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  1. So i know the game just came out but i already had a idea for a new counselor. For future dlc or part of a update idk. The "Party boy" (john doe) no name at moment. He would have composure of 9 and high stamina. Other stats vary. What do you think about this counselor as a new addition.
  2. So i had a few idea's for weapons to be added, a bow and arrow. A stun item. Could be found around the camp mainly in the archery range, would work just as the flare gun and shotgun does. Another ranged item could be; Beer bottle's as a throwable, could momentarly blur vision if thrown at the chest and above. A few other melee weapons; Hatchet, Tire iron, Wooden oar, Hammer, Stat's ill let you decide on that. Let me know what you think?
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