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  1. I personally really don't agree with this. Jason's shift is fine. He needs it to function as it does, otherwise he wouldn't be able to catch any Counselors unless they ran completely out of stamina and he got lucky, since unless you play Jason two or three, a Counselor can out-jog him indefinitely. This game doesn't work if Jason isn't overpowered. You don't play as a Counselor, expecting to survive every time. You die in this game. That's just part of it. You need to push other multiplayer games out of your head. It's not whether or not you survive, is what you accomplish while alive. There's a reason you still get all but like, 200 EXP if you die. If you were epxected to live every time, you would get basically nothing for dying.
  2. Well, if Jason Goes to Hell is used as a base, lots of ridiculous things are possible in the setting, but I would rather not. At least we got a couple awesome Jason designs from the movie. If we want a supernatural Pamela Voorhees, we would definitely need reasonable excuses for how this is possible, since his mother's death is Jason's primary motivation, and he keeps her severed head in his shack as part of shrine to her. There's only so much, "Don't think about it" you can do with something like this. I guess there's alternate timelines and canons, but that's a silly way to go about it.
  3. Even though her being dead is Jason's primary motivation for killing Teenagers in the first place, since he watched one of them lop her head off with a machete. XP If he had other motivations, he probably would have done something during those prior 20 years of existing alone in the woods. =P Fun does in fact trump lore, but it's nice to at least try to keep it in mind, although I guess she could be a reanimated headless body or something. i mean, that would be pretty spooky, although I would personally want her to have a head for aesthetic reasons. XP Could always go with the Specter concept. I've always liked the idea of a horrifying ghost-like entity that can interact with the material plane and just kind of floats a little bit off the ground, letting its legs dangle in the air as it does so.
  4. Well, although it's unconfirmed, Jason may have already acquired his unkillable nature before Friday the 13th: Part 2, possibly having died the day he drowned at Camp Crystal lake, but as he is prone to do, he came back. Of course we don't know this for sure, but it would explain his already tremendous strength and ridiculous constitution. I mean, he's a big guy, but it goes further than that. They could do so many much cooler things with Pamela rather than just have her as she was in Friday the 13th, although I wouldn't object to it, since we need more female slashers. Actually, do we have any proper female slashers? I can't actually think of any off the top of my head. Anyway, they could make her the faster, stealthier complement to Jason, maybe some kind of twisted vengeful specter, although I guess she could also just be the same sort of thing Jason is. A Revenant. Her body could crawl from its grave and recover her head from Jason's shack to reattach it to her shoulders. Something like that,
  5. Yeah, that would be a licensing nightmare, just like it was with the movie. Well, it couldn't really be Pamela as she was when she was alive, like basically re-enacting the first movie. Being just a human with nothing supernatural about her, a bunch of counselors with weapons would likely make short work of her. I mean, if they cooperate, they can beat the crap out of Jason pretty effectively. I've had several rounds where we just stunned and knocked him over for a solid several minutes. She would have to be something more. Like they did with the Tom Savini Jason, they would have to move the story forward again, and bring her back as something supernatural and quite powerful to be an antagonist in a game like this.
  6. Such a concept has likely been mentioned or talked about before, possibly to death, but if there was ever a gamemode that was introduced that was an overall larger scale match with two killers and more counselors, how would you handle the second killer? Sure, you could simply add in another Jason, but that would be weird and kind of immersion breaking. Why are there two Jasons? Sure, one could be a copycat killer, but everyone would probably feel just as cheated as they felt at the end of Friday the 13th: Part V. Also it still wouldn't make much sense. Personally, I believe the way to go with it, would be to introduce a resurrected supernatural version of Pamela Voorhees as the second killer, back for revenge against a world that allowed her and her son to die as they did. You could very easily reason this given the current lore of the game. So, we all know that at the end of Jason Goes to Hell, well, Jason goes to Hell. According to the Savini Jason, he simply overpowered the forces of Hell in general (because he's Jason), and just walked out, back into the living world to kill more silly teenagers. Well, we could say that during his murderous romp through the afterlife, his finds his mother (Or her Soul, whatever you like), wherever it happens to be, and (lovingly) drags her back with him. He could totally do that. He's Jason. I mean he apparently beat up Satan and took his pitchfork. Sure he could bargain for her in exchange for Lucifer's life, or something like that, but that's not very Jason like. He takes what he wants, without so much as a grunt. This supernatural Pamela could simply be another Jason-type that only exists in this gamemode, so you wouldn't need to give her stats and abilities specific to her, although it would be awesome if she did. If you really think about it, though, her methods of murder weren't really much different than Jason's, although she relied more on the element of surprise than he had to. The only problem would be MoCap for a new killer, which is very expensive. Anyway, just ideas that I had. Feel free to let me know what you think!
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