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  1. Is Chad secretly part of the Dream Warriors?
  2. Hopefully they fixed the intro cutscene. It annoyed me when it cuts off early. I'm going to have to try out these maps before playing Resident Evil Revelations after work today. Team killing is also gone from public. I'm still iffy on that part.
  3. Mine is Leech Woman from Puppet Master. I chose this pic because I am really excited for the new Puppet Master movie.
  4. Just had a game where some kid was telling Jason where we were. So the next game when one of us was Jason went straight for him and gave him what he deserved then I told him we were going to report him. He messaged me saying he was going to report us because we killed him.
  5. Well at least those who downloaded Savini will realize he is far from OP. Part 8 is still the best.
  6. Only kill I hate is the generic choke to death kill. Anything else is OK by me.
  7. I heard they have been banning people for using said items. Not 100% sure but I remember reading it in another topic.
  8. Why have not thought of this before? Damn it. Thanks my dude. ?
  9. Even after the little accident with SJ on PSN I rarely ever see anyone with it let alone getting to be the killer with that Jason. I just want to hear that orgasmic melody in game.
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