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  1. Is there a YouTube video or anything that showcases the entire counselor clothing gallery? I'm really curious as to what the higher level outfits look like.
  2. Can't wait for the English version! I'm sure this will be a major help to many.
  3. I've had this glitch happen to me a few times. I would be in the middle of a game and my counselor would open a drawer, and then when the camera zooms in a little on the drawer, the counselor is stuck there and I cannot move him/her. I can move the camera around and the other players are still running around, but my character physically will not move nor will they close the drawer.
  4. I think a lot of them are missing the strategic aspect of the game, such as fear, stealth, etc. I know to the general person that stuff isn't as in-your-face. They probably just started playing and didn't really understand the mechanisms of the entire game.
  5. This is definitely the most fun I've had playing a video game in a long time. Major props to the entire team responsible for making this happen!
  6. I had no idea this was there! Thank you.
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