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  1. I suggested this in another thread, but as it was a thread discussing something else primarily I thought I would suggest it again separately. I wish the game had a prone condition for counselors. There's quite a few people who hate when Jason only slashes (and I'm one of them), yet there are times when it is the best thing for him to do. It would require a bit of an overhaul of the injury system. "Crippled" status would have the same effect as it does now. Maybe not as slow, but that depends on how it balances with the next part. If the counselor takes enough damage to "kill" them, they instead fall to the ground into a "Down" status. Down would include the prone condition, and counselors could only crawl at the same speed as a crouch walk. They drop any heavy items they were carrying and lose the ability to use any small items they have (but still hold onto them). They lose the ability to swing the camera around; it only points in the direction they're facing and counselor turning speed decreases significantly.. They cannot heal themselves, but can only be healed by another player. They can't interact with objects, except perhaps hiding under a bed. While in the Down status, counselors would not be targeted by further slashes but become interactable objects for Jason instead. He gets near them, hits "E" (or whatever) and it triggers a ground kill animation. They could use current ground kills by just having it start at a different part of the animation, but it would be much cooler if they added a new mo-cap ground kill animation for each weapon/Jason. Basically, Down players become environmental kills. The inability to use small items means no pocket knife escapes, either. That way, we get to see cool Jason kills while keeping the utility of slashing. Sure, there's a few things that would have to be worked out. Like, if the player is on terrain that doesn't match up with the kill then something would need to happen. Either a generic all-terrain kill or just place them in Jason's grab instead. Jason could also just grab a down player normally, in case he wanted to use a specific kill. We all know that some Jasons would use it to troll counselors by leaving them in the Down status. Perhaps after a certain amount of time down, the counselor returns to Crippled status and stands back up. Yep, this idea comes with issues, bugs and exploits that will need to be resolved, but most suggestions do. Some parts might be usable and others not. This is just a suggestion to toss around. The prone condition could also happen at other times. If a counselor continues to move after Stamina runs out completely, they might have a percentage chance to fall prone. If a counselor's fear reaches a certain level or maxes out, the normal trip could turn into falling prone instead. In both cases, I'd give a E mash event similar to Jason getting out of a stun for the counselor to stand back up, perhaps modified by strength or composure respectively. If they don't get back up before Jason gets on them, he can activate the ground kill. On the overall, I think having a counselor slashed or otherwise falling to the ground, prone and crawling away crying or screaming for help would add to the mood of the game and create interesting new tactics on both sides.
  2. This has nothing to do with them being 101 and everything to do with them just being an asshole. Yeah, I've run into a few myself.
  3. I love this idea. Getting within proximity of a "down" Jason should be dangerous. Tea-bagging him should be outright punished. I'm against anything that makes Jason look silly, aside from the Jason player just not being good. Having stun time rapidly decrease if a player is within grab range would be a good start. Adding a fear boost when Jason sits up from an injury would help. Hell, if they could code it properly, I'd love to see the game recognize tea-bagging and give Jason an interaction/environmental style prompt that immediately leads into a mo-cap kill.
  4. I've never double-trapped. Ever. So, yeah, there are some of us.
  5. As someone who is anti multi-trapping a single objective, I have to say your post is the most coherent and supported argument that I've seen so far. Thanks for taking the time to share it. The only thing I'll add, and the reason I only quoted the above parts, is that not everyone who is against multi-trapping is against it because they don't like getting trapped. I think the trap idea is awesome. I just dislike the way it is most often used because it makes the game feel more like a game. I want the Friday the 13th experience, so I want to be surprised. The terror of hitting a trap and wondering if Jason is about to show up is great! Wandering up to the fuse box and seeing three traps just annoys me. It takes me out of the game. For me personally and maybe a few others, it just doesn't feel like something Jason would do. I've heard the reason that "Jason is merciless, he'll do what it takes." Frankly, I'd put it as "Jason is merciless, he will hunt, stalk and kill you but he won't put three bear traps near a phone box because he's afraid of some people getting away." Jason doesn't operate on the assumption that anyone will escape him. He's more a cunning predator animal with the emotions of a child. Sure, the game doesn't support it, but if anyone gets away we know he's likely to find them and kill them later even if he has to leave Crystal Lake to do it. Now, the game cannot emulate the films perfectly, nor can we forget that it is a video game and some people will be more interested in playing to "win" versus playing to be Jason. I won't dictate how people should play (and should not be able to). If triple-trapping is in the game, people can use it. Plain and simple. I will definitely voice my opinion on it to the devs in hopes that they agree and, like recently, make changes. I'm glad you're doing the same, even if I don't agree with the basic idea. I really wish they could make some trap changes that would cause great in-game moments. I love leaving a trap outside of a window, one that I feel has a good chance of seeing some traffic, and having it go off later in the game. I can just imagine how startled that player was. I'd love even more to leave them along trails or in other places that might really startle someone. But, they're limited in number, easy to see, and most likely would not even be set off anywhere but a high-traffic area or objective. Too bad we don't have a perception stat on counselors. The traps could be invisible then and whether you see them or not determined by perception, and mitigated by things like darkness level, fear level, and whether your flashlight is on or off. Or traps could cover a larger area and counselors would have a chance to set them off by going through anywhere in that area, mitigated by luck perhaps. Anyway, I digress. TL:DR Good post and argument, just remember not all players are against multi-traps because they want it easier.
  6. Jason should get Stalk at the beginning of the match and it should go away once he gets Rage. That would emulate the films more closely, people being killed by surprise early on and then the last survivor(s) in a frantic chase at the end. OP, don't worry about the negative responses. A lot of people here don't seem to understand the idea of brainstorming and will just immediately go "no" or worse "the devs have more important things to do like X" where X is the thing they want most. I don't agree with the removal of Sense completely, but I do think they should remove the ability to quick toggle it. Only new players leave it on for any length of time because there's no real benefit to anything but a quick toggle unless you get lucky.
  7. If they did have a "possession" game mode, I think it would be awesome if Jason started in spectator mode. He could be attached to a specific counselor already (or not.) Then, when he's ready to make his move he hits a key/button and becomes that counselor in game. That counselors player would get a message and then respawn elsewhere (preferably with any small items they had already picked up.) This would make it so that even your friend could suddenly be Jason and kill you. At least, the first time he appears.
  8. That was my initial thought. If one of the counselors is the killer, this is the option that makes the most sense within context of the films. Maybe the V isn't 5, maybe it's Voorhees. Who is Voorhees? He starts off possessing one of the counselors. Maybe he even has the ability to possess and transfer into the body of his next victim (or stay in the current one) making it a ever-changing game of who is Jason? Edit: Still, it doesn't explain the "five" part.
  9. I worry that would lead to more "slashers", but agree that they need to make sure the change is compensated for in some way if it really does reduce Jason's effectiveness below where they think it should be. I wish the game had a prone status. Like at a certain % health you slow down just like normal, but at a lower % you actually fell prone and could only crawl. Then, Jason would get an interaction with prone players that would trigger a special kill based on his weapon. It would let regular non-grab attacks have meaning still, but also give you a cool kill. They might also tweak stamina and fear so that if you keep walking while out of stamina you eventually drop. Or if your fear levels were too high, you'd have a chance of actually falling down when tripping and have to spam E to get back up. Anyway, probably getting too far off the main point of the thread. Grab needed... well maybe not a nerf, but it needed looking at. It needs to be fixed to be effective but not broken (or worse, goofy looking).
  10. Ah, that makes more sense. I suppose it could be called that. And I do understand we have to make some sacrifices so that we get a playable game.
  11. Completely agree on both counts. I'm just against the idea that a player must multi-trap the phone or every match will end up 2/8 that seems to be the running theme of so many of these discussions.
  12. That first sentence is so laughable a statement, I'm not even sure how to respond to it other than saying, "Bullshit." Secondly, I don't have to play to win. I play to be Jason and emulate the character as best I can in the setting I'm given. For me, that doesn't include multi-trapping.
  13. True. Fans of the franchise will, however, want changes that make Jason more like the movies. I don't recall Jason getting cybernetic arms that allowed him to grab people from 10 feet away in any of the movies, though, not even Jason X. I'd prefer Jason's grab to look "real", you know, like he's actually close enough to grab them. I do think they need to make sure it works as intended, such as the idea of inverting the "grab cone" that others have mentioned. I agree that Jason needs to be overpowering, almost unstoppable. I just want it to look right at the same time.
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