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  1. Im sure there are plenty of Mod communities that would do it for free. But at the end of the day those limitations would be up to the developers.
  2. Also wouldn't mind the terror of being snuck up on and brutally murdered by jason in First person mode, be nice to be able to toggle between first and third person view, like skyrim or GTA 5
  3. I figured the Jason killing AI counselors would more than like be covered in the single player campaign coming soon, or at least i hope it would be.
  4. Just wanted to suggest a possible chance of having a future survival game mode where all players work together against an AI jason with Mannerisms similar to the films? This would be a great mode for players looking to be terrified as a large group, and would also make the game more accessible when a full party/room of players is not available. A practice tutorial for playing as both Jason and the counselors would also be a nice addition as well.
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