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  1. ^ The middle outfit in the first image looks awfully familiar to Victoria fans.
  2. Lol, kinda harsh, but still funny. PS. Heathers > Clueless. EDIT: Though, not in a fashion sense.
  3. Well, you couldn't really class it as a "pay to win" situation since you're just unlocking more variety instead of more power. I get that not everyone has the many required hours to sink into reaching max level and it does seem kinda unfair to not let those people enjoy the full content available in the game. I guess a "time saver pack" that allows people to skip ahead ten levels for $4.99 seems reasonable, and would help fund future content, servers and updates. I'm level 150 and wouldn't be too fussed about people paying to level up considering that it would also help prolong the life of the game.
  4. Due to how the character models are built (for kills purposes mainly), this would be very difficult to implement.
  5. Sure, why not. There are a lot of things currently that need updating/changing/adding though, so because of priorities, this could take time or maybe never happen at all.
  6. There's some drawings of counselor clothing ideas on the third page of this thread if you're looking for that kind of thing. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/18480-crystal-lake-counselor-outfits-clothing-pack-idea/ Anyways yours looks good. I have no idea about stats though, numbers aren't really my thing, so I'll leave that to someone else. PPS. Jenny is no "Plain Jane" she's "conservative classical."
  7. My very second match after the update turned into a dance party. I was confused at first, was Jason not trying to kill us? Actually, he was trying pretty hard but his grab was making him totally ineffective against experienced counselors in an organized dance troupe. I wouldn't recommend it (in it's current state) to just regular gamer friends, but to horror or Friday fans? Yeah.
  8. I think she said she'd be interested in doing voice work for the character, unsure about the mo-capping though. But yeah, I personally would prefer Alice to Ginny. That said, any new movie counselors would be welcome to be honest.
  9. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they've cranked up the sharpness just a little too much? On the Jason selection screen it looks so sharp I fear I might cut my eyeballs.
  10. Yeah, it's weird. I'd be rolling out clothing and emote packs every month to keep the money flowing. I guess maybe they've been busy with other things. If Fox and Shelly are excluded for movie accuracy sake, then that's fine (though Shelly's wetsuit and killer mask would fit swimwear and Halloween options ;)). Apart from that, yeah I would really like to see a dlc clothing pack for the extra counselors.
  11. I usually main Jenny (cause she's like... the best ever! :D), so yeah, was very surprised by how easy repairs were with Victoria. I agree about the texture swaps, I can see what they were trying for but Jesus... that yellow check pattern! Victoria could certainly use a "casual dlc clothing pack".
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