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  1. As I said before, the game had the potential to be a masterpiece. But maybe there are not much of 'fun bits' for reviewers when they have to wait 20 minutes to find a lobby and get a disconnect after two minutes in the game! Or as mentioned before you have to wait up to 15 minutes cause you got killed in the very beginning...plus there are (and don´t turn your back on it) content, state of art, cutscene and whatever kind of issues You reviewing a game when it comes out and this game was a disgrace when it came out. Imagine you have 3 games to review on the table for an 8 hour day?! You see where this goes, right?! If you need more then one hour to complete one match maybe it is not that surprising that the score is pretty low (for now), specially when the other two games on the table just worked perfectly. And not talking about game mechanics here. Don´t be so blind it´s just common sense. The time you finally play COULD (!) be fun. COULD is the key word. I hope as well, that the devs use the surprisingly big amount of money which came in to fix the game asap. Could become a legend based on an already good concept.
  2. Yeah, we get it. You havin a blast... that's what you write in every thread. It´s so cute how you ppl defend a game full of inherent vice. This is the next NMS. Fanboys here are even worse than the game...See you in half a year... oh wait,... I bet I don´t!
  3. UPDATE: After the second weekend not much changed for me. No improvements at all on my side. Most of the time I was waiting for match making (in average even longer then on the first weekend) and when I finally got into a lobby at least at half of it endedin a disconnect after a couple of minutes which led me to putting the game aside... There were no update so far. Obviously more ppl then expected bought the game, so when will all the money it generated be used to fix the game? Sad part is none of my friends will buy this game anymore so I have to creep around with these twelve year old troublemaker, but meanwhile I am wondering for how long will they or anybody be around in this fast moving business?!
  4. First of all, PS4 for me. Maybe you should just remove your rose colored glasses cuz what I am sayin is that ppl should 'work ridiculously hard' on sth. before they release the final product. Or did I miss here sth.? Is this game an official beta version and announced as such? Then I am really sorry, my bad. But for a finished game it is simply a disgrace, specially considering the price tag in combination with the amount of content. Another point is, when these 'early issues' as you call them are finally fixed and the game justifies its price tag, you´ll get the game for half the money already. It´s the general attitude I am complaining about. After a release devs should work on imroving things and not still fixing the basic game imo. Good to hear that it works perfectly fine for you and you considering to quit your job, but opinions ya know...?!
  5. More cutscenes! It became extremly boring to watch the same two cutscenes over and over again...
  6. Thats not the point. When the game is fixed you can get it for half the price... and maybe it´s already dead until then...
  7. Once again, vote/kick option would be appreciated for these exact moments!
  8. Yes, but don´t forget these who are using it way too much. Be aware cuz some ppl might have overseen the M rating, if you know what i mean. A vote/kick option would be nice if you ask me, to remove the potential trolls. Some can be a serious P.I.T.A. I already figured out ...
  9. First of all, I have to admit I love the concept of this game! But c´mon it´s not just the servers or the lack of content here. To be honest, it´s the overall package which makes you feel you just bought an Ubi Soft title. But don´t forget, at least they do look good! Yes, I am disappointed (for now) and it is always pretty difficult to recover after you left such a first impression imho. Pressure to publish... Indie studio whatsoever... I have to get back to the point where I just wonder why is it even possible to release such unfinished business?! Seriously it´s only possible in the video gaming industry. If you are providing a game which is not exactly content rich (only 1 game mode, where worst case you just sit and wait for 15 to 20min / 3maps and the same start/ending cutscene all over) at least you gotta make sure that the product works flawlessly. Specially when you put on such a price tag to it. So whats the excuse right now? With that kind of price tag on it, you have to be aware that ppl judge you due to that approach and that's just fair. I hoped that the devs (in general) learned from the 'no mans lie' incident but here is no lesson learned. For me it comes all down to the film reference when you go to the movies and half the background is still green screen and they say, it will all be fine when the DVD comes out in a couple of months. It doesn´t work like this and I am just fed up with this behavior. So far, in these rare moments when I finally got connected to the servers I experienced after waiting an average of 10 minutes to join a game, frustrating disconnects (specially when you play as Jason), annoying glitches and game breaking bugs (PS4). For my taste it is too little and left the impression of 'not delivered'! I will keep on playing and hope for the best, cause the basic idea had the potential to be a masterpiece, but I felt that needed to be said. So now the companies got our money, obviously more than expected because that was the official reason why servers are down, so show us what you can do with it! I am not hatin' and I am not angry. I am just very disappointed (for now).
  10. Hi folks, looking for a little teamplay?! - 30+ yo - Headset - Europe Feel free to add me with a short 'F13' text - PSN: Crakehauer
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