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  1. How a out "Lynch mode" ? Ideally, a solo game could be AI cops or locals, hunting Jason.. Just straight-up basic AI paths going from location to location with a Jason sighting making them go after him.. Or bodies making one leave the group to investigate it. The whole point is to survive and kill for as long as possible. Try and split them up to kill them easier. Gunshots are survivable up to a point, etc.. It's not the expected solo play, but maybe worth considering. As multiplayer, think of counsellors with guns, ammo, and an axe to grind, with no intent of leaving until Jason is dealt with. Jason has a series of tasks to complete, (tasks vary and are unknown to counsellors) If he completes the tasks, he wins. Kills along the way are a bonus of course.
  2. Hmm.. What about "Summer Camp" stuff that's not license -specific?
  3. Waiting on this, and wondered if the fans had any specific requests for rewards, which might help the team offer things we want (aside from the reward tiers). I'd buy a tshirt with the logo on it. I know licensing might be tricky, but I'm sure there's SOMETHING you could do with some of the current art (screenshots), maybe... Posters, a calendar? Entry into contests to award people some of the stuff that didn't sell on the Kickstarter? Beta invites for friends who may be holding back until a product arrives, etc. I'd avoid offering any further signature stuff.. You guys are already going to be signing the crap outta stuff! Can't imagine you guys planned on signing thousands of times! Even silly stuff might be good, in terms of hitting up the folks who aren't particularly wealthy but want to be a part of everything.
  4. There's almost always a final F13 survivor. Perhaps, in game terms, with each kill, the counsellors could experience less fear penalties? In the films, the final survivors had pretty much shown that they can operate coherently, despite what much be almost debilitating fear. So by the time there is only one left, there is very little in terms of fear. You only get that bonus after the game checks to see if you've actually done something, rather than just hid and yelled at your mom to get you chocolate milk while everyone else actually played. Or Jason could become weaker as time progresses? To increase the tension for the Jason player, instead of having the pressure lower for the player after kills mean less counsellors in-play to hunt. This COULD open the door for temporarily defeating Jason due to his weakened state, but Jason is never down forever, and the counsellors better keep hurrying in their plans to escape. Maybe even giving Jason a graphic indicator showing where the player is that took him down. (Like a revenge power of sorts).. It would keep the pressure up, and a recovered Jason is a fresh/healed Jason who knows exactly where you are. I don't think actually killing Jason should be possible, but you COULD get him out of play for a bit.
  5. You'd have to be a serious badass to take machete hits and still remember to keep running.
  6. Maybe there are car keys in the sleeping bag? Or by "staying in character" long enough, you get rewarded with information on where the keys are, and stay longer, you'll find various car part locations,etc. If your "in-character tasks" include a sleeping bag, I'd be carefull about how greedy you are for info.
  7. While looking at accessibility... I really hope that hearing and identifying 3d sound location isn't necessary. Not only do I have deaf friends, I'm mostly deaf in one ear. I usually play without sound because I work nights, and usually play after my gf has gone to bed, but hope to pickup suitable headphones soon. Some games, even with captioning are difficult to play because they expect you to react to sound clues.. Like telltale games is really bad with that on the walking dead game. If someone is yelling on the other side of a door, you just don't know it's happening at all. Don't even get me started on shooter games where you get hit from behind and wouldn't know unless you happen to be watching your health meter.
  8. I was thinking that the longer a counselor does "normal" behaviors (maybe from a list) at the beginning of a round, the better they'll be able to run/sneak/perform abilities, etc. This creates situations where things like a window "smash-and-grab", or Jason attacking from under the bed, or a sleeping bag kill can occur. Otherwise, these kinds of signature kills just won't happen, and everything will be running slashes with Jason jogging and slashing at a running victim. Just about every signature kill is created through victims being in specific scenarios FIRST, and Jason taking advantage of the situation. In gaming scenarios, to have the 3d models interact correctly, you basically need to have the victims and Jason in specific positions, carrying specific weapons, etc. As a player, you need a reason to climb into a sleeping bag, despite knowing there's a specific kill just waiting to happen.. Lying in bed isn't likely for a player either, etc.. You see the problem. Having a list of tasks to acheive until Jason shows up, puts the player in those compromising positions... They need a reward to get them there... At least until the first, second, or maybe even third kill. This also creates tension, because the players KNOW they might be screwed by sticking to these task, but sticking with it will improve their chances of winning.. They'll be watching for any indication that Jason is around, and will drop the task list like a hot potato if they think he's there. Another way to handle it might be tasks earn things that are needed for one of the escape options. For example, picking up the boathouse keys might be one of the tasks that they'll reach if they perform their other tasks first. Unfortunately, without the key, they'd be stuck picking the lock before they could get in there.
  9. Yeah.. Yould could start the beta earlier for backers.. Even a few days to a week would be adequate. It would also let you "ramp up" server loads for testing.. (100's of players is a different beast than 1000's, which is also different than 10,000)
  10. "Exclusive" beta access means if you back the game you get in.. No reason to suggest it was meant to be "kickstarter only." Hopefully, that means it'll be a slasher-backer option. If anyone doesn't like that, please keep in mind, it's a way to bring in money to improve the game for you.
  11. Basically, the idea is that the longer Jason is positioned close to your character, the "stronger" he becomes. The strength stops growing when the counsellor sees him. This would encourage stalking, and scenic kills rather than run up and instakill. Making it feel more like the films. The strength stops growing to prevent exploitation, where you're running away from someone who just seems to want to stand near you. The "strength" could be in the form of increased ability levels, or unlocking epic movie kills which award points. Assuming, of course, there is a point system used to encourage people to roleplay counsellors, rather than just sacrifice the game in the hopes of being Jason next time.
  12. I'm thinking that Jason's abilities should change, so that all abilities are not accessible every time. The reason is that, in this game, the counsellors start-off by knowing Jason is out there, and will likely kill them. After playing a few times, you learn what to avoid doing, or what attracts the killer. What if, in some instances, some versions of Jason are better at certain things than others.. For example, a heat sensing Jason who couldn't morph as often (move as fast) but basically always knows where you are. Or maybe there's a Jason ability level for things like hearing, where this version of Jason might hear extremely well, with graphic arrows showing which direction the sounds are coming from, BUT he can't see heat signatures at all. This allows certain strategies to work better than others when trying to escape, but players wouldn't know which abilities THIS Jason has. For example, setting a fire, or turning on a heater, could mess with heat sensing Jason, but would have no real effect against an "Eagle Ears" Jason. Conversely, trying to create a distraction by making a noise somewhere (ie-throwing a stick a different direction) would be great to distract "Eagle ears" but if he has heat vision, he's going to be standing right behind you while you watch for him to fall for the noise. For implementation, I think Jason should start off with a point allotment load-out screen.. Maybe, based on the counsellor experience levels versus his own killer experience level, he gets a certain amount of ability points to spend... Or even just sliders that increase one trait while automatically decreasing others, to maintain game balance.
  13. Splitscreen would be horrible! I mean, I understand where you're coming from... One-at-a-time with multiple players kinda sucks. Unfortunately, in this game, part of the point is the feel of isolation as a counsellor when you leave the group (assuming you start-off together). You don't GET to know what the others are seeing/doing/hearing.. Also, let's pretend Jason is near to one of you... if he makes noise, you're both going to hear it, with no way to know who he's close to. Finally, the more obvious issue, (assuming the game engine could even handle it,) if one of you is Jason, you instantly know where the other person is at, and what they're doing. The advantages given to Jason basically doom the other character immediately.
  14. Hi, I'm not new to F13 fan communities, but obviously, I'm new here. I'm a pretty solid Jason fan, with lots of love for anyone bringing him back ANYWHERE! I like Jason fan fiction, and like coming up with ways to expand the character. I'm also a wannabe game designer, with none of the required schooling to take it anywhere other than a hobby sort of thing. My username is my xbox live ID. Hope to slay you all in-game.
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