident! The second time Jason was chasing me and told me that one of the other councilors gave away my position and said he'd let me live a little longer if he got to watch me fight the other councilor who sold me out to death I won. it was a crazy match but it was fun as well.
  11. I know he's got really good stats but the whole one bullet thing is pretty ridiculous tbh. I think they should at least add some ammo around the map who goes camping with one shell? especially if your hunting a paranormal psycho demon. really? 1 bullet? also i love the idea of getting xp for helping others out of his grab that should definitely be a thing!
  12. you could always mute them. But I agree there should at least be a Vote to kick!
  13. Oooh yeah that'd be sick! a nice shattered glass kill ! maybe slitting their throat or something or slamming their head straight into the glass and their mangled body is caught on the glass and cant be moved, then on disabling that window for other councilors!
  14. these are all great ideas to enhance immersion! the're small touches but would make the game look and feel better!
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