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  1. Everyone keeps saying use pocket knives. Yea I get it. They're amazing and it's what they're for. But out of all the games I've played I have found 1. And yea it's not the games fault. Just shitty RNG on my end. But when you get shift grabbed going from cabin to cabin, knife the Jason, and then get shift grabbed again after he recovers, it's gets frustrating.
  2. Muting jason means make it so Jason can't speak. It ruins the atmosphere. Jason should always remain able to hear counselors.
  3. I like the idea of changing each Jason's build up of power. But I do think shift is a little too O.P. At the very least make it so Jason can't grab a counselor while he's still shifting. I have been killed so many times by that and have killed so many people by doing that.
  4. And yea players selling locations to Jason sucks. But it's going to happen. And Jason has enough ways to find you himself. And they can still sell you out even after they're dead. I was last man standing so I bunkered down in a tent in the middle of the woods. Nobody wanted to wait and just watch me hide so they sent the Jason a message on psn telling him that I was hiding in a tent. I can't find a workaround to that. So I'm just gonna let it be
  5. I was in a game where Jason was stalking me and a friend just outside of a cabin. We had no idea he was there. When I found the gas we needed to start the boat I let my friend know. A few minutes later were on a fast track to freedom town and Jason takes us out of the boat. In the post match lobby the guy playing Jason filled us in that he heard us talking about getting to the boat and he waited in the water for us. I think that's awesome. It adds a whole other level of strategy. I understand that deafening and muting Jason makes sense since that's essentially how he is in the movies but it would take away so much.
  6. Because then people will get kicked for no reason. Yea getting killed by another camper sucks but at least you still get the xp bonus for finishing the match. But if you get kicked for illegitimate reasons then you get no xp and it's just frustrating.
  7. I'm actually playing on ps4. I'm not quite sure why I don't have a problem hitting people with shift. I'm not trying to sound conceded or ring my own bell or anything but it's just easy for me. I just activate shift, fly until my movement is impeded by a camper then mash L2. Works like 95% of the time.
  8. Let me start off by saying that so far I'm loving this game despite server issues and bugs, but the issue I'm having is that I feel like Jason's powers need some adjusting. Specifically the shift ability. I understand that Jason is a powerhouse and needs to be to make this game work and remain fun, but when you can just use shift and float up on campers and instantly grab them and hit em with an Insta kill it kinda ruins it for me. It's awful when you're a camper trying to evade Jason, and it's boring when playing as Jason when all you need to do is use shift. So I have a few ideas to balance it out. Idea 1: make Jason unable to grab campers immediately upon exiting his shift. This would make it much less broken in my opinion. It'll give the campers a chance to realize that Jason is there before death inevitably comes for them. Idea 2: Make shift the power that charges up during the game in place of rage and make rage and regular ability with a 3 or 4 second duration and a longer than normal cooldown. By the time rage charges it just feels very underwhelming since campers have either escaped or are no longer trying to hide in houses. I have never been in a situation where I've gone "FINALLY I HAVE RAGE I CAN KILL THE REST OF THE CAMPERS!" Shift just feels like the end all beat all of Jason's abilities. Let me just be clear that I'm not complaining that Jason is overpowered. He's supposed to be. I just think the shift grab is makes the game a little boring
  9. Having the same problem, just got hypochondriac perk and I'm waiting to get into a game to see if I'll actually start with the first aid spray
  10. I'm having the same problem. I just got the hypochondriac perk and I'm waiting to get into a game to see if I'll spawn with the first aid spray
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