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  1. You're not wrong. I absolutely suck at this game now on both sides. Can't shift grab worth a shit, while i watch countless people do it to me. Can't run from Jason, can't run down people with Jason. So very frustrating but yet i keep playing...
  2. Other than it taking forever to get into games and the dropouts when the game first came out. It played so much better back then. I feel Jason was at a good strength and had the advantage, now he is absolutely lame. Nobody runs from him, everybody just boxes him and makes him a complete joke. There are so many different ways they can make Jason worth playing again. Extend his reach back to the way it was. Lower the cool down time on his abilities. LET HIM GRAB FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF A WINDOW! I don't know, i want this game to be super fun again, or maybe I have been away from it for far too long and on such a low xp level that I just plain suck at the game now, but that wasn't always the case, used to have no issues killing everyone, today I'm lucky to kill 4 in match.
  3. Off topic. I've been away from the game for some time, just picked it back up. However, can you no longer buy the DLC from the PlayStation store? Edit: disregard I found them you apparently you can't access them from the game, have to go psn instead.
  4. I haven't played the game in a few weeks, but you got to be kidding me with that video clip. Is it seriously that bad all the time now with the grab? Who in the hell play tests this shit?
  5. There is always that one guy, who is too amused by the dancing emotes to actually play the game and does nothing but dance the whole time. Oh...that's me, sorry about that.
  6. Fantastic Idea! I'm all for more jump scares on both sides. I would also love for Jason to be able to smash grab unsuspecting campers who are near windows (maybe be make it a feature attached to the stalk ability)
  7. This is the main reason, I can't wait for the single player content to come out. The ability to play as Jason whenever you want is awesome, but being able to play as Jason not have to deal with all the trash talking, rage quitting crybabies would be the best thing EVER! I almost dread being Jason nowadays.
  8. How do you do the emotes now on the ps4? Its seems to have changed back to showing the lobby members when Pressing up.
  9. Oh yes, just like the good old days when the game first launched where it took 15 plus minutes to get into a lobby.
  10. I competely agree with the OP here. Jason is meant to be a stalker and should be able to stalk right out the gate. Nothing is more satisfying when hearing people scream when you properly stalk them and catch them off guard. But like stated, it comes into play too late in the game to be fully enjoyable.
  11. I absolutely love the new emotes, been having a lot of fun with them. I need to edit the video I recorded yesterday to post it, but my wife and I were laughing our ass's off when I met up with a few fellow campers in a cabin and I started a dance off while waiting for the cops to show. Jason showed up to the cabin and we didn't care, we continued to dance until he almost made it in the house, then we took off for the cops, but then we had to stop and regroup and wait for Jason to join us for another dance off. Needless to say Jason "got served" and me and another campers literally danced our way to the cops.
  12. Shit....I felt like a noob finally getting to play as Part 4 Jason yesterday, had a whopping 3 out of 8 kills.
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